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Submissions from 2014

Fieldwork as text and context: Graduate students' narration and negotiation of field experiences within an inquiry community (2014) Katharine Emily Bartow Jacobs

Validation and application of an intervertebral disc finite element model utilizing independently constructed tissue-level constitutive formulations that are nonlinear, anisotropic, and time-dependent (2014) Nathan T Jacobs

Linkages among fertility, migration, and aging in India (2014) Apoorva Jadhav

Theory of oxidation states in solids, and first-principles band gap engineering for functional perovskites (2014) Lai Jiang

Commoditizing tombs: Materialism in the funerary art of middle imperial China and Korea (2014) Minkyung Ji

The strong CM lifting problem & the relabelling action on the equicharacteristic universal deformation space of a p-divisible smooth formal groups over Fp (2014) Taisong Jing

Self-manipulation and dynamic transitions for a legged robot (2014) Aaron M Johnson

News from the East: the rise of Ottoman power and reason of state thinking in early modern Italy (2014) Michael Christian Jurlando

Statistical analysis and design of crowdsourcing applications (2014) Adam Kapelner

Selection and evaluation of a silver nanoparticle imaging agent for dual-energy mammography (2014) Roshan Karunamuni

On Berglund-Hubsch-Krawitz mirror symmetry (2014) Tyler L Kelly

Forense Regnum: Oratory from Republic to Principate (2014) Joanna Kenty

Attractability and virality: The role of message features and social influence in health news diffusion (2014) Hyun Suk Kim

Essays on private Medicare insurance markets (2014) You Suk Kim

Elliptic involutive structures and generalized Higgs algebroids (2014) Eric O Korman

Unveiling hidden values of optimization models with metaheuristic approach (2014) Ann Kuo

Suicide risk in homeless veterans with traumatic brain injury (2014) Briana Lafferty

Essays on the challenges to labor market entry for Iraqi refugees and immigrants in the United States (2014) Alicia Lee

The politics of Teaching English in South Korean Schools: Language ideologies and language policy (2014) Kathleen S Lee

Directing structure and reactivity in synthetic uranium complexes (2014) Andrew J Lewis

Temporal processing in auditory perceptual grouping and decision-making (2014) Andrew S. K Liu

A PDE -based method for optimizing solar cell performance (2014) Xiaoxian Liu

3D image reconstruction from serial sections (2014) Yang Liu

Explorations into host defense against Plasmodium falciparum: Mechanistic and structure-function studies of antimalarial chemokines (2014) Melissa Suzanne Love

Caregiver functional expectations for survivors of childhood brain tumors (2014) Matthew S Lucas


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