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Submissions from 2016

Attentional scattering: how media multitasking and distraction impacts our secondary students (2016) R. Kyle Jones

Energy reduction through voltage scaling and lightweight checking (2016) Edin Kadric

Essays on matching with endogenous effort (2016) Behrang Kamali Shahdadi

Epigenetic regulation of the DLK1-MEG3 imprinted locus in human islets (2016) Vasumathi Kameswaran

Car drivers and fuel sources: How distinct signaling domains in chimeric antigen receptors reprogram T cells (2016) Omkar Uday Kawalekar

Doubly robust causal inference with complex parameters (2016) Edward H Kennedy

Techniques for end-to-end TCP performance enhancement over wireless networks (2016) Bong Ho Kim

Part I: Chemoselective palladium catalyzed reactions of bifunctional 2-B(pin)-substituted allylic acetate derivatives; Part II: Palladium catalyzed deprotonative arylation of azaarylmethyl amines and ethers (2016) Byeong-Seon Kim

Sparse simultaneous signal detection with applications in genomics (2016) Julie Kobie

Empirical analysis of procurement auctions (2016) Cinthia Konichi Paulo

Descriptive case study of the University of Pennsylvania partnership with the Penn Alexander School: Understanding success and its factors (2016) Ann Kreidle

The choreography of everyday life: Rudolf Laban and the making of modern movement (2016) Whitney Elaine Laemmli

Literacy, strategy, and identity in interaction: Vietnamese and Mexican immigrant students in urban Catholic schooling (2016) Robert Jean LeBlanc

Novel targets for reducing nicotine withdrawal-induced phenotypes: Contribution of the AMPK pathway and BDNF Val66Met polymorphism (2016) Bridgin Greenwood Lee

Spectral liberalism: On the subjects of political economy in Moscow (2016) Adam E Leeds

Systems biology of platelet activation (2016) Mei Yan Lee

Uncertain booms and fragility (2016) Michael Junho Lee

Colonial Korea and the Olympic Games, 1910-1945 (2016) Seok Lee

Factors influencing regulatory T cell maintenance for the control of autoimmunity (2016) Theresa M Leichner

Navigating the tension between benevolence and honesty: Essays on the consequences of prosocial lies (2016) Emma Edelman Levine

Modeling approaches for cost and cost-effectiveness estimation using observational data (2016) Jiaqi Li

The effect of sequential exposure to antigenically drifted strains of influenza on antibody specificity and antibody mediated protection (2016) Susanne L Linderman

Doing well in school: Repertoires of success at the end of elementary school (2016) Holly K Link

Microfluidic approaches to thrombosis and hemostasis: Towards a patient-specific test of antiplatelet therapeutics and the assessment of coagulopathy in hemophilic and trauma patients (2016) Ruizhi Li

The effects of tuition and student loan policies on college outcomes and lifetime earnings (2016) Junwen Liu


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