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Technical Report

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July 1992


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-92-58.


We investigate the relative computational powers of a mesh with static buses and a mesh with unidirectional wrap-mounds. A mesh with unidirectional wraparounds is a torus with the restriction that any wraparoundlink of the architecture can only transmit data in one of the two directions at any clock tick. We show that the problem of packet routing can be solved as efficiently on a linear array with unidirectional wrap-around link as on a linear array with a broadcast bus. We also present a routing algorithm for a twcdimensional torus with unidirectional wraparound links whose run time is close to that of the best known algorithm for routing on a mesh with broadcast buses in each dimension. In addition, we show that on a mesh with broadcast buses, sorting can be done in time that is essentially the same as the time needed for packet routing.


mesh connected computer, packet routing, sorting, broadcast bus, randomized algorithms



Date Posted: 20 August 2007