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Liu, C., Li, X., Muthukumar, S., Gill, H., Saeed, T., Loo, B., & Basu, P., A Policy-Based Constraint-Solving Platform Towards Extensible Wireless Channel Selection and Routing, ACM Workshop on Programmable Routers for Extensible Services of Tomorrow (PRESTO), in conjuction with ACM CoNEXT, Dec. 2010

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This paper presents PUMA, a novel declarative constraintsolving platform that achieves efficient policy-based channel selection and routing for multi-radio wireless mesh networks. PUMA is based on declarative networking, a databaseinspired extensible infrastructure using query languages to specify behavior. In PUMA, users specify high-level declarative policies that dictate their channel selection constraints and routing protocol behavior. We demonstrate that channel selection can be expressed in a compact fashion and implemented efficiently. We have developed a PUMA prototype based on the RapidNet declarative networking engine with enhancements to handle multi-channel communication and integration with an open-source constraint solver. We perform preliminary evaluation of PUMA using the emerging ns-3 network simulator, and describe our ongoing research in ORBIT testbed deployment, distributed channel selection protocols, and distributed optimizations that combine routing and channel selection.



Date Posted: 26 July 2012