Departmental Papers (History of Art)

The Department of the History of Art is a small organization with a large mission and a long list of accomplishments. At home at the center of campus in the Jaffe History of Art Building, we are located at both a physical and a virtual crossroads for Penn's vibrant community of students and teachers. The temporal span of our department's work is the whole history of human expression in the visual arts, and our geographic range is almost the entire world. This collections contains works from the History of Art faculty.


Papers from 2016


The Handwritten and the Printed: Issues of Format and Medium in Japanese Premodern Books, Linda H. Chance and Julie Nelson Davis

Papers from 2012


Animation, Abstraction, Sampling: Kota Ezawa in Conversation with Karen Beckman, Karen Beckman

Papers from 1999


A Byzantine Chapel at Didymoteicho and its Frescoes, Robert G. Ousterhout

Papers from 1998


Reconstructing ninth-century Constantinople, Robert G. Ousterhout

Papers from 1996


Building Medieval Constantinople, Robert G. Ousterhout

Papers from 1985


The Byzantine Church at Enez: Problems in Twelfth-Century Architecture, Robert G. Ousterhout