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Submissions from 2014

The control of grain-scale mechanics on channel form, landscape dynamics, and climatic perturbations in gravel-bedded rivers (2014) Colin B Phillips

Inference for approximating regression models (2014) Emil Pitkin

Rap1 relocalization contributes to the chromatin-mediated gene expression profile and pace of cell senescence (2014) Jesse Platt

Melody as prosody: Toward a usage-based theory of music (2014) Thomas Mathew Pooley

Social forces in corporate finance (2014) Jillian Popadak

"The tangential point": Pataphysical practice in postwar poetry (2014) Katie L Price

REDD1 as a stress response gene in mature T cells (2014) Emma L Reuschel

Essays on macroeconomic analysis of geographical reallocation (2014) Suryun Rhee

F-element binolate complexes: Control of secondary structure for applications in redox chemistry, complex design, and asymmetric catalysis (2014) Jerome R Robinson

Spectral estimation of hidden Markov models (2014) Jordan Rodu

Bound flowers, loose leaves Horticultural form and textual practice in early modern English print (2014) Jessica Rosenberg

Smart like a boy: The experiences of women working in an all-boys Jesuit school (2014) Kristin E Ross

Developing a workable teacher identity: Building and negotiating identity within a professional network (2014) Roseanne Rostock

Essays in applied economics (2014) Daniel W Sacks

Evidence for the Higgs boson in the H→ WW(*)→ℓnuℓnu decay channel (2014) Douglas Schaefer

Civil reformations: Religion in Dundee and Haddington c.1520-1565 (2014) Timothy Slonosky

Essays on risk measurement and modeling in macroeconomics and finance (2014) Dongho Song

Consequences of chronic sleep restriction on energy balance in healthy adults (2014) Andrea Marie Spaeth

Minimalistic probes for protein folding and structure studies (2014) Lee Colyer Speight

Zeros, critical points, and coefficients of random functions (2014) Sneha Dey Subramanian

Structural and mechanistic insights into the yeast disaggregase Hsp104 (2014) Elizabeth A Sweeny

Persistence in the production of linguistic variation (2014) Meredith Johanna Tamminga

Regression modeling of longitudinal outcomes with outcome-dependent observation times (2014) Kay See Tan

Firm and industrial dynamics over the business cycles (2014) Can Tian

Novel roles of cell cycle regulator E2F1 in the CNS: Implications for synaptic damage in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (2014) Jenhao Harry Ting


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