Aims & Scope

Bibliotheca Dantesca is an international peer-reviewed open-access journal dedicated to Dante studies. The journal represents the result of a productive collaboration between the students of Penn’s Italian Studies doctoral program, who were its first promoters, the faculty in the program, the Center for Italian Studies, and the Penn Libraries.

The journal fosters a community of scholars united by an intellectual interest regarding Dante Alighieri and his oeuvre from a multitude of perspectives and disciplines, including (but not limited to) material text, gender and queer studies, colonial and post-colonial studies, nationalism, environmental studies, music. 

As a result of its mission to share culture, Bibliotheca Dantesca only accepts articles written in English, reserving the possibility of contributions in Italian in exceptional cases and evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the Editors.

Bibliotheca Dantesca welcomes informed contributions to Dante Studies, inviting scholars from all backgrounds and a variety of different perspectives. We believe in academic dialogue and discussion, rejecting all forms of bullying and prevarication.

Open Access Policy

Bibliotheca Dantesca is an open-access journal and believes in the sharing of ideas and studies. The articles of the journal are and will always be freely accessible and invited to be shared.