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Technical Report

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October 1970


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-71-08.


The development of a new Man-Computer Problem Solving Methodology to be widely and effectively applied by the Navy has been the objective of this Research Project. The basic hypothesis that has been examined is as follows. If an interactive system would be available by which a human problem solver could put together, easily and quickly, a simulation of the problem and quickly perform tests of various solutions, perform an evaluation and then further improve the solution, then large scale economies and improved effectiveness would result. The research reported here may be considered to having taken the empirical approach. An experimental environment was selected, namely a Naval War. An interactive problem solving computer system was designed for this environment. To obtain an indication of the effectiveness of the system required the solution of problems in human engineering, computational methods and strategy in the areas of tracking and navigation, sonar applications and processing, and weapon application. New real-time interactive systems were incorporated to simplify the evolution of new problem solving methodologies.



Date Posted: 17 January 2008