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January 1979

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Education's Lasting Influence on Values

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The evidence on enduring effects of education is provided by 151 discrete questions from American national surveys conducted between 1949 and 1975, which implicated various values in diverse situations. Since the influence of education on each item is examined separately for each of four age cohorts, our detailed findings involve 600 sets of comparisons of values across a series of educational levels. As in the first study, which involved more than a thousand sets of comparisons of knowledge by educational levels, the presentation of such massive evidence creates a dilemma. Compression and condensation are essential to protect the reader from drowning in the ocean of data, but it is also essential to present enough detail to demonstrate the stability of the findings with replicated items and surveys and to show the variations in the patterning of effects on different values, in different situational contexts, for groups educated in different periods, and with aging.



Date Posted: 11 March 2008