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Submissions from 2017

Structural and Functional Studies of the Human Telomeric POT1-TPP1 Complex and its Role in Human Disease (2017) Cory Taylor Rice

Tissue-Specific Limitations of Siv-Specific CD8+ T Cells during Acute SIV-Infection in Rhesus Macaques (2017) Emily R Roberts

Understanding the Value of Relationships in Developing Sustainable Community Change (2017) Sondra Roeuny

Leveraging Privacy in Data Analysis (2017) Ryan Michael Rogers

Demographic Models of Health and Mortality at Both Extremes of the Lifespan (2017) Julio E Romero Prieto

A Shared Imaginary City: The Role of the Reader in the Fiction of Muhmmad Khudayyir (2017) John Rossetti

What's the Difference? Distinctions, Furuq, and Development in Postformative Islamic Law (2017) Elias Gabriel Saba

"A Necessary Sin": An Ethnographic Study of Sex Selection in Western India (2017) Utpal Niranjan Sandesara

A Multi-Methods Observational Study of Persistent Vocalizations in Nursing Home Residents with Advanced Dementia (2017) Justine S Sefcik

Population Genetics of Borrelia burgdorferi in the Eastern and Midwestern United States (2017) Stephanie Nicole Seifert

Progressive Dystopia: Multiracial Coalition and the Carceral State (2017) Savannah Shange-Binion

Impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences on Behavioral and Neural Markers of Executive Function in Menopausal Women (2017) Sheila Shanmugan

Interactive Development of F0 as an Acoustic Cue for Korean Stop Contrast (2017) Gayeon Son

An Examination of Student Mobility in U.S. Public Schools (2017) Kailey Spencer

Toric Elliptic Fibrations Over Hirzebruchs (2017) Prashant Subbarao

Grasping, Perching, and Visual Servoing for Micro Aerial Vehicles (2017) Justin Thomas

Natural and Formal Mentors Among Youth in Foster Care: How do Mentor Type and Relationship Dynamics Explain Variance in the Quality of the Mentoring Relationship? (2017) Allison E Thompson

Essays in Labor Economics (2017) Jan Tilly

Developing a Preclinical Model of Human Sunitinib Cardiotoxicity to Assess the Role of Mechanical Loading Using Engineered Cardiac (2017) Rachel Elizabeth Truitt

Actin-Related Proteins Regulate the Structure and Function of the RSC Chromatin-Remodeling Complex in an Rtt102-Dependent Manner (2017) Bengi Turegun

Dirty Ears: Hearing and Hearings in the Canadian Liberal Settler Colony (2017) Lee Veeraraghavan

FLI1 Expression Levels during Megakaryopoiesis Affect Thrombopoiesis and Platelet Biology (2017) Karen K Vo

A Qualitative Descriptive Analysis of the Experiences of Blacks in Cancer Clinical Trials (2017) Terease S Waite

Essays in Industrial Organization and Applied Microeconomics (2017) Peichun Wang

Detecting and Controlling Insect Vectors in Urban Environments: Novel Bayesian Methods for Complex Spatial Data (2017) Erica Marie Weinmann Billig


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