Document Type

Thesis or dissertation

Date of this Version

Spring 4-24-2020

Thesis Advisor

Dr. Katherine Moore


ceramics, Middle Kingdom, functional analysis, Abydos Egypt, Senwosret III, archaeology


Archaeological research on the mortuary monuments of Senwosret III has centered on using architectural cues to determine the king’s final resting place. There has not yet been a study focusing wholly on material culture to discuss the ritual actions taking place around these monuments. Recent excavations at Senwosret III’s tomb complex at South Abydos has uncovered a pottery assemblage that provides an opportunity for functional analyses of the ceramics and allows for elucidation of funerary cult activity associated with the tomb. In this paper, I first provide a typological outline and chronology of this corpus based on morphological characters, followed by functional interpretations using type studies, depositional observations, and surface analysis of eight vessel types. Based on these analyses, I offer a new interpretation of the Senwosret III Abydos tomb complex, including cultic activity related to purification and offering rituals occurring periodically from Dynasty 12 into Dynasty 13.

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Anthropology Commons



Date Posted: 22 June 2020


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