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The emergence of advanced DNA sequencing methods has presented disruptive opportunities in biotechnology, establishing the foundation for the personalized medicine industry. Since the completion of the Human Genome Project, the number of genomes sequenced has grown exponentially and the sequencing price has dropped precipitously. To make personalized medicine a reality, there is a need for a large collection of sequenced genomes in order to link specific genes to diseases. IonSeq seeks to be the leading DNA sequencing service, employing new semiconductor- based sequencing technology offered by Ion Torrent, to help pharmaceutical companies generate these libraries of genomes for their drug-development processes. To support sequencing reliability and throughput, IonSeq will explore such technical details such as chip configuration, insertion kinetics, signal generation, base-calling methods, and accuracy metrics. IonSeq will prove a 40 genome/day output, made possible by the massively parallel procedure employed by the sequencers. IonSeq will sequence each genome at a price of $2,000 while the cost of ‘manufacture’ will only be $645. Series A will consist of a $3,682,886 investment and will yield the investors a MIRR of 102.98% over four years. The Series B investment will total $4,510,491 and result in a 93.43% MIRR over a three period. The NPV by the time of liquidation or acquisition event will be $39,322,347, at a conservative projected growth rate of 5%.



Date Posted: 25 July 2014