International Relations Program

International Relations Program

The International Relations major is a multi-disciplinary course of study on the ways in which people, private groups, and governments from differing sovereign states relate to each other in the global political and economic systems. States are inevitably a main focus of IR analysis, but the emergence of non-state actors, such as international organizations, multinational corporations, and private groups ranging from religious and peace groups to terrorist organizations are important features of our time. Likewise, the military and economic power of states is inevitably a main focus of IR analysis, but not to the exclusion of cultural interactions, or the broader environment of politics as defined by patterns of population, wealth, resources and technology. In short, we want to encourage imaginative, but hardheaded study of the intercourse among governments and people around the world. Our plan for achieving this goal is twofold: first, to insist that our majors receive a firm grounding in the methods of analysis used in the disciplines of political science, history, and economics; second, to provide them maximum flexibility later on to specialize in disciplines and areas of the world of their own choosing. This curriculum if assiduously pursued, offers well-rounded liberal arts education valuable in all walks of life. But it is also designed to prepare students for law or business school, graduate school in the social sciences, the Foreign Service, and international careers of all sorts.


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