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February 2006

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Journal Article


Copyright SIAM, 2006. Reprinted from SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics, Volume 20, Issue 1, 2006, pages 26-41.


We study the following pursuit-evasion game: One or more hunters are seeking to capture an evading rabbit on a graph. At each round, the rabbit tries to gather information about the location of the hunters but it can see them only if they are located on adjacent nodes. We show that two hunters suffice for catching rabbits with such local visibility with high probability. We distinguish between reactive rabbits who move only when a hunter is visible and general rabbits who can employ more sophisticated strategies. We present polynomial time algorithms that decide whether a graph G is hunter-win, that is, if a single hunter can capture a rabbit of either kind on G.


pursuit-evasion games, local information, path planning, visibility



Date Posted: 29 June 2006

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