Submissions from 2016

Strengths at Work – Creating a Strengths-Based Performance Development Process, Katharina Gerhardt

Purposeful Resilience in Strengths & Mindfulness (PRISM): A Skill-Building Workbook to Increase Purpose-Oriented Resilience, Cypress Walker

Papers from 2015


SEMEAR Project: Planting Seeds for a Better and More Virtuous World, Flora Regina da Silva M.A.


Walking Their Talk: The Role of the Body in Effective, Positive Leadership, LeeAnn M. Mallorie


Learning from Health Care Exemplars: How The Best Produce Extraordinary Results, Donna M. Payne


Learning From Health Care Exemplars: How the Best Produce Extraordinary Results, Donna M. Payne


What are Coaches Afraid of? An Exploration of Courage and the Path to Coaching Mastery, Joshua Steinfeldt


Practical Wisdom and the Pursuit of the Good in the Good Life, Daniel Torrance

Submissions from 2014


Strengths Building, Resilience, and the Bible: A Story-Based Curriculum for Adolescents Around the World, Dana McDaniel Seale


The Silver Realigning: How Baby Boomers Can Become More Positive and Find New Meaning After Losing Their Jobs, Patrick Sweeney


Acting Strengths: The Development of Resilience and Character Strengths in Actors, Laura Taylor

Submissions from 2013


Flourishing Mothers: A Positive Psychology-Based Coaching Strategy for Women, Brooke Booth

The Positive Performance Appraisal, Emily Brolsma


Character Education: A Role for Literature in Cultivating Character Strengths in Adolescence, Emily Fitzsimons

Above and Beyond Perseverance: An Exploration of Sisu, Emilia Lahti


Positive Recovery, Jason ZW Powers

Submissions from 2012

Well-Being at Work: An Engineer Short Circuits Workplace Dysfunction, Thomas Heffner

Inner Compass — Book Proposal, Yosef Lynn

Papers from 2010


The Hero Pledge: A Public Engagement Initiative of the Heroic Imagination Project, Zuzana Žilková

Submissions from 2009

Character Strengths of Entrepreneurs, Peter R. Worrell

Submissions from 2008

Lessons From the Lake: Positive Psychology and Wilderness Experience, Bright Dickson

The Positive Relationships Between Yearbook Quotes, Yearbook Photos, and Alumni Giving: Social Connection and Gratitude as Long Term Enhancers of Generosity, Arthur Fullerton


Exploring the Character Strengths of an Oral Tradition: Vanuatu Through Analysis of Its Archived Oral Legends, Virginia U. Millar

Strengths Discovery in Children: How the Process of Identifying One’s Strengths Can Become a Positive Intervention, Denise Quinlan

Submissions from 2006

Character Strengths and Type: Exploration of Covariation, Kathryn H. Britton


Building a Foundation for Positive Psychology in Schools, Sherri W. Fisher