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Submissions from 2015

Fighting HIV infection by defining mechanisms to remodel semen-derived amyloid fibrils (2015) Laura M Castellano

Experienced leader challenge: Exploring interventions designed to foster transformative learning (2015) Peter Francis Cavanaugh

Between slit and repulsion: Cell and molecular mechanisms underlying robo-mediated midline guidance (2015) Rebecca Kent Chance

Information-theoretic active perception for multi-robot teams (2015) Benjamin Charrow

Opening the book of Marwood: English Catholics and their Bibles in early modern Europe (2015) Daniel J. M Cheely

Catalytic and thermodynamic studies of supported core-shell catalysts (2015) Chen Chen

Novel viral and astrocytic contributors to epilepsy (2015) Julie Chen

Cancer absolute risk projection with incomplete predictor variables (2015) Lu Chen

Regulation of serum albumin production by insulin (2015) Qing Chen

Dynamic and mechanistic studies of processes during bacterial ribosomal recycling (2015) Yuanwei Chen

Accounting quality and credit ratings' ability to predict default (2015) Michael V Chin

Cell biology of cheating: Mechanisms of chromosome segregation during female meiosis (2015) Lukas Chmatal

Homologous recombination-directed mechanisms of alternative lengthening of telomeres (2015) Nam Woo Cho

If you build it, will they come, and what will they eat? Investigating supermarket development in food deserts (2015) Benjamin William Chrisinger

The neural and behavioral correlates of auditory streaming (2015) Kate L Christison-Lagay

Atomistic simulations of Ge on amorphous silica substrates (2015) Claire Yungchi Chuang

The practice doctorate: Implications for nursing education (2015) Christina Marie Costanzo Clark

Essays in asset pricing and applied micro-economics (2015) Mark William Clements

Insight into tetherin-mediated signaling via the discovery of a novel isoform with biologically distinct properties (2015) Luis Jose Cocka

A role for lysosomal pH dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease and strategies for its restoration (2015) Erin E Coffey

Motion planning for manipulation with heuristic search (2015) Benjamin J Cohen

Terrae incognitae: Integrative genomic analysis of hnRNP l splicing regulation (2015) Brian Sebastian Cole

Stories seldom told: Low-income, first-generation African American male students at highly selective research universities (2015) Karen Warren Coleman

The revolution will be videotaped: Making a technology of consciousness in the long 1960s (2015) Peter Sachs Collopy

The tie that binds: Trusteeship, values, and the presidential selection process at AME affiliated HBCUs (2015) Felecia Commodore


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