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Submissions from 2014

Impacts of French high-speed rail investment on urban agglomeration economies (2014) Mengke Chen

Local optoelectronic properties of zinc-porphyrin/gold molecular interfaces (2014) Xi Chen

Astrocyte signaling in traumatic brain injury (2014) YungChia Chen

The lonely social world of racial and ethnic minority and immigrant youth: Examining social isolation of adolescents from key actors in the school context (2014) Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng

Cultivating class: Tokyo Imperial University and the rise of a middle-class society in modern Japan (2014) Jamyung Choi

Oxidative stress and bioprosthetic heart valve degradation: Mechanisms and prevention (2014) Abigail J Christian

Weak lensing and modified gravity of cosmic structure (2014) Joseph Clampitt

The long-term influence of interning abroad on career and professional development in the global economy (2014) Kelly A Cleary

Degradation of the oncoprotein mdmx in neurodegenerative states: Evidence for a pro-survival role of mdmx in neurons (2014) Daniel James Colacurcio

The roles of outer leaflet lipids in ion channel function and bacterial virulence (2014) David J Combs

Opposing actin networks modulate the mechano-activation of the integrin LFA-1 during immunological synapse formation (2014) William A Comrie

Sacred madness: Women, religion, and folly in postwar Italian cinema (2014) Claudia Consolati

Urbanization and demographic change in sub-Saharan Africa: Three essays on fertility and child mortality differentials in a rapidly-urbanizing context (2014) Jamaica Corker

Mario Bellatin: El giro hacia el procedimiento y la literatura como proyecto (2014) Andrea Cote Botero

Analytics by degree: The dilemmas of big data analytics in lasting university/corporate partnerships (2014) Patricia Cotter

Resident teachers take an inquiry stance: The impact of guided collaborative inquiry groups on the development of guided reading instructional practices (2014) Patricia Crain de Galarce

The role of CD8 T cells in the pathogenesis of cutaneous leishmaniasis (2014) Erika J Crosby

Development of spinal neuronal hyperexcitability and structural plasticity after cervical facet injury: Implications for modulating persistent pain (2014) Nathan D Crosby

Teacher inquiry in small learning communities: Using the prospect center descriptive processes (2014) Patricia A Cruice

Essays on service information, retrials and global supply chain sourcing (2014) Shiliang Cui

Role of ALK2 signaling in chondrogenic commitment and heterotopic endochondral ossification (2014) Andria L Culbert

Infrared measurements of protein conformational dynamics (2014) Robert M Culik

Sheaves, cosheaves and applications (2014) Justin Michael Curry

Part I: Asymmetric synthesis of alpha-allyl-alpha-aryl alpha-amino acids. Part II: Asymmetric spirocyclization of allenyl ketones. Part III: Chemoselective activation of C(sp3)--H bond over C(sp 2)--H bond with Pd(II) (2014) John M Curto

Apples and oranges? What schools and other institutions can learn from one summer camp (2014) Jeremy H Cutler


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