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Submissions from 2014

Estimation and inference of the three-level intraclass correlation coefficient (2014) Matthew Davis

The effects of temperate phage on Streptococcus pneumoniae during colonization (2014) Hilary K DeBardeleben

Challenges to the sustainability of the university of the West Indies (2014) Dawn-Marie De Four-Gill

Learning from the formidable: Building information technology project manager competence through experience (2014) Robert Philip Martin Demare

Correlated activity and corticothalamic cell function in the early mouse visual system (2014) Daniel J Denman

T-lineage specification and commitment requires constraint of myeloid gene expression programs by Hes1 (2014) Maria Elena De Obaldia

Advances in spectral learning with applications to text analysis and brain imaging (2014) Paramveer Singh Dhillon

The new normal: Families, caretakers, and adults with autism (2014) Benjamin DiCicco-Bloom

"Wir haben keine Mythologie": Dante's Commedia and the poetics of early German Romanticism (2014) Daniel DiMassa

Mechanochemical control of stem cell biology in development and disease: Experimental and theoretical models (2014) Polimyr Caesar Dave P Dingal

A random walk in representations (2014) Shanshan Ding

Allons a Lafayette (Let's Go to Lafayette): The intersection of heritage and tourism in southwest Louisiana's Cajun music (2014) Jessamyn Doan

Systems modeling of calcium homeostasis and mobilization in platelets mediated by IP3 and store-operated calcium entry (2014) Andrew Thomas Dolan

Organizational culture change at a military college from an attritional/adversarial model to a developmental model (2014) Kevin Casey Dopf

Reputation Inc.: The industrialization of digital self-presentation and online privacy (2014) Nora Addario Draper

Philanthropy and American schools of business: A study of transformation after a school of business is named in honor of a benefactor (2014) Michael J Driscoll

Coaching for generative learning: A coach learns to take a listening stance (2014) JoAnn M Duffy

Roles of dendritic cells in immunity to Toxoplasma gondii (2014) Christopher David Dupont

The making of a global health crisis: Extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis and global science in rural South Africa (2014) Erica Christine Dwyer

The role of target systems in scientific practice (2014) Alkistis Elliott-Graves

The first modern Japanese poetry (2014) Rachel Epstein

Assembling social forms: Sociological art practice in post-1968 France (2014) Ruth E Erickson

Unequal Hollywood: African Americans, women, and representation in a media industry (2014) Maryann Erigha

Multiple collection estimation of population size: A generalization of "capture-recapture" (2014) Philip Ernst

Protest in the provinces: Patterns of contentious politics in post-communist Russia (2014) Allison D Evans


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