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Carceroni, R., A. Kumar and K. Daniilidis. (2006). "Structure from Motion with Known Camera Positions." Proceedings of the 2006 IEEE Computer Society Conference on Vision and Pattern Recognition. June 17-22, 2006.

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The wide availability of GPS sensors is changing the landscape in the applications of structure from motion techniques for localization. In this paper, we study the problem of estimating camera orientations from multiple views, given the positions of the viewpoints in a world coordinate system and a set of point correspondences across the views. Given three or more views, the above problem has a finite number of solutions for three or more point correspondences. Given six or more views, the problem has a finite number of solutions for just two or more points. In the three-view case, we show the necessary and sufficient conditions for the three essential matrices to be consistent with a set of known baselines. We also introduce a method to recover the absolute orientations of three views in world coordinates from their essential matrices. To refine these estimates we perform a least-squares minimization on the group cross product SO(3) × SO(3) × SO(3). We report experiments on synthetic data and on data from the ICCV2005 Computer Vision Contest.



Date Posted: 12 October 2010

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