How can we answer and anticipate the pressing health issues we face together as a society? At the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatisticswe rise to that challenge through research and training in epidemiology and in biostatistics. We solve problems that patients and populations face. Team science has always been our strength. What those teams look like in practice varies with the challenge at hand, be it a disease in one of the body’s major systems or a threat such as gun violence.


Submissions from 2013


Guatemala & the University of Pennsylvania: Meeting in the Middle, Frances K. Barg, Eve Weiss, and Charles Branas

Submissions from 2012


Methods for Linking Community Views to Measureable Outcomes in a Youth Violence Prevention Program, Catherine C McDonald, Therese S Richmond, Terry Guerra, Nicole A. Thomas, Alia Walker, Charles Branas, Thomas TenHave, Nicole A. Vaughn, Stephen S. Leff, and Alice J. Hausman

Submissions from 2010


"Sleep Disparity" in the Population: Poor Sleep Quality is Strongly Associated with Poverty and Ethnicity, Nirav P. Patel, Michael A. Grandner, Dawei Xie, Charles Branas, and Nalaka Gooneratne

Submissions from 2008


Perceived Effectiveness of Acupuncture: Findings From the National Health Interview Survey, Patrick J. LaRiccia, Suzanne McMurphy, Joseph J. Gallo, Daiwei Xie, and Charles Branas

Submissions from 1994


Examination of Carotid Arteries with Quantitative Color Doppler Flow Imaging, Charles Branas, Michael S. Weingarten, Michael Czeredarczuk, and Paula F. Schafer