Technical Reports (CIS)

Assessing the Involvement of Anatomical Structures in Penetrating Trauma Probabilistically

Omolola Ogunyemi, University of Pennsylvania

Document Type Technical Report

University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-97-11.


To determine the type and magnitude of injuries involved in penetrating trauma from gunshot and stab wounds, a working knowledge of the relationship between human anatomy, physiology, and physical manifestations of injury is required. With ballistic injuries involving multiple entry and exit wounds, determining the extent and type of injuries is made even more difficult as many different trajectories could produce the same external wounds. This work presents a 3D graphical system that allows the user to visualize different bullet path hypotheses as well as stab wound paths in a 3D model of the human body, and to identify the anatomical structures affected for each path. The system also presents the degree of belief that an anatomical structure associated with a given penetration path is injured, expressed as a probability. It is designed to work both with TraumAID (a system for providing decision support in the initial definitive management of trauma) and MediSim (a system that simulates casualties, medics and interactions between them).


Date Posted: 04 January 2008