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Submissions from 2016

Engineering phonon, photon, electron and plasmon interactions in silicon-metal nanocavitiies for silicon photonics and thermoplasmonics (2016) Daksh Agarwal

Semaphorin 3D signaling in cardiovascular development (2016) Haig Aghajanian

Cycles and stability in linguistic signaling (2016) Christopher Andrew Ahern

Colonial assemblages: Objects, territories, and racialized subjects in pre-independence Latin America (1492?1810) (2016) Raquel Albarran

II-VI semiconductor nano-structures for on-chip integrated photonics (2016) Jacob Stern Berger

Targeted epigenetic editing to increase adult pancreatic beta-cell proliferation (2016) Diana L Bernstein

Geographies of exile and the making of French nationhood in the nineteenth century (2016) Lisa R Bromberg

An olfactory cilia pattern in the mammalian nose ensures high sensitivity to odors (2016) Rosemary C Challis

Stress physiology and behavior problems (2016) Ruiyun Frances Chen

Imagining convivial multilingualism: Practices, ideologies and strategies in Diidxaza/ Isthmus Zapotec indigenous language education (2016) Haley De Korne

Functional evaluation of the peripheral vasculature using magnetic resonance imaging (2016) Erin K Englund

Centromere identity and the nature of the CENP-A-containing nucleosome (2016) Samantha J Falk

Affirmative action reconceived: A comparative study of constitutional precommitments to group preferences for racial minorities and women (2016) Abdel Rahman Ford

NAMPT-mediated NAD+ homeostasis in skeletal muscle: Implications for healthy aging (2016) David W Frederick

Statistical methods for time-conditional survival probability and equally spaced count data (2016) Victoria A Gamerman

Car drivers and fuel sources: How distinct signaling domains in chimeric antigen receptors reprogram T cells (2016) Omkar Uday Kawalekar

Novel targets for reducing nicotine withdrawal-induced phenotypes: Contribution of the AMPK pathway and BDNF Val66Met polymorphism (2016) Bridgin Greenwood Lee

Spectral liberalism: On the subjects of political economy in Moscow (2016) Adam E Leeds

Factors influencing regulatory T cell maintenance for the control of autoimmunity (2016) Theresa M Leichner

Microfluidic approaches to thrombosis and hemostasis: Towards a patient-specific test of antiplatelet therapeutics and the assessment of coagulopathy in hemophilic and trauma patients (2016) Ruizhi Li

Finding common ground to treat primary and metastatic cancer: The potential of targeting tumor stroma (2016) Albert Lo

Constructing the exercising self: Social media identity work and exercise behavior (2016) Shane Mannis

Monocyte and macrophage apoptosis and activation during HIV-1 infection and antiretroviral therapy (2016) Sean C Patro

Auditory biomarkers in autism spectrum disorder; Multimodal translational investigations (2016) Russell G Port

Biomaterial-mediated reprogramming of the wound interface to enhance meniscal repair (2016) Feini Qu


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