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University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-10-21.


This paper proposes a type-and-effect system called Teq↓, which distinguishes terminating terms and total functions from possibly diverging terms and partial functions, for a lambda calculus with general recursion and equality types. The central idea is to include a primitive type-form "Terminates t", expressing that term t is terminating; and then allow terms t to be coerced from possibly diverging to total, using a proof of Terminates t. We call such coercions termination casts, and show how to implement terminating recursion using them. For the meta-theory of the system, we describe a translation from Teq↓ to a logical theory of termination for general recursive, simply typed functions. Every typing judgment of Teq↓ is translated to a theorem expressing the appropriate termination property of the computational part of the Teq↓ term.



Date Posted: 19 May 2010