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October 2006

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Journal Article


Postprint version. Published in Computer Networks, Volume 50, Issue 14, 2006, pages 2548-2563.
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Increases in scale, complexity, dependency and security for networks have motivated increased automation of activities such as network monitoring. We have employed technology derived from active networking research to develop a series of network monitoring systems, but unlike most previous work, made application needs the priority over infrastructure properties.

This choice has produced the following results: (1) the techniques for general infrastructure are both applicable and portable to specific applications such as network monitoring; (2) tradeoffs can benefit our applications while preserving considerable flexibility; and (3) careful engineering allows applications with open architectures to perform competitively with custom-built static implementations.

These results are demonstrated via measurements of the lightweight active measurement environment (LAME), its successor, flexible LAME (FLAME), and their application to monitoring for performance and security.


active networks, network monitoring, network measurement, worm detection



Date Posted: 08 December 2006

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