Bibliotheca Dantesca is an international peer-reviewed open-access journal dedicated to Dante studies. The journal represents the result of a productive collaboration between the students of Penn’s Italian Studies doctoral program, who were its first promoters, the faculty in the program, the Center for Italian Studies, and the Penn Libraries. The journal's purpose is to produce scholarship that investigates the work of Dante and its reception with a widely interdisciplinary perspective. At Penn, the Italian Studies program and the Center actively collaborate in organizing events devoted to Dante, such as Lecturae Dantis, talks, conferences, concerts, films, and theatrical performances. The Department of Romance Languages, of which the Italian Studies program is a section, regularly offers courses devoted to Dante and his world, in conjunction with the interdisciplinary program in Global Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Bibliotheca Dantesca thus consolidates the strong commitment of Penn and its Italian Studies community to Dante's scholarship in a timely way.

Eva Del Soldato and Mauro Calcagno

The journal welcomes contributions that investigate the works of Dante and its reception from a broad interdisciplinary perspective. Bibliotheca Dantesca invites essays related to Dante and Dante's reception through the centuries, from the late Middle Ages to modern times, and from a variety of perspectives, including Mediterranean studies, gender studies, history of emotion, African-American studies, material text, influence on nationalism, “Italianity,” digital humanities, environmental studies, to mention a few.

Call for Articles

We welcome submissions for our sixth volume (December 2023). The deadline is June 30, 2023. Please send your contribution, the abstract, and a short bio to our email: bibliothecadantesca@sas.upenn.edu

Submissions should be in English (preferred) or Italian. The journal publishes ARTICLES (double-blind peer-review, between 6000 and 15000 words) and NOTES (single-blind peer-review, maximum 6000 words).

All publications are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0).

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See here the Guidelines.

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Current Volume: Volume 5 (2022)



Front Matter
Managing Editors Bibliotheca Dantesca


The Human Moment of the Soul
Lorenzo Bartolucci

Thematic Section Articles


Introduction Missiles for the Future: Dante and DH
Elizabeth Coggeshall and Akash Kumar

Thematic Section Notes


Introduction: Projects
Elizabeth Coggeshall and Akash Kumar


The 'florin.ms' Project
Julia Bolton Holloway


Literary Visualization. Towards a Visual Annotation of Dante's 'Comedy'
Simone Marchesi, Pamela A. Patton, Earnestine Qiu, and Max Matukhin


New Dante Worlds


After Dante
Nathalie Anderson



BD 5 2022 Complete
Managing Editors Bibliotheca Dantesca

Editorial Team - Vol. 5


David Wallace, University of Pennsylvania


Eva Del Soldato, University of Pennsylvania

Mauro Calcagno, University of Pennsylvania

Managing Editors

Natale Vacalebre, University of Copenhagen

Mario Sassi, University of Pennsylvania

Tommaso De Robertis, University of Pennsylvania


Juliette Bellacosa, University of Pennsylvania

Giuseppe Bruno-Chomin, Penn State University

Federica Coluzzi, University of Warwick

Lourdes Contreras, University of Pennsylvania

Giulio Genovese, University of Pennsylvania

Massimiliano Lorenzon, University of Pennsylvania

Paolo Scartoni, Rutgers University

Eleanor Webb, University of Pennsylvania

Missiles for the Future: Dante and DH, Editors

Elizabeth Coggeshall, Florida State University

Akash Kumar, University of California, Berkeley

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Elena Molino, Graphic Designer