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Lesion analysis in brain-injured populations complements what can be learned from functional neuroimaging. Voxelbased approaches to mapping lesion–behavior correlations in brain-injured populations are increasingly popular, and have the potential to leverage image analysis methods drawn from functional magnetic resonance imaging. However, power is a major concern for these studies, and is likely to vary regionally due to the distribution of lesion locations. Here, we outline general considerations for voxel-based methods, characterize the use of a nonparametric permutation test adapted from functional neuroimaging, and present methods for regional power analysis in lesion studies.


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Kimberg, D.Y., Coslett, H.B. and Schwartz, M.F. (2007). Power in Voxel-based Lesion–Symptom Mapping. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. Vol. 19(7). pp. 1067-1080.

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Date Posted: 15 June 2011

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