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Submissions from 2016

Caspase-8 in cell death and inflammation (2016) Naomi H Philip

Auditory biomarkers in autism spectrum disorder; Multimodal translational investigations (2016) Russell G Port

Biomaterial-mediated reprogramming of the wound interface to enhance meniscal repair (2016) Feini Qu

Chief officer narratives: Leadership perspectives on advancing women to the C-Suite (2016) Sheila Annette Cunningham Robinson

La insolita tropicalidad de la poesia argentina: Enrique Molina, Nestor Perlongher y Washington Cucurto (2016) Giselle Roman-Medina

Gay data (2016) Yoel Roth

Entre el caribe y la cubanidad: Hacia una critica cultural interregional (2016) Javier Sampedro

Partial information framework: Basic theory and applications (2016) Ville A Satopaa

Culturally responsive computing for American Indian youth: Making activities with electronic textiles in the Native Studies classroom (2016) Kristin A Searle

The role of gut microbiota urease in the host with liver disease (2016) Ting-Chin David Shen

Viewer-generated comments to online health policy news: Content, dynamics, and influence (2016) Rui Shi

"Club reports" queered considerations of children's understandings of families, relationships, social practices, and literature in an afterschool reading club (2016) Rachel Jocelyn Skrlac Lo

Treating cancer with engineered T cell therapies: Murine and canine models of safety and efficacy (2016) Jenessa Barbara Smith

Mechanisms of transgenerational centromere inheritance (2016) Evan Michael Smoak

Exploring sexual history taking in one health center: A focused ethnography (2016) Timothy Joseph Sowicz

Comparing intimacies: Race relations and racial inequality in hookup culture (2016) Sarah A Spell

New insights from emerging types of retail loyalty programs (2016) Valeria Stourm

The careers of Teach for America corps members: A sample from New York City (2016) Daniel A Stuckey

Lower bounds for generalized regulators (2016) James D Sundstrom

Using positive psychology to explain shelter use: A study of homeless families in New York City (2016) Dan Treglia

Insights into MBD2 function revealed by a novel genetic tagging approach (2016) Kathleen H Wood

Organizational resource assembly in technology ventures (2016) Andy Wu

Forest biomass and soil carbon stock changes in the Delaware River Basin (2016) Bing Xu

Bypassing NK cell tuning by targeting diacylglycerol kinase zeta, a distal regulator of signaling (2016) EnJun Yang

C--F→Ln/An interactions and molecular cerium(iii) photochemistry (2016) Haolin Yin


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