Dissertations (BE)

The Department of Bioengineering, one of the first nationally, was established in 1973 with graduate degrees offered since 1961. Rated one of the top Bioengineering programs in the country, the Department presents the strong intellectual interdisciplinary infrastructure and collaborative culture that links Engineering, Life Sciences and Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.

Theses and Dissertations from 2022

Leveraging Macrophage Immune Checkpoint Blockade To Link Innate And Adaptive Immunity Against Solid Tumors, Jason Christopher Andrechak

Machine Learning And Quantitative Neuroimaging In Epilepsy And Low Field Mri, Thomas Campbell Arnold

Machine Learning As Tool And Theory For Computational Neuroscience, Ari S. Benjamin

Single-Component Optogenetic Tools Fo Cytoskeletal Rearrangements, Erin Berlew

Rapid, Scalable, Amplified Rna Detection In Situ With Clampfish 2.0, Ian Dardani

Engineering Injectable, Radiopaque Hydrogels For X-Ray Imaging And Therapeutic Delivery For Cancer Treatments, Yuxi Dong

Brain Metabolic Responses To Alzheimer Pathologies With Molecular Imaging And Machine Learning, Michael Tran Duong

Brain Metabolic Responses To Alzheimer Pathologies With Molecular Imaging And Machine Learning, Michael Tran Duong

Human Tissue-Engineered Nigrostriatal Pathway Encased In Hyaluronic Acid For Axon Tract Reconstruction In Parkinson's Disease, Wisberty Joel Gordián Vélez

Application Of Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy To Examine The Neurophysiology Of The Injured Adolescent Brain, Divya Jain

Experimental And Computational Analyses Of Locomotor Rhythm Generation And Modulation In Caenorhabditis Elegans, Hongfei Ji

Complex Systems Engineering: Designing Advanced Functions In Dynamical And Mechanical Systems, Jinsu Kim

Biglycan Regulation Of Regional Tendon Development Via The Pericellular Matrix, Ryan Leiphart

Cellular And Mechano-Active Material Approaches To Improve Disc Repair After Herniation, Ana Paula Peredo Nery

Characterizing Medial Temporal Lobe Neurodegeneration Due To Tau Pathology In Alzheimer's Disease Using Postmortem Imaging, Sadhana Ravikumar

Injectable Hydrogels To Deliver Extracellular Vesicles For Treatment After Myocardial Infarction, Selen Uman

Rapid, Site-Specific Labeling Of 'off-The-Shelf' And Native Serum Autoantibodies With T Cell-Redirecting Domains, Fabiana Zappala

Remote Force Guided Assembly Of Complex Orthopaedic Tissues, Hannah Marie Zlotnick

Theses and Dissertations from 2021

Using Machine Learning And Natural Language Processing To Improve Scientific Processes, Titipat Achakulvisut

Microtissue Engineered Neural Networks As Optically-Controlled Living Electrodes For Circuit Modeling And Neuroprosthetics, Dayo Adewole

Uncovering Constraints On Organoid Morphologies, Lauren Elise Beck

Quantitative Methods For Guiding Epilepsy Surgery From Intracranial Eeg, John Bernabei

Development Of Robot-Based Cognitive And Motor Assessment Tools For Stroke And Hiv Neurorehabilitation, Kevin Bui

Versican/collagen Interactions In Tissue Structure And Mechanics, Dongning Chen

Computational Imaging Biomarkers For Precision Medicine: Characterizing Heterogeneity In Breast Cancer, Rhea Chitalia

From '-Omics' To Biomarkers And Mechanisms In Parkinson's Disease: Growth Hormone Receptor And Gpnmb, Maria Eugenia Diaz Ortiz

Multiscale Modeling Of Cell Fate Switching To Predict Patient-Specific Response To Combination Cancer Therapy, Lindsey Fernandez

Biofabrication Approaches With Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels For Cartilage Repair, Jonathan H. Galarraga

Large Scale Integration Of Microengineered Tissue Models For High-Content, High-Throughput Analysis Of Complex Human Physiological Systems, Andrei Georgescu

Silver Sulfide Nanoparticles For Breast Cancer Imaging With Dual Energy Mammography And Other Modalities, Jessica Hsu

Mri Assessment Of Maternal Uteroplacental Circulation In Pregnancy, Eileen Hwuang

Biomechanical & Biochemical Contributions Of Matrix Metalloproteinases In Joint Pain: Models, Mechanisms, & Patients, Meagan E. Ita

Leveraging Neuroinflammation Responses To Treat Pain Using Micellar Formulations Informed By Secretory Phospholipase A2 Responses In Neuropathy, Sonia Kartha

A Computational Study Of The Influence Of Cortical Processes On The Olfactory Bulb, David Eric Kersen

Development Of Nanoparticle-Based Contrast Agents For Applications With Conventional And Photon-Counting Ct Imaging, Johoon Kim

Development Of Nanoparticle-Based Contrast Agents For Applications With Conventional And Photon-Counting Ct Imaging, Johoon Kim

Biophysical Dynamics Of Rgs-Lov Proteins As Systems For Light-Induced Membrane Recruitment, Ivan Kuznetsov

Image Processing Methods For Dual-Energy Contrast-Enhanced X-Ray Breast Imaging, Kristen Lau

Adaptation Of Maternal Skeletal Mechano-Responsiveness, Osteocyte Microenvironment, And Bone Marrow Adipocytes In Response To Reproduction And Lactation, Yihan Li

Novel Design Strategies For Engineering Biliverdin-Binding Fluorescent Proteins, Michael Salvatore Magaraci

Engineering Novel High-Resolution Bioelectronic Interfaces From Mxene Nanomaterials, Brendan Boyce Murphy

Mechano-Regulation Of Meniscus Development And Maturation, Tonia Tsinman

Development And Evaluation Of Next Generation Tomosynthesis, Trevor Lewis Vent

Evaluating The Efficacy Of Prone Position And Therapeutic Treatments In Ards Lungs Using Computed Tomography, Yi Xin

Theses and Dissertations from 2020

Single Cell Mechanical Trauma And Recovery Across Scales, Modupe Alexandra Adegoke

Functional And Structural Remodeling Of The Meniscus With Growth And Injury, Sonia Bansal

Elucidating The Regulatory Role Of 3d Genome Folding During Neural Differentiation And Synaptic Activation, Jonathan Adams Beagan

Light-Inducible Control Of Microtubule Organization In Cell-Like Compartments, Jessica G. Bermudez

Implantable Micro-Tissue Engineered Nerve Grafts To Maintain Regenerative Capacity And Facilitate Functional Recovery Following Nervous System Injury, Justin C. Burrell

Building And Validating Next-Generation Neurodevices Using Novel Materials, Fabrication, And Analytic Strategies, Nicolette Driscoll

Multiscale Predictions Of Mechanical Response And Computational Circuit Dynamics After Traumatic Brain Injury, David John Gabrieli

Development And Application Of Computational Tools For Unraveling The Structure Of The 3d Genome, Thomas Grzegorz Gilgenast

High Throughput Identification Of Rare Cell Populations By Functional Phenoyping, Syung Hun Han

Role Of Actg2 Mutations In Visceral Myopathy, Sohaib Khalid Hashmi

Role Of Actg2 Mutations In Visceral Myopathy, Sohaib Khalid Hashmi

Design, Synthesis, Structural Studies, & Applications Of Synthetic Collagen Peptides, Alexander Jon Kasznel

Combinatorial Roles Of Skeletal Cell Yap And Taz In Bone Growth, Remodeling, And Repair, Christopher Daniel Kegelman

Machine Learning For The Diagnosis Of Lung Disease, William Lindsay

Iron Imaging In Myocardial Infarction Reperfusion Injury, Brianna F. Moon

Functional Molecular Imaging With Dnp-13c-Mrsi, Nicholas Rainer Perkons

Computational Investigations Of Neuronal Network Responses To Traumatic Brain Injury, Samantha Nicole Schumm

Human Organ-On-Chips For The Study Of Biomechanical Forces In Health And Disease, Jeongyun Seo

Human Organ-On-Chips For The Study Of Biomechanical Forces In Health And Disease, Jeongyun Seo

Studying The Clinical And Research Applications Of The Pennpet Explorer, A Long Axial Field-Of-View Pet Scanner, Varsha Viswanath

Theses and Dissertations from 2019

Image Analysis And Shape Modeling For Mitral Valve Surgery, Ahmed Aly

Extending Topological Data Analysis In Biological Systems., Ann Sizemore Blevins

Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels For The Delivery Of Cell-Based Therapeutics To The Heart, Minna Chen

Engineering The Interface: Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels That Mediate Msc Chondrogenesis For Cartilage Tissue Engineering, Mi Young Kwon

Automated Analysis Of Experience-Dependent Sensory Response Behavior In Caenorhabditis Elegans, Patrick McClanahan

Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 Magnetic Resonance Imaging As A Tool For Assessing Lung Transplantation Outcomes, Sarmad Muneeb Siddiqui

Characterization And Perturbation Of Functional Networks That Support Human Memory, Ethan Andrew Solomon

Multi-Scale Brain Responses In The Development Of Persistent Osteoarthritic Temporomandibular Pain, Megan Marie Sperry

Tissue Engineered Nigrostriatal Pathway For Treatment Of Parkinson’s Disease, Laura Struzyna

Miniaturizing High Throughput Droplet Assays For Ultrasensitive Molecular Detection On A Portable Platform, Venkata Ravitheja Yelleswarapu

Mri-Based Assessment Of Cortical Bone Matrix And Mineral Properties In A Clinical Setting, Xia Zhao

Theses and Dissertations from 2018

Direction-Dependent Responses To Traumatic Brain Injury In Pediatric Pigs, Lorre S. Atlan

Microengineering Approaches To Study The Human Placenta, Cassidy Blundell

Analysis Of Rhythm Generation In The Caenorhabditis Elegans Motor Circuit, Anthony Demharter Fouad

Decoding Calcium Encoding Through Bi-Directional Optogenetic Control Over Gq-Protein Signaling, Pimkhuan Hannanta-Anan

Diagnosing Disease Using High Throughput Parallelized Nanofluidics And Machine Learning, Jin A Ko

Diffuse Optical Cerebral Diagnostics For Real-Time Guidance During Pediatric Surgery And Resuscitation, Tiffany Ko

Guest-Host Interactions To Engineer Injectable Hydrogels With Controlled Degradation And Release For Cardiac Repair, Joshua Eugene Mealy

Development And Utilization Of Ultrasound Imaging Techniques To Evaluate The Role Of Vascularity In Adult And Aged Rat Achilles Tendon Healing, Corinne Nicole Riggin

Quantitative Multimodal Mapping Of Seizure Networks In Drug-Resistant Epilepsy, Preya Shah

Injectable Hydrogels To Deliver Rna Interference Therapeutics For Myocardial Infarction, Leo Le Wang

Multi-Template Analysis Of Human Perirhinal Cortex In Brain Mri: Explicitly Accounting For Anatomical Variability, Long Xie

Theses and Dissertations from 2017

Translational Machine Learning For Epilepsy Therapy, Steven Nicholas Baldassano

Design And Synthesis Of Gold Nanoparticle Contrast Agents For Atherosclerosis Imaging With Computed Tomography, Peter Chhour

Longitudinal Studies Of Caenorhabditis Elegans Aging And Behavior Using A Microfabricated Multi-Well Device, Matthew Alexander Churgin

Engineering Complex Microenvironments To Manipulate And Study Cellular Mechanobiology, Brian Cosgrove

Structural Adaptations Of The Maternal Skeleton In Response To Reproduction And Lactation, Chantal M.j. De Bakker

Multiscale Mechanical, Structural, And Compositional Response Of Tendon To Static And Dynamic Loading During Healing, Benjamin Freedman

Bioinformatics Discovery And Functional Characterization Of Lipid-Binding Lov Photoreceptors, Spencer Glantz

Multi-Cellular And Multi-Scale Approaches For Cartilage Repair, Minwook Kim

Computational Models Of Resection In Drug-Resistant Epilepsy, Lohith Ganesh Kini

Single Cell Molecular Heterogeneity In Musculoskeletal Differentiation, Claire Marie Mcleod

High Throughput And Mechano-Active Platforms To Promote Cartilage Regeneration And Repair, Bhavana Mohanraj

Developing A Preclinical Model Of Human Sunitinib Cardiotoxicity To Assess The Role Of Mechanical Loading Using Engineered Cardiac Microtissues, Rachel Elizabeth Truitt

Regulation Of The Human Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Transcriptome By Extracellular Matrix Stiffness, Christopher Yu

Defining Multi-Scale Relationships Between Biomechanics & Neuronal Dysfunction In Ligament Pain Using Integrated Experimental & Computational Approaches, Sijia Zhang

Theses and Dissertations from 2016

A Postmortem Computational Atlas of the Human Hippocampus, Daniel Henrik Adler

Structural And Functional Analysis Of Engineered Cardiac Tissues In Response To Hypertrophic Growth Factors, Rosa Maria Alvarez Lopez

Cortical Dynamics Underlying Seizure Mapping and Control, Hank Bink

Computational Methods for Analysis of Resting State Functional Connectivity and Their Application to Study of Aging, Harini Eavani

Functional Evaluation of the Peripheral Vasculature Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Erin Kristine Englund

Visualizing Allele Specific Expression In Single Cells, Paul Ginart

Single-Molecule Studies Of tRNA Dynamics During Ongoing Translation, Ryan Jamiolkowski

Integrated Structural And Functional Biomarkers For Neurodegeneration, Benjamin Michael Kandel

Bidirectional Interactions Between Mitochondrial Function and Cell Mechanics, Judith Kandel

Can Vigorous Shaking Cause Extra-Axial Hemorrhage in Newborns? A Detailed Human and Porcine Study., Stephanie Ann Pasquesi

Tensile Mechanics of the Knee Meniscus in the Context of Cracks: Failure and Fracture Mechanisms, Strain Concentrations, and the Effect of Specimen Shape, John Mark Peloquin

Development of Shear-Thinning and Self-Healing Hydrogels Through Guest-Host Interactions for Biomedical Applications, Christopher Blake Rodell

Adventures With Rna Fish For Diagnosing Viral Infections And Exploring Single-Cell Heterogeneity In Cancer, Sydney Shaffe Shaffer

Mining Biomarkers Of Epilepsy From Large-Scale Intracranial Electroencephalography, Hoameng Ung

Theses and Dissertations from 2015

The Performance of Helmet-Based Kinematic Measurement Systems: Importance for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Prevention, Mari Angelica Allison

The Connection of Composition, Structure, and Dynamic Processes to Tendon Mechanics: Structure-Function Relationships in Collagen V Deficient Tendons, Brianne Kathryn Connizzo

Load-Independent And Regional Measures Of Cardiac Function Via Real-Time Mri, Francisco Contijoch

MRI Evaluation of Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Therapy to Attenuate Myocardial Infarct Remodeling, Shauna Marie Dorsey

Nuclear Connectivity in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation and its Role in Mechanotransduction, Tristan Patrick Driscoll

Converting Neuroimaging Big Data to information: Statistical Frameworks for interpretation of Image Driven Biomarkers and Image Driven Disease Subtyping, Bilwaj Krishnanand Gaonkar

Biophysics of Human Neutrophil Haptokinesis, Steven Henry

Differentiation Induces Dynamic Alterations in Mesenchymal Stem Cell Nuclear Architecture and Mechanotransduction, Su Chin Heo

The Biochemical and Biophysical Mechanisms of Macrophage Migration, Laurel Erin Hind

Mapping Functional Architecture in Neocortical Epileptic Networks, Ankit Narendra Khambhati

The Role of Intra-Articular Nerve Growth Factor in Facet-Mediated Pain: Relationships to Spinal BDNF and Neuronal Hyperexcitability, Jeffrey Kras

Biomaterial-Mediated Reprogramming of the Wound Interface to Enhance Meniscal Repair, Feini Qu

Dynamic Assessment of Cerebral Metabolic Rate of Oxygen (cmro2) With Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Zachary Bart Rodgers

Adaptations of the Supraspinatus Tendon and Muscle in a Rat Model of Exercise, Sarah Ilkhanipour Rooney

A Quantitative MRI Protocol for Assessing Matrix and Mineral Densities and Degree of Mineralization of Human Cortical Bone, Alan Charles Seifert

The Role of the Nucleus Pulposus in Human Intervertebral Disc Mechanical Function Quantified by Mechanical Loading and Non-Invasive Imaging, Brent L. Showalter

Defining the Role of Blood-Spinal Cord Barrier Breakdown and Spinal Thrombin Signaling tn the Development of Pain Following Neural Trauma, Jenell Rene Smith

The Effect of Cell Contractility and Packing on Extracellular Matrix and Soft Tissue Rheology, Anne Sofieke Geertruide Van Oosten

The Development, Use, and Optimization of Sortase-Tag Expressed Protein Ligation, Robert Leslie Warden-Rothman

Theses and Dissertations from 2014

Gold and Iron Loaded Micelles: A Multifunctional Approach for Combined Imaging and Therapy, With Improved Pharmacokinetics, Ajlan Al Zaki

Engineered Materials to Measure and Regulate Cell Mechanotransduction, Brandon Lou Blakely

Astrocyte Signaling in Traumatic Brain Injury, YungChia Chen

Development of Spinal Neuronal Hyperexcitability and Structural Plasticity after Cervical Facet Injury: Implications for Modulating Persistent Pain, Nathan Crosby

Effect of Substrate Ligand Presentation on the Motility of Human T-Lymphocytes, George Aaron Dominguez

A Novel Needleless Liquid Jet injection Methodology for Improving Direct Cardiac Gene Delivery: An Optimization of Parameters, Aav Mediated Therapy and investigation of Host Responses in Ischemic Heart Failure, Anthony Samuel Fargnoli

Selection and Evaluation of a Silver Nanoparticle Imaging Agent for Dual-Energy Mammography, Roshan Anuradha Karunamuni

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Short-T2 Tissues with Applications for Quantifying Cortical Bone Water and Myelin, Cheng Li

Temporal Processing in Auditory Perceptual Grouping and Decision-Making, Andrew S. Liu

Engineered Fibrous Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels for Cartilage Repair, Iris K. Marklein

The Role of Scapular Dyskinesis in Rotator Cuff and Biceps Tendon Pathology, Katherine E. Reuther

Modeling Breast Cancer Dormancy and Recurrence Following Oncogenic Pathway Inhibition, Jason Robert Ruth

Regulation of Cell Signaling by Mig6 and Sprouty2 in Cancers With Egfr Mutations, Alice Macdonald Walsh

Theses and Dissertations from 2013

Modeling the Anisotropic Resolution and Noise Properties of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, Raymond Joseph Acciavatti

Notch Signaling and Bone Fracture Healing, Michael I. Dishowitz

Cartilage Tissue Engineering with Heterogeneous and Clonal Mesenchymal Stem Cell Populations: Multi-Scale Analysis of Maturation, Stability, and Response to Environmental Stressors, Megan Jean Farrell

Measuring Transcription Directly From Our Chromosomes, Marshall Levesque

Improving Protein Therapeutics Through Quantitative Molecular Engineering Approaches and A Cell-Based Oral Delivery Platform, Ting Wun Ng

Defining the Role of Mechanical Signals During Nerve Root Compression in the Development of Sustained Pain and Neurophysiological Correlates that Develop in the Injured Tissue and Spinal Cord, Kristen Nicholson

The Impact of Mild Traumatic Brain injury on Neuronal Networks and Neurobehavior, Tapan P. Patel

Injectable Hydrogels for Local Protein Delivery to Engineer Myocardial Remodeling, Brendan Patrick Purcell

Millimeter-Scale Epileptiform Spike Propagation Patterns and Their Relationship to Seizures, Ann Vanleer

Theses and Dissertations from 2012

Engineering Patterns to Study Vascular Biology, Jan Baranski

Development of High Angular Resolution Diffusion Imaging Analysis Paradigms for the Investigation of Neuropathology, Luke Bloy

ICP-MS analysis of lanthanide-doped nanoparticles: A quantitative and multiplexing approach to investigate biodistribution, blood clearance, and targeting, Samuel Crayton

Icp-Ms Analysis of Lanthanide-Doped Nanoparticles: A Quantitative and Multiplexing Approach to Investigate Biodistribution, Blood Clearance, and Targeting, Samuel Henry Crayton

Understanding the Metabolic and Genetic Regulation of Breast Cancer Recurrence Using Magnetic Resonance-Based Integrative Metabolomics, Dania Daye

Dynamics of Endogenous Cardiac Repair and Methods for Enhanced Post-Injury Cell Therapy, Jeremy Alan Elser

Mri Based Quantification of Global Cerebral Metabolism, Varsha Jain

Microscale Measurements of Cell and Tissue Mechanics in Three Dimensions, Wesley Legant

Microscale measurements of cell and tissue mechanics in three dimensions, Wesley R Legant

Spatially and Temporally Controlled Mechanical Signals to Direct Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Behavior, Ross Marklein

Collagen Fiber Re-Alignment and Uncrimping in Response to Loading: Determining Structure-Function Relationships Using a Developmental Tendon Mouse Model, Kristin Suzanne Miller

Development of a High Throughput Assay to Optimize Hematopoietic Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells, Joel Thomas Outten

NMDA Receptor Dysfunction and Development of Translational Biomarkers for Autism and Schizophrenia, John A. Saunders IV

Tunable Acellular Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Systems to Attenuate Left Ventricular Remodeling, Elena Tous

Induction of Cellular Senescence As A Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Melanoma Treatment, Gao Zhang

Theses and Dissertations from 2011

Identification of cell migratory cues by control of microenvironmental adhesion, Ravi Anand Desai

Inflammatory and neuronal mechanisms of facet-mediated pain in the context of neck injury, Ling Dong

Relationships Between Decorin and Biglycan, Structure and Tendon Mechanics Using Mutant Mouse Models, LeAnn Dourte

Chemical and Biological Strategies for Improving the Sensitivity of SPIO-Enhanced MR Imaging, Andrew Elias

Chemical and biological strategies for improving the sensitivity of SPIO-enhanced MR imaging, Andrew Elias

Optimization and Translation of MSC-Based Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels for Cartilage Repair, Isaac E. Erickson

Interplay of Ethanol and Cholesterol in the Neutrophil Membrane: Effects on Membrane and Cell Mechanics and Neutrophil Adhesion., Matthew Jared Furlow

Auditory evoked gamma synchrony: Validating translational biomarkers for schizophrenia and autism, Michael Jeffrey Gandal

Chemical modifications to vesicle forming diblock copolymers: Development of smart functional polymersome membranes, Joshua S Katz

Regulation of TGF-Β1-Induced Apoptosis and Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition by Matrix Rigidity, Jennifer L. Leight

Indirect Detection of Axonal Architecture With Q-Space Imaging, Henry H. Ong

Unveiling the Molecular Mechanisms Regulating the Activation of the ErbB Family Receptors at Atomic Resolution through Molecular Modeling and Simulations, Andrew Shih

Enhancing Meniscus Repair through Biomaterial Design, Lara Ionescu Silverman

An an Vitro and in Silico Investigation of the Role of Nmda Receptor Subtypes Following Mechanical injury, Pallab Singh

Multiscale Modeling of the ErbB Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Signaling Network Through Theory and Experiment, Shannon E. Telesco

Theses and Dissertations from 2010

Development as a new Paradigm for Improved Tendon Healing: A Characterization of Neonatal Tendon Development, Healing During Development and An investigation into Differential Parameters During Accelerated Healing, Heather L. Ansorge

Meniscus Tissue Engineering with Nanofibrous Scaffolds, Brendon M. Baker


Combinatorial Polymer Synthesis and High-Throughput Screening Technology to Identify Optimal Approaches for Mineralized Tissue Engineering, Darren M. Brey

The Development, Characterization and Implementation of a Reactive Oxygen Species-Responsive Ratiometric Bioluminescent Reporter and Its Use As A Sensor for Programmed Cell Death, Julie Czupryna

RAC1-Mediated Actin Cytoskeleton Remodeling and Monolayer Barrier Properties of Stretched Alveolar Epithelial Cells, Brian Christopher DiPaolo

Characterizing Connectivity in Brain Networks Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Jeffrey T. Duda

Enhancing Mesenchymal Stem Cell Chondrogenesis for Cartilage Tissue Engineering, Alice H. Huang

Acellular and Radically Polymerized Biodegradable Materials to Control Tissue Interactions After Myocardial Infarction, Jamie l. Ifkovits

Evaluating the Use of Engineered Nervous Tissue Constructs in the Repair of Peripheral Nerve Lesions and Amputations, Niranjan Kameswaran

Computational Modeling of Protein Kinases: Molecular Basis for Inhibition and Catalysis, Yingting Liu

A Microfabrication Approach to Multicellular Mechanics, Zhijun Liu

Mechanisms of Astrocytic Calcium Wave Propagation and In Vitro Hippocampal Cell Death Are Determined By The Magnitude Of Mechanical Injury, William Miller

Shape Representation in Primate Visual Area 4 and Inferotemporal Cortex, Thomas M. Murphy

Interplay of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Cues in Cell-Fate Decisions, Santhosh Palani

The Role of Altered Loading in Pathological Changes in the Long Head of the Biceps Tendon Following Rotator Cuff Tears in a Rat Model, Cathryn D. Peltz

Integrating Electrophysiological, Mechanical, and Optical Methods to Define the Mechanisms of Painful Facet Joint Injury, Kyle P. Quinn

Regulation of Angiogenesis by Adhesive and Mechanical Cues from the Extracellular Matrix, Colette Shen

Statistical Medial Model dor Cardiac Segmentation and Morphometry, Hui Sun

Mapping Trabecular Bone Fabric Tensor by in Vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Michael J. Wald

Quantitative Molecular MRI of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration, Chenyang Wang

Prediction of Proapoptotic Anticancer Therapeutic Response Based on Visualization of Death Ligand-Receptor Interaction and Specific Marker of Cellular Proliferation, Lanlan Zhou

Theses and Dissertations from 2009

Development and Characterization of Photocrosslinkable Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogels for Cartilage Regeneration, Cindy Chung

Degeneration Affects the Structural and Tissue Mechanics of the Intervertebral Disc, Grace D. O'Connell

Biochemical and Biomechanical Modulation of Nucleus Pulposus Cells Encapsulated in Novel Cellulose-Based Hydrogels, Anna T. Reza

Monitoring of Immune Cell Response to B Cell Depletion Therapy and Nerve Root Injury Using Spio Enhanced MRI, Daniel L. Thorek

Differential Cellular Response to Linear and Strain Stiffening Hydrogel Substrates, Jessamine P. Winer

Theses and Dissertations from 2008

Simulations of neutrophil rolling dynamics and the transition to firm adhesion, Kelly Elizabeth Caputo

Development and application of Tat-near-infrared-emissive polymersomes for in vivo optical imaging of dendritic cells, Natalie Aronson Christian

Dentate gyrus control of perforant path throughput to CA3 in a computational model, Stephen D Cranstoun

Engineering nanoparticle adhesive properties for selective targeting of cardiovascular disease, Jered Brackston Haun

Tendon mechanical properties and measures of shoulder function are altered after multiple tendon detachment in a rat rotator cuff model, Stephanie Perry

Interaction of excitatory and inhibitory synaptic inputs in neurons of the thalamocortical network during normal and pathological brain activity: Computational modeling and dynamic clamp in vitro, Ashlan Paige Reid

Theses and Dissertations from 2007

Identifying transcriptional regulatory modules and networks by integrative approaches, Guang Chen

Mechanics of head impact in infants, Brittany Coats

Herem in Biblical law and narrative, Mina Glick

Quantitative regional assessment of pulmonary parenchymal dynamics using image registration and analysis techniques, Tessa A Sundaram

Magnetic resonance studies of architecture and composition of bone, Aranee Techawiboonwong

Nanoscale particle binding in silico: HIV docking and multivalent recruitment under flow, Andrew Daniel Trister

Biophysical mechanisms for precise temporal signaling in the auditory system, John H. Wittig

ERK activation by integrin-mediated adhesion: A computational and experimental study, Ka Lai Yee

Theses and Dissertations from 2006

Circuit integration of afferent inputs in the hippocampus and its dysfunction in temporal lobe epilepsy, Chyze-Whee Ang

Learning in silicon: A neuromorphic model of the hippocampus, John Vernon Arthur

Perception of biological motion by intermediate-level motion features, Sandhitsu Das

Induction of osteoblastic proliferation and phenotype development with fibroblast growth factor 2: A kinetic and tissue culture evaluation of in vitro response in two and three dimensions, Melissa A Dupree

Molecular identity and hypercholesterolemia modulation of inwardly-rectifying potassium channels in endothelial cells, Yun Fang

Scarless healing in the fetus: Implications and strategies for postnatal tendon repair, Michele Favata

Effects of extracellular matrix compliance on cell morphology and function: Applications to the liver and central nervous system, Penelope Georges

Emissive polymer vesicles: Soft nanoscale probes for in vivo optical imaging, Paiman Peter Ghoroghchian

Nucleus pulposus degeneration and its role in intervertebral disc mechanical function, Wade Johannessen

Simulation of neutrophil adhesion under flow and the transition from rolling to firm adhesion, Ellen F Krasik

The combined effects of transmural pressure and axial strain on arterial remodeling ex vivo, Amanda Renee Lawrence

Synergistic hybrid image segmentation: Combining model and image-based strategies, Jiamin Liu

A silicon model of the primary visual cortex: Representing features through stochastic variations, Paul A Merolla

Dexamethasone -spermine as a local drug and gene delivery vehicle for improved pulmonary gene therapy, Amber Price

Traction forces exerted by endothelial cells on deformable substrates, Cynthia A Reinhart-King

Modeling the nonlinear active cochlea: Mathematics and analog VLSI, Bo Wen

Biomolecular localization: Applications in tissue engineering, William John Znidarsic

Theses and Dissertations from 2005

Polymersomes: From controlled release to anti-cancer, Fariyal Ahmed

Shape optimizing diffeomorphisms for medical image analysis, Brian B Avants

The role of cell kinematics and the N-methyl D-aspartate receptor in apoptosis and necrosis in the in vitro hippocampus following mechanical injury, Michael N DeRidder

Neutrophil adhesion dynamics during flow, Kathryn E Edmondson

Multi-component solution phase reaction microarrays for proteomic applications, Dhaval Gosalia

A nonlinear anisotropic continuum model of human annulus fibrosus mechanical behavior, Heather Anne Lynch Guerin

T channel dynamics in a silicon LGN, Kai Michael Hynna

Optimization of surface -immobilized peptide/protein presentation for control of the biological activity of substrates for tissue engineering applications, Mark H Lee

A novel device to measure long-term oxygen therapy use: Design and application for identifying adherence patterns, Sun-Kai Lin

Self -organizing neuromorphic systems with silicon growth cones, Brian Seisho Taba

Quantitative spin -lock magnetic resonance imaging: Technical development and biomedical applications, Andrew James Wheaton

Theses and Dissertations from 2004

Indirect detection of biological tissue microstructure by nuclear magnetic resonance microscopy, Chih-Liang Chin

Mechanisms and means of sodium ion-potassium ion-ATPase activation during alveolar epithelial stretch, Jacob Lee Fisher

Investigation of the mechanical and biochemical stimuli of physiological and pathological remodeling in porcine saphenous veins ex vivo, Rebecca Jean Gusic Shaffer

Anti -inflammatory effects of hemodynamic shear stress: Roles for the glucocorticoid receptor and nitric oxide, Julie Ying Hui Ji

Development and utilization of a transgenic mouse injury model to investigate the role of interleukin-4 and interleukin-6 in tendon healing, Tony W Lin

Generalized scale: Theory, algorithms, and applications in image analysis, Anant Madabhushi

Probing the mechano-chemical transduction mechanism of skeletal muscle myosin II using a feedback enhanced optical trap, Yasuharu Takagi

Tissue engineering: Mechanical biological effects and functional reconstruction goals, Jun Yao

Airflow and odorant transport in the human nose: Implications for olfaction, Kai Zhao

Theses and Dissertations from 2003

Experimental and computational studies of selectin -mediated leukocyte adhesion, Sujata Kumari Bhatia

Automated analysis of determinants of wavefront propagation and block during fibrillatory conduction in the rabbit heart: A study using high resolution laser imaging and stereoscopic shape reconstruction, Robert Thomas Bove

Stretch -induced pulmonary alveolar epithelial barrier dysfunction, Kenneth Joseph Cavanaugh

Integration of the Gibbs prior model, the marching cubes method and the deformable model in medical image segmentation, Ting Chen

Contrast enhancement for diffuse optical spectroscopy and imaging: Phase cancellation and targeted fluorescence in cancer detection, Yu Chen

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of endothelial cells in microvascular networks, Alisha Lilly Sieminski

Theses and Dissertations from 2002

Bone tissue engineering in a rotating bioreactor: A quantitative approach, Edward Andrew Botchwey

Visualization and extraction of structural components from reconstructed volumes, Edgar Nat Garduno Angeles

In vivo magnetic resonance-based virtual bone biopsy, Bryon Roos Gomberg

Cationic corticosteroids for gene delivery and as controlled release antiinflammatory agents, Jeffrey Alan Miner Gruneich

Initiation and propagation of mechanically induced neuronal injury, Theresa Ann Gnade Lusardi

Biomechanics of traumatic brain injury in the infant, Michael Thomas Prange

Indirect oxygen-17 magnetic resonance imaging of cerebral blood flow and oxidative metabolism, Dharmesh Ratilal Tailor

From the Philadelphia chromosome to the cytoskeleton: The role of BCR -ABL in modulating cell adhesion and initiating leukemia, Jason Albert Wertheim

Theses and Dissertations from 1996

Applications of the single path convection diffusion model of the human respiratory system, Joseph Daren Neff

Theses and Dissertations from 1995

Modeling retinal microcircuits for ganglion cells of different size, Christian K Kier

Theses and Dissertations from 1994

The biomechanics of the spinal cord during traumatic spinal cord injury, Lynne Eckert Bilston

Theses and Dissertations from 1993

Modeling and analysis of a sodium ion selective membrane, Jay Kevin Bass

Theses and Dissertations from 1992

Comparative rheological studies of the vitreous body of the eye, Belinda Lee

Catheter ablation of the heart using microwave energy, Mark Steven Mirotznik

Influence of airway structure on gas expirograms, Jeffrey D Schwardt

Large-transducer measurements of ultrasonic wavefront distortion in the female breast, Qing Zhu

Theses and Dissertations from 1991

Numerical modelling of respiratory and inert gas exchange in healthy human lungs, Sherif R Gobran

Triiodothyronine binding in the adult rat brain: A compartmental model approach, Monika Brigitte Schoenhoff

The dielectric properties of tissues, Susan Rae Smith-Baish

Theses and Dissertations from 1990

An interfacial approach to the mechanisms of passive dissolution of titanium in biological environments, Kevin Edward Healy

Theses and Dissertations from 1987


A study of tree adjoining grammars, K Vijayashanker

Theses and Dissertations from 1983



Theses and Dissertations from 1982



Theses and Dissertations from 1981



Theses and Dissertations from 1978