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As states continue to implement college and career ready standards, state education agencies (SEAs) are providing professional development and curricular resources to help districts and teachers understand the standards. Because all states have adopted college and career ready standards, and most states continue to implement some version of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS), many SEAs can now share resources with each other and draw on materials from the numerous organizations providing CCSS resources. However, little is known about the resources SEAs endorse, the states and/or organizations sponsoring these resources, and how states and organizations are connected. For example, SEAs may provide resources created within the state, or by other SEAs, literacy organizations, CCSS organizations, or some combination of these approaches. Understanding the landscape of possible approaches to supporting state standards allows SEAs to make intentional choices about how to best select and disseminate resources to districts and teachers.


SEA, SEAs, State Education Agencies, Career Ready, College Ready, College Career Ready



Date Posted: 19 June 2017