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In Her Wonderland

Trina E. Gordon, University of Pennsylvania

Division: Humanities

Dept/Program: Fine Arts

Document Type: Undergraduate Student Research

Mentor(s): Julie Schneider

Date of this Version: 29 August 2006

This document has been peer reviewed.



My work is about discovery: an exploration of colors, patterns and the language of paint. By working from objects of femininity such as makeup and clothing, I’m investigating how illusion functions in society as well as how functions in the simplistic sense of handling paint. I am intrigued by how paint can be manipulated to create a reality that only exists on the surface of a painting. I am fascinated with the appeal of beauty and illusion. While some are absolutely disgusted with society’s standards of a woman’s obligation towards her appearance, others find it a magnificent treat to play with makeup, clothes, and jewelry. I have deliberately chosen to work with colors and patterns that evoke a sense of playfulness. My paintings and drawings salute the nature of dress up, reflecting the delight one finds sequined slippers, satin dresses, and gold high-heeled shoes.

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Gordon, Trina E., "In Her Wonderland" 29 August 2006. CUREJ: College Undergraduate Research Electronic Journal, University of Pennsylvania,

Date Posted: 30 August 2006

This document has been peer reviewed.

Alice Leaps.jpg (1732 kB)
Alice leaps Oil 60" x 47" 2006

Dreams in Orange and Blue.jpg (1537 kB)
Dreams in orange and blue Oil 60" x 47" 2006

Fisherman Catches Another Slipper.jpg (699 kB)
Fisherman catches another slipper Oil, Pastel, Charcoal 50" x 38" 2006

Insinuation of Brackish Colors.jpg (594 kB)
Insinuation of brackish colors Oil, Pastel, Charcoal 50" x 38" 2006



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