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Educational Foundations

Seven Trends: The Transformation of the Teaching Force, Richard Ingersoll and Lisa Merrill

Working the Crevices: Granting Students Authority in Authoritarian Schools, Joan F. Goodman, Jessica Hoagland, Nadel Pierre-Toussaint, Celeste Rodriguez, and Christina Sanabria

The Objectification of Identity Across Events, Stanton Wortham

Linguistic Anthropology of Education, Stanton Wortham

Shifting Identities in the Classroom, Stanton Wortham

Linguistic Anthropology, Stanton Wortham

Educational Constructionisms, Stanton Wortham and Kara Jackson

Swept Under the Rug? A Historiography of Gender and Black Colleges, MaryBeth Gasman

Listening beyond the self: How organizations create direct involvement, Alexandra Michel and Stanton Wortham

Scientifically Debased Research on Learning, 1854-2006, Ray McDermott and Kathleen D. Hall

Reflections on the Field: Scientifically Debased Research on Learning, 1854–2006, Ray McDermott and Kathleen D. Hall

Civic Virtue Out of Necessity: Patriotism and Democratic Education, Sigal R. Ben-Porath

Feedback (F) Fueling Adaptation (A) Network Growth (N) and Self-Organization (S): A Complex Systems Design and Evaluation Approach to Professional Development, Susan A. Yoon and Eric Klopfer

Final Report for the Success of African American Students (SAAS) in Independent Schools project, Edith G. Arrington and Howard C. Stevenson Jr.

Self/Knowledge - Chapter One, Stanton Wortham

School Discipline in Moral Disarray, Joan F. Goodman

The impact of classroom aggression on the development of aggressive behavior problems in children, Duane Thomas

Until All Of Us Are Home: The Process of Leadership at Project H.O.M.E., Kathleen D. Hall

Until All Of Us Are Home: The Process of Leadership at Project H.O.M.E. A Leadership for a Changing World Collaborative Ethnography, Kathleen D. Hall

Review of Ron Scollon and Suzie Wong Scollon, Nexus Analysis: Discourse and the Emerging Internet, Stanton Wortham

Out of Disaster Comes Opportunity: Initial Lessons from Teacher Mentoring in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Joy Lesnick and Katherine Schultz

Urban Fathers Positioning Themselves through Narrative: An Approach to Narrative Self-Construction, Stanton Wortham and Vivian Gadsden

Beyond Decontextualisation and Cynicism, Stanton Wortham

Using Palm Technology in Participatory Simulations of Complex Systems: A New Take on Ubiquitous and Accessible Mobile Computing, Eric Klopfer, Susan A. Yoon, and Judy Perry

Consuming Globalization: Youth and Gender in Kerala, India, Ritty Lukose

Social Identification Beyond the Speech Event, Stanton Wortham

Rethinking Parent Involvement: African American Mothers Construct their Roles in the Mathematics Education of their Children, Kara Jackson and Janine Remillard

Socialization Beyond the Speech Event, Stanton Wortham

Electoral Deliberation and Public Journalism, Michelle Charles, Chris Satullo, and Harris Sokoloff

Deliberative City Planning on the Philadelphia Waterfront, Harris Sokoloff and Harris M. Steinberg

Science, Globalization, and Educational Governance: The Political Rationalities of the New Managerialism, Kathleen D. Hall

Taking Positive Steps, Charles E. Dwyer

The Ethnography of Imagined Communities: The Cultural Production of Sikh Ethnicity in Britain, Kathleen D. Hall

The Interdependence of Social Identification and Learning, Stanton Wortham

Social Identification Beyond the Speech Event,

From Good Student to Outcast: The Emergence of a Classroom Identity , Stanton Wortham

Complexities in "Similarity" in Research Interviewing: A Case of Interviewing Urban Fathers, Stanton Wortham and Vivian Gadsden

Do Universities Have a Role in Managing Public Schools: Lessons from the Penn Partnership Schools, Nancy W. Streim and Jeanne Min Vissa

Psychosocial Development in Racially and Ethnically Diverse Youth: Conceptual and Methodological Challenges in the 21st Century, Dena Phillips Swanson, Margaret Beale Spencer, Vinay Harpalani, Davido Dupree, Elizabeth Noll, Sofia Ginzburg, and Gregory Seaton

Situated Identities of Young, African American Fathers in Low-Income Urban Settings, Vivian Gadsden, Stanton Wortham, and Herbert M. Turner III

Radicalizing Democratic Education: Unity and Dissent in Wartime, Sigal R. Ben-Porath

Accomplishing Identity in Participant-Denoting Discourse, Stanton Wortham

Learning in Education, Stanton Wortham

Linguistic anthropology of education: An Introduction, Stanton Wortham

Clearing Away the Self, A. Alexandra Michel and Stanton Wortham

Wrestling with Destiny: The Cultural Socialization of Anger and Healing in African American Males, Howard C. Stevenson Jr.

Spatiotemporal Fluidity and Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in the Latino Diaspora, Stanton Wortham and Margaret Contreras

Society's Values, Fears Support Health Care's Noble Cause, Charles E. Dwyer

Struggling Toward Culturally Relevant Pedagogy in the Latino Diaspora, Stanton Wortham and Margaret Contreras

Locating Literacy Theory in Out-of School Contexts, Katherine Schultz and Glynda Hull

Connecting Schools with Out-of-School Worlds, Glynda Hull and Katherine Schultz

Gender and School Success in the Latino Diaspora, Stanton Wortham

Changing Behaviors to Build Better Physician/Patient Relationships, Charles E. Dwyer

Students and Teachers as Novelists, Stanton Wortham

Ventriloquating Shakespeare: Ethical Positioning in Classroom Literature Discussions, Stanton Wortham

Language Ideology and Educational Research, Stanton Wortham

Review of Jean Quigley, The Grammar of Autobiography: A Developmental Account, Stanton Wortham

Review of Michael Billig, Freudian Repression, Stanton Wortham

Review of James Wilce, Eloquence in Trouble, Stanton Wortham

The Interdependence of Representation and Action, Stanton Wortham

Representation and Enactment in Autobiographical Narrative, Stanton Wortham

Interactionally Situated Cognition: A Classroom Example, Stanton Wortham

Education and Policy in the New Latin Diaspora, Edmund T. Hammond, Stanton Wortham, and Enrique J. Murillo Jr

Narrating the Self, Stanton Wortham

Review of Michele Knobel, Everyday Literacies: Students, Discourse, and Social Practice, Stanton Wortham

Video, Politics, and Applied Semiotics: Constructing Meaning from Broadcast News, Stanton Wortham

Interactional Positioning and Narrative Self-Construction, Stanton Wortham

Review of Bambi Schieffelin, Kathryn Woolard, and Paul Kroskrity, Language Ideologies: Practice and Theory, Stanton Wortham

More on the Dance of Anger, Charles E. Dwyer

Embedded Metapragmatics and Lying Politicians, Stanton Wortham and Michael Locher

The Heterogeneously Distributed Self, Stanton Wortham

Review of Robert W. Rieber and Aaron S. Carton, Collected works of L.S. Vygotsky, Volumes 3 and 4, Stanton Wortham

Knowledge and Action in Classroom Practice: A Dialogic Approach, Stanton Wortham

Review of K. Nelson, Language in Cognitive Development, Stanton Wortham

A Phenomenological Variant of Ecological Systems Theory (PVEST): A self-organization perspective in context, Margaret Beale Spencer, Davido Dupree, and Tracey Hartmann

Denotationally cued interactional events: A special case, Stanton Wortham

Reviews of Rom Harré and Grant Gillett, The Discursive Mind, and James P. Gee, The Social Mind, Stanton Wortham

Between School and Work: The Literacies of Urban Adolescent Females, Katherine Schultz

Young African American and Latino Children in High-Poverty Urban Schools: How They Perceive School Climate, Diana Slaughter-Defoe and Karen Glinert-Carson

Voicing on the News: An Analytic Technique for Studying Media Bias, Stanton Wortham and Michael Locher

The Times, They Are a Changin', Charles E. Dwyer

Mapping Deictics: A Technique for Discovering Teachers' Footing, Stanton Wortham

Are Constructs Personal?, Stanton Wortham

Review of John Lucy, Language Diversity and Thought, Stanton Wortham

Experiencing the Great Books, Stanton Wortham

The Cast of the News, Michael A. Locher and Stanton Wortham

Parental Education Choice: Some African American Dilemmas, Diana Slaughter-Defoe

Higher Education

Understanding High School Students' Willingness to Borrow to Pay College Prices, Laura W. Perna

Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Recent Trends (2007), MaryBeth Gasman, Benjamin Baez, Noah D. Drezner, Katherine V. Sedgwick, Christopher Tudico, and Julie M. Schmid

The Rise and Fall of the Spellings Commission, Robert M. Zemsky

Who's Biased Now?, MaryBeth Gasman

Mission Statements: A Thematic Analysis of Rhetoric Across International Type, Christopher C. Morphew and Matthew Hartley

Salvaging "Academic Disaster Areas": The Black College Response to Christopher Jencks and David Riesman's 1967 Harvard Educational Review Article, Marybeth Gasman

College Affordability: Implications for College Opportunity, Laura W. Perna and Chunyan Li

The Relationship Between Parental Involvement as Social Capital and College Enrollment: An Examination of Racial/Ethnic Group Differences, Laura W. Perna and Marvin A. Titus

The Endless Good Argument : The Adaptation of Mission at Two Liberal Arts Colleges, Matthew Hartley and Lawrence Schall

Towards a New Compact for University Education in Ontario, Ronald Daniels and Michael J. Trebilcock

The Role of Faculty Fund-Raising at Black Colleges: What It Is and What It Can Become, MaryBeth Gasman

Understanding the Decision to Enroll in Graduate School: Sex and Racial/Ethnic Group Differences, Laura W. Perna

The Promise and Peril of Parallel Governance Structures, Matthew Hartley

A Renaissance on the Eastside: Motivating Inner-City Youth Through Art, MaryBeth Gasman and Sibby Anderson-Thompkins

The Relationship Between Family Responsibilities and Employment Status Among College and University Faculty, Laura W. Perna

Charles S. Johnson and Johnnetta Cole: Successful Role Models for Fund-raising at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, MaryBeth Gasman

Language and Literacy

The Objectification of Identity Across Events, Stanton Wortham

At Last: Practitioner Inquiry and the Practice of Teaching: Some Thoughts on Better, Susan L. Lytle

The Relationship between Mass Media and Classroom Discourse, Betsy R. Rymes

Linguistic Anthropology of Education, Stanton Wortham

Biliteracy, transnationalism, multimodality, and identity:Trajectories across time and space, Nancy H. Hornberger

How Are Nonnative-English-Speaking Teachers Perceived by Young Learners?, Yuko G. Butler

Temporal Landscapes of Morality in Narrative: Student Evaluation in a Thai Parent-Teacher Conference, Kathryn M. Howard

A Unique Visual and Literary Art Form: Recent Research on Picturebooks, Carol Driggs Wolfenbarger and Lawrence Sipe

Picturebook Endpapers: Resources for Literary and Aesthetic Interpretation, Lawrence Sipe and Caroline E. McGuire

INFORMATION GAP TASKS: Their Multiple Roles and Contributions to Interaction Research Methodology, Teresa Pica, Hyun-Sook Kang, and Shannon Sauro

Discursive Approaches to Understanding Teacher Collaboration: Policy into Practice, Nancy H. Hornberger

Voice and Biliteracy in Indigenous Language Revitalization: Contentious educational practices in Quechua, Guarani, and Maori contexts, Nancy H. Hornberger

Heritage/Community Language Education: US and Australian Perspectives, Nancy H. Hornberger

Second Language Acquisition Research and Applied Linguistics, Teresa Pica

The Continua of Biliteracy and the Bilingual Educator: Educational Linguistics in Practice, Nancy H. Hornberger

Second Language Learners' Theories on the Use of English Articles: An Analysis of the Metalinguistic Knowledge Used by Japanese Students in Acquiring the English Article System., Yuko Goto Butler

Subject-Matter Content: How does it Assist the Interactional and Linguistic Needs of Classroom Language Learners?, Teresa Pica

Relating Word to World: Indexicality During Literacy Events, Betsy R. Rymes

School in the City, Betsy R. Rymes

Authenticity and Unification in Quechua Language Planning, Nancy H. Hornberger and Kendall A. King

Language Revitalisation in the Andes: Can the Schools Reverse Language Shift?, Nancy H. Hornberger and Kendall A. King

Escrituralidad, preservación de la lengua y derechos humanos lingüísticos: tres casos ilustrativos, Nancy H. Hornberger

Policy and Administration

Seven Trends: The Transformation of the Teaching Force, Richard Ingersoll and Lisa Merrill

From Policy to Practice: Implementation of the Legislative Objectives of Charter Schools, Katherine M Barghaus and Erling E. Boe

The Impact of Induction and Mentoring Programs for Beginning Teachers: A Critical Review of the Research, Richard Ingersoll and Michael Strong

The Enduring Appeal of Community Schools, Lee Benson, Ira Harkavy, Michael C. Johanek, and John Puckett

Developing Academic Strategic Alliances: Reconciling Multiple Institutional Cultures, Policies, and Practices, Peter D. Eckel and Matthew Hartley

Contextual Influences on Parental Involvement in College Going: Variations by Socioeconomic Class, Heather T. Rowan-Kenyon, Angela D. Bell, and Laura W. Perna

Teacher Turnover: Examining Exit Attrition, Teaching Area Transfer, and School Migration, Ed Boe, Lynne H. Cook, and Robert J. Sunderland

Why We Partner with Teach for America: Changing the Conversation, Mari Koerner, Douglas E. Lynch, and Shane Martin

A Typology of Federal and State Programs Designed to Promote College Enrollment, Laura W. Perna, Heather Rowan-Kenyon, Angela Bell, Scott Thomas, and Chunyan Li

Review of Francine Rusan Wilson, The Segregated Scholars: Black Social Scientists and the Creation of Black Labor Studies, 1890-1950, MaryBeth Gasman

Are They Not All the Same? Racial Heterogeneity Among Black Male Undergraduates, Shaun R. Harper and Andrew H. Nichols

The Rain Man Cometh - Again, Robert M. Zemsky

A Researcher Encounters The Policy Realm: A Personal Tale, Richard Ingersoll

An Investigation of Classroom Situational Dimensions of Emotional and Behavioral Adjustment and Cognitive and Social Outcomes for Head Start Children, Rebecca J. Bulotsky-Shearer, John Fantuzzo, and Paul A. McDermott

“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”: The Role of Social Capital in Promoting Academic Success for African American Men at a Black College, MaryBeth Gasman and Robert Palmer

Researcher Meets the Policy Realm: A Personal Account, Richard Ingersoll

Short on Power, Long on Responsibility, Richard Ingersoll

National Trends in the Sources of Supply of Teachers in Special and General Education, Lynne H. Cook and Ed Boe

Children’s Direct Exposure to Types of Domestic Violence Crime: A Population-based Investigation, John Fantuzzo and Rachel Fusco

Student Organizations as Venues for Black Identity Expression and Development among African American Male Student Leaders, Shaun R. Harper and Stephen John Quaye

A Comparative Study of Teacher Preparation and Qualifications in Six Nations, Richard Ingersoll

Investigation of Dimensions of Social-Emotional Classroom Behavior and School Readiness for Low-Income Urban Preschool Children, John Fantuzzo, Rebecca Bulotsky-Shearer, Paul McDermott, Christine McWayne, Douglas Frye, and Staci Perlman

Reconceptualizing Reactive Policy Responses to Black Male College Achievement: Implications from a National Study, Shaun R. Harper

Long-Term Trends in the National Demand, Supply, and Shortage of Special Education Teachers, Ed Boe

Peer Support for African American Male College Achievement: Beyond Internalized Racism and the Burden of "Acting White", Shaun R. Harper

The Chronic and Increasing Shortage of Fully Certified Teachers in Special and General Education, Erling E. Boe and Lynne H. Cook

An Extreme Degree of Difficulty: The Educational Demographics of Urban Neighborhood High Schools, Ruth C. Nield and Robert Balfanz

Profiling a New Breed of Learning Executive, Brenda Sugrue and Douglas E. Lynch

Is There Really a Shortage of Mathematics and Science Teachers?, Richard Ingersoll

NYU and JetBlue: Partnerships that Work, Douglas E. Lynch and Michael Barger

An Endless Desert Walk: Perspectives of Education from the San in Botswana Log No: 04/086, Rachelle Winkle Wagner

A multilevel Bayesian item response theory method for scaling, Henry May

Understanding Supply and Demand Among Mathematics and Science Teachers, Richard Ingersoll

Success Versus Value: What Do We Mean by the Business of Online Education?, Douglas E. Lynch

Is the United States Really Losing the International Horse Race in Academic Achievement?, Erling E. Boe and Sujie Shin

What Are the Effects of Induction and Mentoring on Beginning Teacher Turnover?, Thomas M. Smith and Richard Ingersoll

Race, Gender and Ethnicity in the United States History Survey: Introduction, Michael C. Johanek

Accounting for Citizenship: Are our expectations for civic education too modest?, Michael C. Johanek and John Puckett

A Longitudinal Study of the Impact of America's Choice on Student Performance in Rochester, New York, 1998-2003, Henry May, Jonathan A. Supovitz, and David A. Perda

The Impact of America's Choice on Writing Performance in Georgia: First-Year Results, Henry May, Jonathan A. Supovitz, and Joy K. Lesnick

Gender Differences in Student Engagement Among African American Undergraduates at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Shaun R. Harper, Robert M. Karini, Brian K. Bridges, and John C. Hayek

Do Teacher Induction and Mentoring Matter?, Richard Ingersoll and Thomas M. Smith

Four Myths About America's Teacher Quality Problem, Richard Ingersoll

Programs and Policies in Education, Crime and Justice and Social Welfare: Practical Recommendations Based on 14 Test-bed Reviews, Phoebe Cottingham, Rebecca A. Maynard, and Matthew Stagner

Why Some Schools Have More Underqualified Teachers Than Others, Richard Ingersoll

Teaching the College Introductory Survey in the High School: Reaching out to AP U.S. History Teachers, Michael C. Johanek, Uma Venkateswaran, and Lawrence Charap

Is There Really a Teacher Shortage?, Richard Ingersoll

Out-of-Field Teaching and the Limits of Teacher Policy, Richard Ingersoll

Review of Ellen Condliffe Lagemann, An Elusive Science: The Troubling History of Education Research, Michael C. Johanek

The relationship between teacher implementation of America's Choice and student learning in Plainfield, New Jersey, Jonathan A. Supovitz and Henry May

The Impact of America's Choice on Student Performance in Duval County, Florida, Jonathan A. Supovitz, Henry May, and Brooke Snyder Taylor

High Turnover Plagues Schools, Richard Ingersoll

All Talk No Action: Putting and End to Out-of-Field Teaching, Craig D. Jerald and Richard Ingersoll

Researcher Skewers Explanations Behind Teacher Shortage, Richard Ingersoll

Holes in the Teacher Supply Bucket, Richard Ingersoll

Redefining Government Roles In an Era of Standards-Based Reform, Margaret E. Goertz

The District Role in Instructional Improvement, Thomas B. Corcoran, Susan H. Fuhrman, and Catherine L. Belcher

Holding Schools Accountable: Is It Working?, Richard F. Elmore and Susan H. Fuhrman

Teacher Turnover and Teacher Shortages: An Organizational Analysis, Richard Ingersoll

Rejoinder: Misunderstanding the Problem of Out-of-Field Teaching, Richard Ingersoll

Turnover Among Mathematics and Science Teachers in the U.S., Richard Ingersoll

The Problem of Underqualified Teachers in American Secondary Schools, Richard Ingersoll

The Problem of Out-of-Field Teaching, Richard Ingersoll

Statement of Dr. Richard M. Ingersoll, 105th Congress, Teacher Preparation and Classroom Size Reduction, Richard Ingersoll

Putting Qualified Teachers In Every Classroom, Richard Ingersoll

The Evolution of College Entrance Examinations, Donald M. Stewart and Michael C. Johanek

The Public Purposes of Public Education: The Evolution of Community-Centered Schooling at Benjamin Franklin High School, 1934-1944, Michael C. Johanek

Teaching and Learning

Working the Crevices: Granting Students Authority in Authoritarian Schools, Joan F. Goodman, Jessica Hoagland, Nadel Pierre-Toussaint, Celeste Rodriguez, and Christina Sanabria

Wondering about Dialogic Theory and Practice, Stanton Wortham

Does Teacher Preparation Matter for Beginning Teachers in Either Special or General Education?, Ed Boe, Sujie Shin, and Lynne H. Cook

Shifting the onus from racial/ethnic minority students to faculty: Accountability for culturally inclusive pedagogy and curricula, Stephen John Quaye, Ph.D. and Shaun R. Harper, Ph.D.