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A new approach to the design of ceramic anodes that uses a thin catalytically active functional layer that has only modest electronic conductivity sandwiched between the electrolyte and a non-catalytic elecronically conducting ceramic layer that is used as the current collector is described. The anode design is flexible and allows various materials to be used in the functional and current collector layers. Results are presented for anodes with thin functional layers (12 µm) consisting of a porous CeO2/YSZ composite impregnated with 1 wt% Pd to optimize catalytic activity and a 100 µm thick layer of porous La0.3Sr0.7TiO3 (LST) as the current collector. Low anode impedances and excellent overall performance were obtained with cells with these anodes while operating on both humidified hydrogen and hydrocarbon fuels.


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M.D. Gross, R.J. Gorte and J.M. Vohs. (2007). Multilayer High-Performance Ceramic Anodes. ECS Transactions, 7(1) 1349-1354.

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Date Posted: 12 May 2011

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