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Technical Report

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January 1995


University of Pennsylvania Department of Computer and Information Science Technical Report No. MS-CIS-95-18.


One goal in certain classes of networked multimedia applications, such as full-feedback remote control, is to provide end-to-end guarantees. To achieve guarantees, all resources along the path(s) between the resource(s) and sink(s) must be controlled. Resource availability is checked by the admission service during the call establishment phase. Current admission services control only network resources such as bandwidth and network delay. To provide end-to-end guarantees, the networked applications also need operation system resources and I/O devices at the endpoints. All such resources must be included in a robust admission process. By integrating the end-point resources, we observed several dependencies which force changes in admission algorithms designed and implemented for control of a single resource. We have designed and implemented the multi-level admission service within our Omega architecture which controls the availability of end-point resources needed in remote control multimedia applications such as telerobotics.



Date Posted: 02 July 2007