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Tree Shadow Series

Rita M. DeAngelo, University of Pennsylvania

Division: Humanities

Dept/Program: Fine Arts

Document Type: Undergraduate Student Research

Mentor(s): Julie Schneider

Date of this Version: 20 April 2007

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My shadow paintings aim to create a symbiotic relationship between contemporary art and nature by combining synthetically produced materials with distinct organic forms. In every moment, there exist uncontrollable variables which create unique experiences. I am in awe of the elegant audacity with which nature reveals these moments. I initiate a discussion with nature by bringing the canvas outside and painting fleeting shadows projected onto the canvas. Although my first four paintings stopped here, the more recent paintings were then brought into the studio, where it was my challenge to formally transform the layered tracings into paintings. Ideally, these captured moments of light (or the absence thereof) accumulate to yield another completely individual experience provided by the color and movement of the painting itself.

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DeAngelo, Rita M., "Tree Shadow Series" 20 April 2007. CUREJ: College Undergraduate Research Electronic Journal, University of Pennsylvania,

Date Posted: 25 April 2007

This document has been peer reviewed.

trees1.pdf (5731 kB)
Tree Shadows I: 2:33pm-3:17pm

birchtree.pdf (6334 kB)
Tree Shadows II: Birch Tree

annenberg1.pdf (5573 kB)
Tree Shadows III: To Annenberg Plaza (wall)

annenberg2.pdf (4965 kB)
Tree Shadows III: To Annenberg Plaza (ground)

rhodedendron.pdf (6196 kB)
Tree Shadows IV: (Not a) Rhododendron Bush

elephanttree.pdf (7163 kB)
Tree Shadows VI: Elephant Tree



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