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CPS Real-Time, CPS Internet of Things

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This paper presents CaM, a holistic cache and memory bandwidth resource allocation strategy for multicore real-time systems. CaM is designed for partitioned scheduling, where tasks are mapped onto cores, and the shared cache and memory bandwidth resources are partitioned among cores to reduce resource interferences due to concurrent accesses. Based on our extension of LITMUSRT with Intel’s Cache Allocation Technology and MemGuard, we present an experimental evaluation of the relationship between the allocation of cache and memory bandwidth resources and a task’s WCET. Our resource allocation strategy exploits this relationship to map tasks onto cores, and to compute the resource allocation for each core. By grouping tasks with similar characteristics (in terms of resource demands) to the same core, it enables tasks on each core to fully utilize the assigned resources. In addition, based on the tasks’ execution time behaviors with respect to their assigned resources, we can determine a desirable allocation that maximizes schedulability under the resource constraints. Extensive evaluation using real-world benchmarks show that CaM offers near optimal schedulability performance while being highly efficient, and that it substantially outperforms baseline solutions that combine bin-packing with an equal distribution of resources among cores.


real-time multicore, cache and DRAM management, resource allocation

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Date Posted: 06 June 2018