Cartographic Modeling Lab Papers


The Cartographic Modeling Lab (CML) is a research unit within the Biostatistics Analysis Center (BAC) of the Perelman School of Medicine's Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (CCEB). The CML specializes in applying geographic information systems (GIS) software and hardware to digitally link data and geography to generate spatial databases, maps, spatial statistical analyses, and mapping applications, providing a useful way to reveal spatial and temporal relationships among data. By using GIS to visualize geographic relationships that affect health outcomes, public health risks, disease transmission, access to health care, and other public health concerns, the CML conducts spatial research, policy analysis, and develops mapping applications of value to investigators at Penn and beyond.


Papers from 2013


Exploring the Role of the Food Environment on Food Shopping Patterns in Philadelphia, PA, USA: A Semiquantitative Comparison of Two Matched Neighborhood Groups, Jana A. Hirsch and Amy Hillier

Papers from 2012


Vacant Properties and Violence in Neighborhoods, Charles Branas, David Rubin, and Wensheng Guo

Papers from 2009


PhillydotMap: The Shape of Philadelphia, Charles Branas, Robert Cheetham, Rachel Cheetham-Richard, Rachel B. Cohen, Joan K. Davitt, Joan Decker, Megan Heckert, Amy Hillier, Jason Hutchins, Lucy Kerman, Zachary L. Lechner, Michael McLarnon, Heather Newlin, Dina Scholssberg, Harris Steinberg, Eileen Sullivan-Marx, C. Dana Tomlin, Stella Volpe, Douglas Wiebe, and Diane-Louise Wormley


Homicide and Geographic Access to Gun Dealers in the United States, Douglas J. Wiebe, Robert T. Krafty, Christopher S. Koper, Michael L. Nance, Michael R. Elliott, and Charles Branas

Papers from 2004


Hospital-Reported Pneumococcal Susceptibility to Penicillin, Joshua P. Metlay, Charles Branas, and Neil O. Fishman