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Review of Frames Of Remembrance: The Dynamics of Collective Memory, by Iwona Irwin-Zarecka

Barbie Zelizer, University of Pennsylvania

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Zelizer, Barbie. Review of Frames of Remembrance (I.Irwin-Zarecka, Transaction, 1994) for Contemporary Sociology. May 1995, 402-403.

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Why are we compelled by the past? What does it mean to remember? How do memories live on in the present? These are some of the questions that Iwona Irwin-Zarecka tackles in her enthralling book Frames of Remembrance: The Dynamics of Collective Memory. The task that Irwin-Zarecka has taken on herself is no slight one. In over 200 pages of text, she travels a wide range of theoretical issues, yet remains grounded via a persistent consideration of why her travels might matter. Frames of Remembrance thus progresses as an enterprise motivated by dual concerns, asking not only how collective memory works but also why we should care enough to study it.


Date Posted: 03 June 2010