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Submissions from 2016

Computational methods for analysis of resting state functional connectivity and their application to study of aging (2016) Harini Eavani

The role of the gp41 membrane-proximal tyrosine motif in simian immunodeficiency virus pathogenesis (2016) Samra E Elser

Functional evaluation of the peripheral vasculature using magnetic resonance imaging (2016) Erin K Englund

Network formation and its impact on systemic risk (2016) Selman Erol

Poniendo en juego la iberia medieval: Alfonso X, el libro de buen amor y la poesia de cancionero (2016) Juan Escourido

Simply American: Simplicity in architectural arrangement, construction, and standards, 1820-1920 (2016) Fred W Esenwein

Haloferax volcanii strategies to regulate type IV pilus dependent adhesion and microcolony formation (2016) Rianne Nicole Esquivel

How high school contexts shape the college choices of high-achieving, low-SES students: Why a "college-going" culture is not enough (2016) Shani Adia Evans

Diasporic belonging: The life-worlds and language practicesof Muslim youth from Marseille (2016) Cecile Anne Marguerite Evers

Centromere identity and the nature of the CENP-A-containing nucleosome (2016) Samantha J Falk

The making of me: Exploring how an engaging learning environment influences the experience of agency in early adolescent girls (2016) Kimberly Field-Marvin

Personal finance: Economic citizenship and financial form in the contemporary novel (2016) Laura Finch

What movies show: Realism, perception and truth in film (2016) Lindsey Fiorelli

Essays on aging-related disease in the U.S. population (2016) Ezra Fishman

A bridge over troubled waters: Adults' perceptions of for-profit education as a viable choice (2016) Adrianne Flack

Multiple roles of Ret signaling in mechanosensory neuron development (2016) Michael S Fleming

Engineered DNA-mediated antibody gene transfer for prophylaxis against infectious diseases (2016) Seleeke F Flingai

Modern optimization in observational studies (2016) Colin B Fogarty

Adaptation, continuity, and change: How three public liberal arts colleges are responding to the changing landscape of American higher education (2016) Olufunke Abimbola Fontenot

Affirmative action reconceived: A comparative study of constitutional precommitments to group preferences for racial minorities and women (2016) Abdel Rahman Ford

Representations of fundamental groups of abelian varieties in characteristic p (2016) Brett Frankel

NAMPT-mediated NAD+ homeostasis in skeletal muscle: Implications for healthy aging (2016) David W Frederick

Firm response to low-reimbursement patients in the market for unscheduled outpatient care (2016) Ari B Friedman

Defining interactions between lymphoid tissue-resident commensal bacteria and the host immune system (2016) Thomas Chia Ting Fung

Magnetic fields in molecular clouds: The BLASTPol and BLAST-TNG experiments (2016) Nicholas Galitzki


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