Departmental Papers (CBE)

Fabrication of Direct-Utilization SOFC from a Single Laminated Structure

Kipyung Ahn, University of Pennsylvania
Yingyi Huang, University of Pennsylvania
Shung-Ik Lee, University of Pennsylvania
John M. Vohs, University of Pennsylvania
Raymond J. Gorte, University of Pennsylvania

Document Type Article


This paper describes the fabrication of a high-performance solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC), based on yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ), using a single, high-temperature calcination step. The procedure involves laminating various green tapes, including layers with pore formers for both the anode and cathode and a layer with holes for providing structural strength. Both the anode and cathode were prepared by impregnation of porous YSZ using metal salts and low-temperature processing. For an anode composed of Cu0.7Co0.3, CeO2, and YSZ and a cathode of Sr-doped LaCoO3, power densities of 770 mW/cm2 in H2 and 490 mW/cm2 in n-butane were achieved at 1023 K.


Date Posted: 24 September 2004