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Submissions from 2016

Designing a Positive Psychology Course for Lawyers, R. Lisle Baker

Strengths at Work – Creating a Strengths-Based Performance Development Process, Katharina Gerhardt

Two Principles and an Ant Colony: An Evidence-Based Guide to Building a Flourishing Company, Michael A. Hayes

Papers from 2015


SEMEAR Project: Planting Seeds for a Better and More Virtuous World, Flora Regina da Silva M.A.

Submissions from 2013


Character Education: A Role for Literature in Cultivating Character Strengths in Adolescence, Emily Fitzsimons

Building Wellbeing Through Corporations, One Executive at a Time: Positive Psychology Executive Education, Rosie Hancock


What Positive Psychologists and Mormons Can Learn From Each Other, Elisa V. Hunter

Interventions to Cultivate Physician Empathy: A Systematic Review, Zak Kelm

Submissions from 2012


Positive Psychology and Work-Life Integration: The Mutually Satisfying Relationship, Katie Comtois


Blending The Roots and Rhythm of Tai Chi With Positive Psychology: A Handbook, Justin Gruver

Submissions from 2011


From Coach to Positive Psychology Coach, Peter Berridge

Submissions from 2009

Positive Psychology Portal: A Website With Video, Audio and Written Resources, Ebbe Lavendt

Submissions from 2007


Enhancing the Well-Being of Incarcerated Females: A Pilot Study, Sandy Lewis