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The Regional Centre for Strategic Studies (RCSS) is a South Asian regional think tank, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Established in 1993, it is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization which encourages research, dialogue, and deliberation on a broad range of conventional and non-conventional sources of conflict. The RCSS enables scholars and other professionals to address, individually and collectively, problems and issues of topical interest for all South Asian countries. It strives to be a leading regional institute that initiates, coordinates and supports research and learning on South Asian strategic and security issues.

RCSS has several key objectives. These are:

  • To sponsor, coordinate, and support research on South Asianstrategic, security, and environmental issues.
  • To promote interaction among scholars and professionals inthe region and beyond who are engaged in South Asianstudies.
  • To foster linkages and collaboration among institutionsfocusing on studies and activities related to conflict, conflicttransformation, and regional cooperation in South Asia.
  • To encourage a new generation of analysts and commenta-tors to generate fresh ideas and perspectives on the securitydiscourse in the region.

The activities of the RCSS are planned, designed and implemented under the supervision of the International Research Committee (IRC), drawn from South Asian countries and outside the region while the administrative and financial matters are overseen by the Board of Directors of RCSS.


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Regional Center for Strategic Studies