Dissertations (CIS)

Penn Engineering is the birthplace of the modern computer. It was here that the ENIAC, the world's first electronic, large-scale, general-purpose digital computer, was developed in 1946. Since this auspicious beginning more than five decades ago, the field of computer science at Penn has been marked by exciting innovations. Over the last few years, Penn CIS has grown in algorithms, theory of computation, networking, systems and architecture, and artificial intelligence. We are building on these successes to strengthen work on databases, graphics, programming languages, and security, and to deepen our interdisciplinary work in such areas as bioinformatics, cognitive science, robotics, and management.

Theses and Dissertations from 2008

Conditional models for compositional design of real-time embedded systems, Madhukar Anand

Symbolic analysis of stochastic discrete event systems, Mikhail Bernadsky

Applying convex optimization techniques to energy minimization problems in computer vision, Arvind Bhusnurmath

Domain adaptation of natural language processing systems, John Blitzer

A foundation for tunnel-complex protocols, Alwyn E Goodloe

Privacy APIs: Formal models for analyzing legal privacy requirements, Michael J May

Theses and Dissertations from 2007

Pattern discovery in biological data sets, Stanislav Plamenov Angelov

Memory model sensitive analysis of concurrent data types, Sebastian Burckhardt

Logics and algorithms for software model checking, Swarat Chaudhuri

Algorithms for linear and nonlinear approximation of large data, Boulos Harb

Human behavior modeling within an integrative framework, Michael Johns

Robust correspondence -free algorithms for 3D motion recovery, Ameesh Makadia

Processing data streams, Andrew McGregor

Generating narrative variation in interactive fiction, Nick Montfort

Synthesis and compositional verification using language learning, Wonhong Nam

Reno: A rename-based instruction optimizer, Vlad Petric

Monitoring and checking of real-time and probabilistic properties, Usa Sammapun

Large margin training of acoustic models for speech recognition, Fei Sha

The effects of network topology on strategic behavior, Siddharth Suri

Magnetic resonance studies of architecture and composition of bone, Aranee Techawiboonwong

Dynamic security policies, Stephen Chun-to Tse

Metric learning with convex optimization, Kilian Quirin Weinberger

Robust semantic role labeling using parsing variations and semantic classes, Szu-ting Yi

Efficient scientific data management over trees, Yifeng Zheng

Theses and Dissertations from 2006

Towards high-performance word sense disambiguation by combining rich linguistic knowledge and machine learning approaches, Jinying Chen

Storing, querying and updating XML, Koon Kau Byron Choi

Pronominal anaphora resolution in Chinese, Susan P Converse

Dynamic instruction stream editing, Marc Corliss

Machine translation using probabilistic synchronous dependency insertion grammars, Yuan Ding

Statically typed XML processing in an object -oriented language, Vladimir Gapeyev

Multiple influences on gaze and attention behavior for embodied agents, Erdan Gu

Generating American Sign Language classifier predicates for English-to-ASL machine translation, Matt Huenerfauth

PAGO: Pelvic analysis and gait output, Seung-Joo Lee

Discriminative learning and spanning tree algorithms for dependency parsing, Ryan McDonald

Statistical LTAG parsing, Libin Shen

Compositional framework for real -time embedded systems, Insik Shin

Mesh generation from imaging data, Marcelo Siqueira

Streamwise feature selection, Jing Zhou

Theses and Dissertations from 2005

Exchange mechanisms and cooperative distributed system design, Kostas G Anagnostakis

Efficient XPath query processing on stored and streaming XML data, Yi Chen

Making the trains run on time, Alexander T Garthwaite

Computational modeling and simulation of heart ventricular mechanics from tagged MRI, Zhenhua Hu

Security policy consistency and distributed evaluation in heterogeneous environments, Sotiris Ioannidis

Run, XTATIC, run: Efficient implementation of an object -oriented language with regular pattern matching, Michael Y Levin

Modeling and analyzing integrated policies, Michael McDougall

Modeling, simulation and analysis of the heart from four-dimensional cardiac tagged-MR images, Kyoungju Park

Integrating gene expression signals with bounded collection grammars, Jonathan Schug

VerbNet: A broad-coverage, comprehensive verb lexicon, Karin Kipper Schuler

Theses and Dissertations from 2004

On the parameter space of generative lexicalized statistical parsing models, Daniel M Bikel

Evaluating grammar formalisms for applications to natural language processing and biological sequence analysis, David Chiang

Investigations into the role of lexical semantics in word sense disambiguation, Hoa Trang Dang

Reasoning about functional and key dependencies in hierarchically structured data, Carmem Satie Hara

Algorithms for distributed and mobile sensing, Ibrahim Volkan Isler

Product information dissemination in the Internet and markets for product information, Panagiotis M Markopoulos

Automated volumetric model construction and dynamic segmentation of the heart ventricles in tagged MRI, Albert Montillo

Statistical learning from relational databases, Alexandrin Popescul

Loss -sensitive decision rules for intrusion detection and response, Jia Wang

Theses and Dissertations from 2003

Adaptive construction of manifold meshes, Koji Ashida

Network event recognition, Karthikeyan Bhargavan

TRACE: Tactor reach access and constraint environment, Aaron Samuel Bloomfield

Statistical models for the analysis of heterogeneous biological data sets, Eugen Christian Buehler

Cone -beam helical CT virtual endoscopy: Reconstruction, segmentation and automatic navigation, Bruno Motta de Carvalho

A study of the relationships among cryptographic primitives, Yael Gertner

Modeling and analysis of hybrid systems, Franjo Ivancic

Occlusion detection in multi-baseline stereo, Sang-Hack Jung

Omnidirectional three-dimensional stereo computer vision sensor using reflective cone mirror, Shih-Schon Lin

Interactive reach planning for animated characters using hardware acceleration, Ying Liu

LR parsing for tree adjoining grammars and its application to corpus-based natural language parsing, Carlos Augusto Prolo

American Sign Language recognition: Reducing the complexity of the task with phoneme-based modeling and parallel hidden Markov models, Christian Philipp Vogler

Techniques for reducing the computational requirements of symbolic reachability analysis, Zijiang Yang

Theses and Dissertations from 2002

XML query reformulation over mixed and redundant storage, Alin Bernard Deutsch

A self -correcting stereo vision system for view synthesis, Geoffrey Egnal

Catadioptric projective geometry: Theory and applications, Christopher Michael Geyer

Statistical cue estimation for model-based shape and motion tracking, Siome Klein Goldenstein

Feel the “fabric” via the PHANToM, Gang Huang

Physics based cloth simulation, Suejung Bang Huh

Facial animation system with realistic eye movement based on a cognitive model for virtual agents, Sooha Park Lee

Practical active packets, Jonathan Thomas Moore

ubQL: A distributed query language to program distributed query systems, Arnaud Sahuguet

State -space tool: Understanding concurrent programs through state -space, Jangwoo Shin

Data annotations, provenance, and archiving, Wang-Chiew Tan

Incremental algorithms for the design of triangular -based spline surfaces, Dianna Xu

Theses and Dissertations from 2000

Object /relational query optimization with chase and backchase, Lucian Popa

Theses and Dissertations from 1999

Path constraints for databases with or without schemas, Wenfei Fan

Theses and Dissertations from 1996

Pipeline rendering: Interaction and realism through hardware-based multi-pass rendering, Paul Joseph Diefenbach

Probabilistic matching of deformed images, James C Gee

Theses and Dissertations from 1995

Sensor processing for mobile robot localization, exploration and navigation, Robert Mandelbaum

An architecture for end-to-end quality of service provision and its experimental validation, Klara Nahrstedt

Operator control of telerobotic systems for real world intervention, Craig Peter Sayers

Theses and Dissertations from 1994

Voronoi diagrams and algorithmic motion planning: Parallel and randomized techniques, Suneeta Ramaswami

Formal and computational aspects of natural language syntax, Owen C Rambow

Behavior-based control for time-delayed teleoperation, Matthew Ralph Stein

Theses and Dissertations from 1992

Syntactic locality and tree adjoining grammar: Grammatical, acquisition and processing perspectives, Robert Evan Frank

Data abstraction in programming language semantics, Ramesh Subrahmanyam

Theses and Dissertations from 1991

Teleprogramming: Towards delay-invariant remote manipulation, Janez Funda

Theses and Dissertations from 1990

Natural language control of animation of task performance in a physical domain, Jugal Kumar Kalita

Theses and Dissertations from 1989

Stepfamily adaptability and cohesion: A normative study, Hope Brown Chollak

The relationship between leadership behaviors of the principal and the morale of the teaching staff, Robin Denise Koslo

The empowerment educator as disguised ruler: The paradox of negotiating power and status in a college classroom, Pearl Marlene Rosenberg

Theses and Dissertations from 1988

Methodology for the assessment of software risk, Susan Ann Sherer

Characterizing mildly context-sensitive grammar formalisms, David Jeremy Weir

Theses and Dissertations from 1985


Theses and Dissertations from 1984


Theses and Dissertations from 1982


Theses and Dissertations from 1981


Theses and Dissertations from 1980