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Thesis or dissertation

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Spring 4-24-2020

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Dr. Simon Martin


cultural anthropology, archaeology, maya, copan, honduras


Located in Honduras, Copan is one of the most studied Maya cities. Copan Altar Q in particular helped Mayanists to understand the lineage of the city's sixteen kings from the lineage's Founder K'inich Yax K'uk' Mo' to Yax Pasaj Chan Yopaat. This thesis project delves into an assortment of the monuments and depictions of the Classic Period - roughly 426 - 822 - kings to pursue the narrative trends and motifs through their reign. Through the website format, this project allows the user to follow the links between monuments, structures, biographies of kings, and glossaries to put these narratives into conversation with each other. The introductory essay provides an explanation into the process and reasoning behind the website development process before providing a brief overview of content. The Appendix contains a copy of the content pages from the website.

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Anthropology Commons



Date Posted: 22 June 2020


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