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Submissions from 2017

Perception and Utilization of Telehealth Services Among Home Health Care Agencies: A National Survey (2017) Eun hae Kim

Multi-cellular and multi-scale approaches for cartilage repair (2017) Minwook Kim

Essays on Health Care Markets (2017) Ami Ko

Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease: Genetic and Epigenetic Approaches (2017) Yi-An Ko Ko

The Strengths of Women (2017) Katie Royer Krimmel

Causal Inference beyond Estimating Average Treatment Effects (2017) Kwonsang Lee

Inference and Learning: Computational Difficulty and Efficiency (2017) Tengyuan Liang

Land, Water, Infrastructure and People: Considerations of Planning for Distributed Stormwater Management Systems (2017) Theodore Chao Lim

Differential Requirements for Mitochondria During Neuronal Migration (2017) Erika G Lin-Hendel

Colloids on Lipid Bilayers: Deformations, Interactions and Migration (2017) Ningwei Li

Embodied Faith: Whole-Body Catacomb Saints in the Duchy of Bavaria, 1578-1803 (2017) Noria Kate Litaker

Point and Density Forecasts in Panel Data Models (2017) Laura Liu

Manipulating Light-Matter Interactions in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors Coupled with Plasmonic Lattices (2017) Wenjing Liu

A Closed-Loop Bidirectional Brain-Machine Interface System for Freely Behaving Animals (2017) Xilin Liu

Essays in Mechanism Design (2017) Yunan Li

The Leadership Practices of Successful Urban Elementary School Principals and Their Roots (2017) Cheryl Jackson Logan

Multiscale Modelling of Platelet Aggregation (2017) Yichen Lu

The Vernacular World of Pu Songling (2017) Zhenzhen Lu

Engineering Designed Proteins for Light Capture, Energy Transfer, and Emissive Sensing In Vivo (2017) Joshua A Mancini

Canonical Correlation Analysis and Network Data Modeling: Statistical and Computational Properties (2017) Zhuang Ma

Customer-Based Corporate Valuation: Modeling with Missing, Aggregated Data Summaries (2017) Daniel M McCarthy

Engineered Cytoskeletal Arrays Reveal Mechanisms of Membrane Transport and Tubulation (2017) Betsy Buechler McIntosh

Single Cell Molecular Heterogeneity in Musculoskeletal Differentiation (2017) Claire M McLeod

Higher Education Institutions' Motivations to Form and Maintain Relationships with College Access Nonprofits (2017) Catherine A McManus

Branding Against Closure: Neighborhood Schools and the Management of Risky Futures (2017) Julia A McWilliams


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