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In this study, the effect of the morphology and ionic conductivity of the electrolyte material in SOFC composite cathodes is systematically studied. The specific surface area of prous yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) scaffolds was varied by almost two orders of magnitude using different pore formers and surface treatment with hydrofluoric acid (HF). The effect of ionic conductivity on the performance of SOFC cathodes was studied for electrodes prepared by infiltration of 35 wt % LSF into 65% porous scandia-stabilized zirconia (ScSZ), YSZ, or yttria-alumina co-stabilized zirconia (YAZ) scaffolds of identical microstructure cathodes.


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R. Küngas, J.M. Vohs and R.J. Gorte. (2011). Systematic Studies of the Cathode-Electrolyte Interface in SOFC Cathodes Prepared by Infiltration. ESC Transactions, 35(1) 2085-2095).

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Date Posted: 11 May 2011

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