Scholars and policymakers from Germany, Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States have examined higher education, language and literacy, education and economic growth, education evaluation and indicators, vocational education, teacher quality and mathematics and science education.

Richard Ingersoll and Rebecca Maynard, both professors at the University of Pennsylvania, led a research study examining the preparation and qualifications of elementary and secondary teachers in six nations and one autonomous region: China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, and Hong Kong. International members of the project team included scholars and senior education officials.

The study's primary objective was to compare how each system itself defines teacher qualifications and standards and then to address the question: how well are the different educational systems succeeding in ensuring all students are taught by qualified teachers? The study addressed this overarching issue by examining comparative data from the seven educational systems.

Start date: January 2001
End date: December 2007


Research Reports from 2007


A Comparative Study of Teacher Preparation and Qualifications in Six Nations, Richard Ingersoll