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Submissions from 2017

Elucidating the Role of Hepatic PPP1R3B in Glucose and Lipid Metabolism (2017) Minal B Mehta

Epistemic practices in adults and adolescents (2017) S. Emlen Metz

The Satraps of Western Anatolia and the Greeks (2017) Eyal Meyer

Structure-Function Relationships of RNA and Protein in Synaptic Plasticity (2017) Sarah Middleton

Neuronal Survival Following RNA Virus Infection Facilitates Viral Persistence, Reactivation, and Pathogenesis (2017) Katelyn Dyan Miller

Composite Posts for Enhanced and Tunable Adhesion (2017) Helen K Minsky

Unfolding Verse: Poetry as Correspondence in Early Modern England (2017) Dianne Mitchell

From Anti-Imperialism to Human Rights: The Vietnam War and Radical Internationalism in the 1960s and 1970s (2017) Salar Mohandesi

Exosomes from the Tumor Microenvironment Promote Breast Cancer Progression and Therapy Resistance Through Unshielded Non-Coding Rna (2017) Barzin Y Nabet

Cortical Mechanisms of Adaptation in Auditory Processing (2017) Ryan G Natan

Beyond Graphene: Monolayer Transition Metal Dichalcogenides, a New Platform for Science (2017) Carl Hugo Naylor

Characterizing a Signaling Network That Maintains Hematopoietic Stem Cells (2017) Michelle Nguyen-McCarty

Beneath and Beyond Outcomes: An Exploration of College Choice in the No Excuses Charter School Setting (2017) Lori Ann Noll

Intimate Partner Violence and 30-Year Cardiovascular Disease Risk among Young Adult Women in the United States (2017) Elizabeth V Novack

In the Pines: A Visual Ethnography of American, Mexican, and Canadian Reforestation Workers (2017) Noam Osband

TDDFT Derivative Couplings and Other Topics in Quantum Chemistry (2017) Qi Ou

Understanding Surface Hopping Algorithms and Their Applications in Condensed Phase Systems (2017) Wenjun Ouyang

Why Does Plato's Laws Exist? (2017) Harold Graham Parker

Dissociable Neural Contributions to Prospection during Decisions about the Future (2017) Trishala Parthasarathi

Rigorous Results in Fluid and Kinetic Models (2017) Neel Patel

A Unique Pattern of PMN-MDSC Migration in Cancer (2017) Sima N Patel

Essays on Corporate Investment Dynamics (2017) Ryan Peters Peters

Balancing Multiple Goals in Observational Study Design (2017) Samuel D Pimentel

Regular Programming Over Data Streams (2017) Mukund Raghothaman

Determinants of Adaptive Immunity in Cancer (2017) Andrew J Rech


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