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November 2004


In this study, we compare the performance of SOFC having composite Cu-based anodes but made with the following low-temperature electrolytes: samaria-doped ceria (SDC), Sr- and Mg-doped lanthanum gallate (LSGM), and scandia-stabilized zirconia (ScSZ). Performance (V-I) curves and impedance spectra were measured using H2 and n-butane fuels at 973 K. The results suggest that the use of electrolyte materials with higher ionic conductivity can lead to improved anodes for direct-utilization SOFC, although the performance of each of the cells in n-butane appears to be at least partially limited by the electrochemical oxidation reaction.


Postprint version. Published in Solid State Ionics, Volume 175, Issues 1-4, 30 November 2004, pages 47-50.
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Intermediate temperature, Solid oxide fuel cells, Copper-ceria anodes, n-butane



Date Posted: 06 February 2006

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