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Distributed real-time applications implement distributed applications with timeliness requirements. Such systems require a deterministic communication medium with bounded communication delays. Ethernet is a widely used commodity network with many appliances and network components and represents a natural fit for real-time application; unfortunately, standard Ethernet provides no bounded communication delays. Conditional state-based communication schedules provide expressive means for specifying and executing with choice points, while staying verifiable. Such schedules implement an arbitration scheme and provide the developer with means to fit the arbitration scheme to the application demands instead of requiring the developer to tweak the application to fit a predefined scheme. An evaluation of this approach as software prototypes showed that jitter and execution overhead may diminish the gains. This work successfully addresses this problem with a synthesized soft processor. We present results around the development of the soft processor, the design choices, and the measurements on throughput and robustness.

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CPS Real-Time

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IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics





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local area networks, microprocessor chips, scheduling, software prototyping, commodity network, conditional state-based communication scheduling, distributed real-time applications, hardware acceleration, real-time Ethernet, software prototypes, synthesized soft processor, Networks, programmable hardware, real-time systems, time-division multiaccess



Date Posted: 30 September 2009

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