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Critical Studies in Media Commercialism

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Intense commercialism has been a perennial hallmark of the mass media ever since its inception and throughout the twentieth century the techniques and strategies of the dominant players in the world of media and advertising have become increasingly sophisticated, with the development of multinational media corporations and electronic media opportunities. Developments have been so rapid that scholars are only now beginning to come to terms with the full impact of media commercialization as a global phenomenon cutting across traditional cultural, economic, and social boundaries.

Critical Studies in Media Commercialism brings together an impressive collection of essays that explore the growing complexity, range, and reach of media commercialism in today's world. From the corporate conglomeration of today's media giants to the effects of advertising on politics, society, and the individual, this collection provides a comprehensive and insightful critique of both the impact and the limits of media commercialism in the modern world.

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Date Posted: 29 June 2015