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A Different Kind of Restructuring: Forty Years of Debate and the Prospect of a Formal International Sovereign Debt Regime, Aidan W. McConnell

A Local Analysis of Regional Differences in Economic Indicators and Electoral Outcomes, Mukul Sharma

A Neighborhood Threatened: The North 5th Street Corridor and Korean Business Flight, Miji Michelle Park

A Study of the Effect of Olympic Games on International Political and Economic Liberalization Cycles, Deborah P. Low


A Tale of Two Revolutions: A Comparative Case Study of the Rhetoric of Twenty-First Century Socialist Movements in Cuba and Venezuela, Andreina Lamas

Advice and Consent: A Four Era Model Exploring the Evolution of the Appointments Clause…, Brian Rosenwald

Affordable Housing & Cross-Sector Partnerships: Improving the Bottom Line, Erika S. Herman

Aggregating Earnings per Share Forecasts, Greg Slavin

Ain’t We Women? Assessing the Place of Women of Color in Campaign Training Programs, Catherine Monk

All Work and No Pay: How Labor Force Demographics Explain Regional Variation in the Arab Spring Uprisings, Elana M. Stern

Ambassadors, Explorers, and Allies: A Study of African-European Diplomatic Relationships, 1400-1600, Andrea Felber Seligman

American Communism and Cold War Censorship: The Creation of a New American Citizen, Matthew P. Valdespino

An Acquired Taste: Evolving Approaches to Nutrition Education in the United States, Callie Holtermann

An Ethnographic Look at Healthcare Choices of the Working Poor, Nicholas Pulos

Artificially Sweetened: An Analysis of the United States Sugar Program, Adam H. Dean

Asian American Studies: Identity Formation in Korean American Parachute Kids, Albert J. Lee

Battle from the Bottom: The Role of Indigenous AIDS NGOs in Botswana, Robert M. Strain

Beyond the Ley de Cupos: The Variation in Gender Empowerment between Argentina and Chile, Ameya S. Ananth

Boots Off the Ground: The Impact of Individual-Level Factors on American Public Approval of Lethal Drone Strikes, Katherine Fink

Bowling Online: Examining Social Capital and the Impact of Internet-Generated Interactions, Alon Gur

Breakaway States: Understanding When The International Community Recognizes The Legitimacy of Separatist States, Brian Zachary Mund

Bureaucracy in Crisis: How the State Department Responded to 9/11, Darina Shtrakhman

Capitalism Democracy and Food Stamps: A Case for the Right to Food in the Land of Freedom and Plenty, Emilie Abrams

Christian Democratic Welfare Politics in the Age of Retrenchment: The CDU and the CSU in Germany - A Comparative Case Study, Lukas F. Streiff

Competitive Mega-regional Trade Agreements: Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) vs. Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Yifei Xiao

Congress in Crisis: Destabilizing Events and the American Legislative Process in the Postreform Era, Daniel M. Isaacs

Consensus Democracy and State Performance: Evaluating the Impact of Coalition Government on Indian States, Vandit D. Shah

Consociationalism in Lebanon, Sara G. Barclay

Convincing the Reluctant Superpower: Political Communications, Influence, and Public Diplomacy, Samuel H. Ruddy

Corporate-NGO Partnerships for Sustainable Development, Corinne Damlamian

Cousins Across the Pond: Crises in Westminster and the Parliamentary Model's Usefulness for Reform of the U.S. Model, Cory J. Krasnoff

Crafting Democracy through Constitutional Change: Comparing the Recent Cases of Romania and Serbia in the Context of EU Incentives, Caitlin L. Wood

Credit and Co-Wives : exploring empowerment in Senegal, Amelia Duffy-Tumasz

Crystallizing a Discourse of "Khalijiness": Exclusion and Citizenship in the Arab Gulf States, Khaled A. Abdulkarim

Cuban Housing Privatization: A Comparative Perspective on the Future of Housing in Havana, Cuba, Saumil A. Jariwala

DACA/DAPA and the Relational Conception: An Assessment of Inter-Branch Conflict Over Constitutional Authority in Immigration, Yessenia Moreno

Debt and Development: Exploring the microfinance debate in Senegal, Mallory A. Owen

Democratic Political Socialization on University Campuses, Amit B. Patel

Differentiating the Hype and Substance of Philadelphia's Renaissance, Ji Hea Kim

Disaster Response in the United States of America: An Analysis of the Bureaucratic and Political History of a Failing System, Andrew S. Mener

Dissension on the Shores of the Uruguay River: Adjusted Winner, and the Pulp Mill conflict between Argentina and Uruguay, Davis Herron

Drugs and Revolution: The Effect of Narcotics Revenue on Rebel Group Goals, Gideon Spitzer

Economic Interdependence and Peace in Transitional Democracies, Alexander Wooten

Economic Sanctions’ Effectiveness in a World with Interdependent Networks and Powerful MNCs: The Role of Governance in the Target State, Pia Figuerola

Educating Undergraduates for Democracy and Efficacy and the 2006 Penn Democracy Project, Max J. Dubin

Education in a federal system: A case-study of Belgium, Caroline Varin

Effective Censorship: Maintaining Control In China, Michelle (Qian) Yang

European Disintegration: Anti-Greek Bias in the Eurozone Crisis, Eleni Pavlakis

Eurozone in Crisis: Socialist and Liberal Critiques, Clara Jane Hendrickson

Evidence and Analysis: The Iran-Contra Affair As seen through American, Middle Eastern, and Soviet news sources, Devin Chavira

Explaining the Empty Booth: An Experiment in Candidate Traits and their Predictive Power on Youth Voter Turnout, Sophia Elliot

First Amendment "Beefs": Agricultural Checkoff Programs and Freedom of Speech, Sarah A. Vaughn

From Beijing to Baghdad: Stability and Decision-making in Sino-Iraqi Relations, 1958-2012, Scott J. Lee

From the Table of my Memory: Identity, Political Change, and Shakespeare in Mexico and Argentina, Helena von Nagy

Game Changers in US Defense Strategy: An Examination of the Causes Behind the Increased Emphasis on Irregular Warfare Since 9/11, Jessica Parisi

Gay and Lesbian Rights in Confucian Asia: The Cases of Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan, John Cheo

Gender and the Presidential "Horserace": An Examination of Candidate Self-Presentation in the 2008 Democratic Primaries, Abigail M. Coyle

Gender Plus: Toward a More Inclusive Feminism, Corinne M. Smith

Gendered Residential Space, KeAndra D. Dodds

Genetically Modified Organisms and Southern African Food Policy, Andrew J. Leahey

Grandchildren as Unifiers in Intergenerational Relations, Mana Nakagawa

Guiding Youth to Careers: Do Mentoring Programs Benefit Urban Youth?, Matthew R. Malone

Health Reform Bill Revised: Can HSAs With HDHPs Save Obamacare?, Marla Becker

Health Reform Bill Revised: Can HSAs With HDHPs Save Obamacare?, Marla Becker

Holding Up Half the Sky: Democracy and its Implications for Chinese Women, Annie L. Lee

How Congresswomen of Color Affect Policymaking in the U.S.: 110th - 111th Congress, Chiyel R. Hayles

How Do We Build Democracy In Iraq? Identifying the Theoretical Foundations of the U.S. Effort to Bring Stable Democracy to Iraq, Philip Tassin

How the Influence of Religion Makes the Foreign Policy of the Bush Administration Revolutionary, and How This Has Affected Our Relations with European Allies, Alexandra Kougentakis

How the Influence of Religion Makes the Foreign Policy of the Bush Administration Revolutionary, and How This Has Affected Our Relations with European Allies, Alexandra Kougentakis

Humanitarian Coordination and Response: International Partnerships in Face of Natural Disasters, Julia C. Wong

Hunger In a Land of Plenty: The Benefits of a Rights-Based Approach to India's Mid Day Meal Scheme, Priya Shankar

In Defense of Sovereignty: An Analysis of Russian Voting Behavior in the United Nations Security Council (1995-2012), Brian Zachary Mund

In One's Own Right: Party Competition and Ideological Control in Post-Communist Hungary and Poland, Jeremy Golant

In One's Own Right: Party Competition and Ideological Control in Post-Communist Hungary and Poland, Jeremy Golant

In One’s Own Right: Party Competition and Ideological Control in Post-Communist Hungary and Poland, Jeremy Golant

Information Technology, Regime Stability and Democratic Meaningfulness: A Normative Evaluation of Present and Potential Trends, David A. Fraga

It’s Always Sunny in America: Renewable Energy Policy and the Solar Economy, Casey S. Libonate 9783024670

Keeping Score in the 2010 World Cup: How Do Sports Mega-Events Compete with Pro-Poor Development?, Jessica Riegel

Language Policy and National Unity: The Dilemma of the Kurdish Language in Turkey, Dicle Cemiloglu

Leviathan Lost: The Impact of State Capacity on the Duration and Intensity of Civil Wars, Sarah Simon

Martyrs in Mesopotamia: The Logic of Suicide Terrorism in Iraq, Brian M. Kelly

Media Distrust: Whose Confidence was Lost?, Hunter Pearl

More Harm Than Good in "Failing" Schools: The Rise of the Standards-Based and Market-Driven Education Reform Models and their Adverse Implications in a High-Poverty Urban District, Rachel Simon

Mortality of US Troops in the Iraq War, 2003-2006, Emily F. Buzzell

Multilateral Intervention in Intrastate Conflict: A Comparative Analysis of Bosnia, Somalia, and Darfur, Yuri S. Fuchs

Neither Here nor There: Education, Citizenship, and the Failed Integration of North Korean Defectors in South Korea, Joyce J. Kim

Neither Right, Nor Left, But French? Historical Legacies, the Rise of Anti-Immigrant Sentiment, and the Far Right in France, Nadia van de Walle

No School Left Uncorrupted: How Cheating, High-Stakes Testing, and Declining Budgets Affected Student Achievement in Philadelphia, James R. Sadler

Partisan Issue Linkages in Presidential Campaign Speeches: A Case Study of Abortion, Ashutosh Mishra

Penn Teaches Resiliency: Proposal for a New Psychology-Based Academically Based Community Service Course, Amy Kranzler and Jeremy Price

Philadelphia's Chinatown: An Ethnic Enclave Economy in a Changing Landscape, Jun Li

Policy Pathways: A Theory of the Political Origins of IMF Dependency in Argentina, Political Science, Social Sciences, Eileen Doherty-Sil, Dogerty-Sil, Eileen, Shay Moon

Political Opportunity and the TEA Party – Why and Where TEA Party Protests Occurred, Daniel Rudofsky

Political Polarization in America, Through the Eyes of a President, David Helfenbein

Populism and Liberal Democracies: Why Palin's Populism Won't Work, Rebecca Greenfield

Populism and Liberal Democracies: Why Palin’s Populism Won’t Work, Rebecca Greenfield

Public Goods, Private Money: The Role Of Private Contributions In Public School Districts, Lucas R. Salzman

Pulled Towards the Seas: Whether China Even Needs "Naval Nationalism" To Challenge US Naval Dominance in the 21st Century, Daniel M. Silverman

Racial Bias and Interstate Highway Planning: A Mixed Methods Approach, Bradford P. Sherman

Rethinking Judicialization: Towards a Better Empirical Model, Ryan J. Levan

Rethinking Refugee Mobility: Passports as Pathways to Protection, Stephen G. Damianos

Return of the Bear? The Extent of Russian Revisionism as Applied to Oil and Gas Machinations, Julie Steinberg

Revisiting the Iron Cage: New Insights in Institutions Theory from Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, Michael D. Grosack

Revolutions In Military Affairs: A Theory On First-Mover Advantage, Andrew Bernard Silverstein

Rhetorical Ruckus or Supranational Legal Threat? A Comparative Analysis of Far-Right Populism in Central and Eastern European Member States of the European Union and its Supranational Legal-Institutional Consequences, Stephen Imburgia

Rifles and Reinforcement: The National Rifle Association’s Partisan Approach to Gun Ownership, August Gebhard-Koenigstein

Roads of War: Paved Highways and the Rise of IED Attacks in Afghanistan, Evan W. Medina

ROMA SURRECTA: Portrait of a Counterinsurgent Power, 216 BC - AD 72, Emerson T. Brooking

Salvation or Suffering? Analyzing the Impact of UN Peacekeeping Operations on Health and Safety of Women in Post-Conflict Environments, Alicia Y. Hariri

Shattering the Hire Ceiling: Why Disproportionately Few Women are Partners at Large Law Firms, Eryn M. Hughes

Shift in the Suburbs: An Analysis of Changing Vote Patterns in American Suburbs, 2000-2018, Jack D. Weisman

Social Media and the 2018 Midterms: An Analysis of House Candidates' Twitter Posts, Jacob R. Ausubel

Soviet/Russian Military Capabilities: Assessing Tech, Manpower, & Loyalty, Karin Shmulevich

Strategic Culture as the Basis for Military Adaptive Capacity: Overcoming battlefield technological surprises, Jacob H. Miller

Towards A Politics of Truths: The Political Theory of Alain Badiou, Thomas A. Huddleston

Tackling the Question of Legitimacy in Transitional Justice: Steve Biko and the Post-Apartheid Reconciliation Process in South Africa, Kaley L. Martin

Take the Money and Run: Business Influence in the Legislative Process, Jacob T. Silverman

The Asian Currency Crisis: The Role of Industrial Policy and Imbalanced Embedded Autonomy, Adrian J. Shin

The Chinese Primary Care System: Its Evolution, Challenges and Legal Aspects of Reform, Thomas Hou

The Cost of the Cup: A Case Study on the Political and Economic Impacts of Hosting Mega Sporting Events, George J. Avdellas

"The Diversity of Theoretical Classifications: Scholarly Treatment of the Monarchic Political Formula in the Analysis of Modernization Efforts in Pahlavi Iran", Bharat K. Moudgil

The Dogs That Did Bark: White-Collar Unions and Protests in Moscow in the Eastern European Post-Communist Context, Igor Bazay

The Dragon Stretches its Wings: Assessing the Geopolitical and Economic Implications of China’s Belt and Road Initiative in Pakistan and Kenya, Andrea Villarnovo Lopez Begleiter

The Effects of Private Walls on Relationships Across Class and Race in the New South Africa, Daniel Torrington

The Failure of Education Policy in Israel: Politics vs. Bureaucracy, Alexandra F. Leavy

The Flat Tax: An Examination of the Baltic States, Deena Greenberg

The Guarantor of Unity In a Deeply Divided State: An Analysis of the Iraqi Constitution of 2005, Alyssa C. Casey

The IRA's Hunger Game: Game Theory, Political Bargaining and the Management of the 1980-1981 Hunger Strikes in Northern Ireland, Meghan M. Hussey

The Military Dimensions of Post-Cold War US Oil Policy: Access to Oil and Consequences for Geostrategy, Andrew Ryan Schlossberg

The Other Pro-Israel Lobby: The Mearsheimer and Walt Controversy and the Rise of J Street, Maya Spitzer

The Party Controls the Gun, but How? Institutionalization as a Trend in Chinese Civil-Military Relations, Katherine V. Fleming

The Path to Women's Empowerment: Understanding the Rise of the Self Employed Women's Association, Orly T. May

The People's Liberation Army Navy: The Motivations Behind Beijing's Naval Modernization, Binh Nguyen

The People's Republic of China's Development of Strategic Petroleum Stockpiles, Daniel Nieh

The Planner in Action: China’s Influence as a Developing and Non-Market Economy on the WTO, Lauren Shapiro

The Political Mobilization of the Arab Minority in Israel: Shifts in Political Demands and Activities, Sherihan Abd El Rahman

The Puzzling Persistence of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell", Elizabeth D. King

The Rapid Sequence of Events Forcing the Senate's Hand: A Reappraisal of the Seventeenth Amendment, 1890-1913, Joseph S. Friedman

The Republican Security Logic of NATO Enlargement, Jack Zarin-Rosenfeld

The Return of the Nativist? Why did anti-migrant parties emerge and succeed in Mumbai, fail in Bangalore, and not even emerge in Delhi?, Rahul Reddy

The Role of Feminine Rhetoric in Male Presidential Discourse: Achieving Speech Purpose, Lindsay R. Larner

The Spread of Raising: Opacity, lexicalization, and diffusion, Josef T. Fruehwald

The United States and Northern Ireland: International Pressures as an Impetus for Civil Rights Progress, Erin Escoffery

The Woman Question in Revolutionary Cuba: Is Marxism Really Working for Women?, Lillian SK Gomperts

True Access: User Benefits to Water in Urban South Africa, Megan K. Calpin

Understanding Our Own Cassandra: The Construction of Public Opinion and the Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas Hearings, Sonja Li Breda

Unintended Consequences In Higher Education Finance Policy: Implications For Current Income-Share Agreement Legislative Efforts And Beyond, Patrick A. Zancolli

Unlocking the Latino Vote: Civic Organizations As Tools for Latino Voter Mobilization and Participation, Elizabeth L. Thom

Untapped Talent: Finding Ways to Educate America’s Low-Income High-Achieving Students, Kelly M. Siddle

USINPAC and the U.S.-India Nuclear Deal: Lasting Influence or One Shot Victory?, Allison Marz Freedman

Vicious Geography: The Spatial Organization of Prostitution in Twentieth Century Philadelphia, Sarah S. Bertozzi

Virtual Pakistan 2013: An Agent-based Modeling Analysis, Quratul-Ann Malik

Who Fired that Shot, at Once the Truth Declare: The Objective Reasonableness Test and the Role of the Use of Force Continuum in Assessing Use of Force Incidents, Timothy Shinn

Why is there No EU Constitution? An Analysis of Institutional Constitution-Making in the European Union, Emily E. Toops

Wildfire Risk and the Residential Housing Market: A Spatial Hedonic Analysis, A.J. Rossi

Women's Participation in Peacebuilding: A Missing Piece of the Puzzle?, Mary K. McCarthy


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