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Submissions from 2013

Essays on family structure and marriage in Sub-Saharan Africa (2013) Sophia Y Chae

Examining teachers' technology dispositions and classroom practices within the context of a professional development program: A multiple case study (2013) Betty Chandy

Behavior-centric trust management in distributed systems (2013) Jian Chang

The value of professional certifications for a global IT consulting corporation (2013) Regis Pierre Chasse

Mechanics of micro-structured soft materials and their applications in adhesion and wetting (2013) Chi-Mon Chen

ERM proteins in T cell adhesion and migration (2013) Emily Jiun-Huei Chen

Computational modeling of geometry dependent phonon transport in silicon nanostructures (2013) Drew A Cheney

Diastereoselective synthesis of cyclopropanols and their use as homoenolates (2013) Kevin Cheng

Essays on unconventional monetary policy (2013) Han Chen

Multifunctional nanomaterials of dna block copolymers: Synthesis, self-assembly, thermodynamic studies and biomedical applications (2013) Xi-Jun Chen

Imagining the city: Ritual and conflict in the urban art democracy (2013) Carolyn Chernoff

Cellular basis of antibody maintenance: heterogeneity of the bone marrow plasma cell pool (2013) Irene Chernova

Investigating ferritin-metallo interactions (2013) Jasmina C Cheung-Lau

Sequence-controlled synthesis of beta3-peptides: Solid-phase synthesis and DNA-templated synthesis (2013) Ying-Ling Chiang

Molecular mechanisms of alternative splicing regulation: an investigation of the spliceosome repressed by hnrnp l on cd45 exon 4 (2013) Ni-Ting Chiou

Essays on private tutoring and single-sex schooling (2013) Jaesung Choi

Dilemmas of community health: Medical care and environmental health in postwar America (2013) Merlin Chowkwanyun

Evasion of host recognition by phase variation in Haemophilus influenzae (2013) Sarah E Clark

Access and circulation pattern analysis in Neopalatial architecture on Crete: A methodology for identifying private spaces (2013) Miriam G Clinton

While Rome burned: Fire, leadership, and urban disaster in the Roman cultural imagination (2013) Virginia M Closs

The global Indies: Reading the imaginative geography of British Empire, 1763--1871 (2013) Ashley L Cohen

Transport and biorheological effects in human coagulation (2013) Thomas Vincent Colace

Answering the call: An examination of the development of lay leadership on Jesuit, Catholic university campuses (2013) Xavier Alexander Cole

Making devotion beautiful in medieval South India: Literary methodology for the pleasure and praise of God (2013) Leah Elizabeth Comeau

Morphological and phonological structure in Zulu reduplication (2013) Toni Cook


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