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  • Academic technology transfer is a rigorous process that involves many different constitu­encies within the university with different perspectives and interests. Aligning those interests is crucial to a successful transfer of inventions that ultimately result in commercialization of value-added products and services.

  • Individuals within universities should leverage the technology transfer office’s (TTO) resources and advice as early as when the idea was originally conceived. TTOs can help move the innovation process forward and keep track of progress to guide the next point of inflection.

  • In building relationships throughout the technology transfer process, inventor(s) must understand the terms and policies involved. Starting with the TTO, they must pay careful attention to the university’s intellectual property (IP) policies.

  • When dealing with outside companies, investors must negotiate the terms carefully to make sure that every party has their interests aligned. The TTO would be of valuable help in conducting negotiations to achieve this. In addition, they can be a link to other internal and external resources, including investment capital and mentoring that can help the academic entrepreneur commercialize their innovation.

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