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An energy-storage concept is proposed using molten Sb as the fuel in a reversible solid-oxide electrochemical cell (SOEC). Because both Sb and Sb2O3 are liquids at typical SOEC operating temperatures, it is possible to flow Sb from an external tank and use it as the fuel under fuel-cell conditions and then electrolyze Sb2O3 during recharging. This concept was tested using a button cell with a Sc-stabilized zirconia electrolyte at 973 K by measuring the impedances under fuel-cell and electrolyzer conditions for a range of stirred Sb-Sb2O3 compositions. The Sb-Sb2O3 electrode impedances were found to be on the order of 0.15 Ωcm2 for both fuel-cell and electrolyzer conditions, for compositions up to 30% Sb and 70% Sb2O3. The open circuit voltages (OCV) were 0.75 V, independent of oxygen composition. Some features of using molten Sb as an energy-storage medium are discussed.


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Javadekar, A., Jayakumar, A., Gorte, R. J., Vohs, J. M., & Buttrey, D. J. (2012). Energy Storage in Electrochemical Cells with Molten Sb Electrodes. Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 159, A386-A389. DOI:

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Date Posted: 26 January 2012

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