Technical Reports (CIS)

Property-Coverage Testing

Li Tan, University of Pennsylvania
Oleg Sokolsky, University of Pennsylvania
Insup Lee, University of Pennsylvania

Document Type Technical Report

University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-03-02.


Testing has been used in practice to check the conformation of an implementation to a specification. Recently, there has been much research in automatic generation of tests from specifications based on counterexample and witness generation techniques of model checking. One important issue in test generation is the notion of coverage, which limits the type and number of tests generated. Many coverage criteria have been proposed to reflect different test requirements, such as control-flow and data-flow based coverages. However, these general criteria are not for generating tests that are tailored to checking if an implementation satisfies specific properties.

This paper proposes a framework in which tests are generated from user specified properties. In our framework, temporal logic LTL is used to express both desirable and undesirable properties. One difficulty in employing LTL for test generation is that, for a given LTL formula, it may be necessary to generate a test suite in which a test is arbitrarily long and the number of tests is infinite. The paper shows that it is possible to test a given LTL property on a black-box implementation with a finite test suite, assuming that an upper bound on the number of states in the implementation is known.


Date Posted: 28 April 2005