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Submissions from 2015

Insurance coverage mandates for preventive care: The market for contraceptives (2015) Nora Verlaine Becker

Data-driven modeling, control and tools for cyber-physical energy systems (2015) Madhur Behl

Balancing on the creative high-wire: Forecasting the success of novel ideas in organizations (2015) Justin M Berg

Defining risk for iatrogenic withdrawal in critically ill children (2015) Kaitlin M Best

Adeno-associated virus 8-mediated gene therapy for choroideremia: Preclinical studies in in vitro and in vivo models (2015) Aaron Daniel Black

Essays on residential segregation, the economics of prestige at the elite colleges, and property rights (2015) Peter Q Blair

Extensions and applications of ensemble-of-trees methods in machine learning (2015) Justin Bleich

Steering contexts for autonomous agents using synthetic data (2015) Cory D Boatright

Coordination and redox chemistries of the rare earths within redox active nitroxide ligand frameworks (2015) Justin A Bogart

Benjamin H. Latrobe's Philadelphia waterworks of 1801: Instrument and expression of American equilibrium (2015) Catherine Bonier

School district consolidation: A case study of deliberation and the rational and emotional arguments of a dissenting town (2015) Jennifer Erica Botzojorns

Features and functions: Decomposing the neural and cognitive bases of semantic composition (2015) Christine Boylan

Essays in dynamic duration and count modelling (2015) Lorenzo Braccini

Innate immune response to Coxiella burnetii (2015) William P Bradley

Innate immune cell regulation of metabolic homeostasis (2015) Jonathan R Brestoff

The regulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity by upstream and downstream effectors of histone acetylation (2015) Morgan Stuart Bridi

Art as inquiry: Cultivating critical arts-based practices in an early pre-service teacher education program (2015) Debora Anne Broderick

Stapling and unstapling peptides and proteins with s-tetrazine (2015) Stephen P Brown

Cell signaling regulatory mechanisms controlling epithelial-mesenchymal transition in carcinoma (2015) Janine Marie Buonato

Regulation of tissue-specific expression in the C. elegans embryo (2015) Joshua Burdick

Wilberforce University: A squandered treasure (2015) Colette Pierce Burnette

Silent or salient? Perks and perils of performance posting (2015) Cexun Jeff Cai

Superior to one of glass: Natural gradient index lenses via patchy particle self-assembly (2015) Jing Cai

Searching for dark matter with single phase liquid argon (2015) Thomas S. Caldwell

Secret vaults of forgotten treasures: Freemasonry's collections and material culture in a declining fraternal age (2015) Heather K Calloway


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