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Submissions from 2015

Corporatism, labor mobilization, and the seeds of revolution in Egypt and Tunisia (2015) Ian M Hartshorn

A re-examination of Psittacosaurus lujiatunensis using modern techniques (2015) Brandon P Hedrick

Biophysics of human neutrophil haptokinesis (2015) Steven J Henry

A challenge to excel: Creating a new image for elite women's colleges in the 1970s (2015) Vicki L Hewitt

The biochemical and biophysical mechanisms of macrophage migration (2015) Laurel Erin Hind

A cross-case analysis of college enrollment strategies in two New York City public schools serving low-income students (2015) Aviva Hirschfeld Legatt

Public sector mission, private sector mandates: An exploration of educational service agencies as entrepreneurial entities (2015) Mark M Hoffman

A new reading of Kant's theory of punishment (2015) Robert Hoffman

Non-canonical roles for RAG1 in lymphocyte development (2015) Julie E Horowitz

Essays in asset pricing (2015) Darien Huang

Engineering a light-activated protein domain for the site-specific conjugation of native IgGs (2015) James Zhe Hui

Chemo-, diastero-, and regioselective C-C and C-O bond formation via transition metal catalysis (2015) Nusrah Hussain

The identification of novel mechanisms in neuronal development and degeneration (2015) Angela Marie Jablonski

Taxing conditions: The fiscal interest of the state and the rise of the modern corporation in America (2015) Alexander Jerneck

Palladium-catalyzed C--C bond and C--S bond forming reactions of sulfoxides (2015) Tiezheng Jia

Experiences, perceptions, and belief: A mixed method study of enactment of instructional leadership in a K-12 cyber charter school (2015) Kahlila S Johnson-Lee

Never been: An exploration of the influence of dis/ability, giftedness, and incarceration on adolescents in adult correctional facilities (2015) Kelsey Marie Jones

Sensory history matters for visual representation: Implications for autism (2015) David Alexander Kahn

Development of screening platforms for enhancing production and evaluation of platelets produced in vitro (2015) Viraj Kamat

Instrumental variables and Mendelian randomization with invalid instruments (2015) Hyunseung Kang

Atomistic analysis of defect / interface interactions in silicon (2015) Peter Johannes Kashammer

Markets, networks and internal mobility: The allocation of human resources within contemporary organizations (2015) JR Keller

Making detailed predictions makes (some) predictions worse (2015) Theresa F Kelly

Discrete and continuous optimization for motion estimation (2015) Ryan Kennedy

An urban-conscious rapid wind downscaling model for early design stages (2015) Jihun Kim


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