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January 2006

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Conference Paper


Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing 11:116-127(2006)


As the number, richness and diversity of biological sources grow, scientists are increasingly confronted with the problem of selecting appropriate sources and tools. To address this problem, we have designed BioGuide, a user-centric framework that helps scientists choose sources and tools according to their preferences and strategy, by specifying queries through a user-friendly visual interface. In this paper, we provide a complete RDF representation of BioGuide and introduce XPR (eXtensible Path language for RDF), an extension of FSL that is expressive enough to model all BioGuide queries. BioGuide queries modeled as XPR expressions can then be saved, compared, evaluated and exchanged through the Web between users and applications.


query language, RDF, bioinformatics



Date Posted: 23 February 2007

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