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Submissions from 2015

Load-independent and regional measures of cardiac function via real-time MRI (2015) Francisco Jose Contijoch

"Lord, until I reach my home": Inside the refugee camps of the American Civil War (2015) Abigail Cooper

Complementary immune roles for infected and uninfected cells during Legionella pneumophila infection (2015) Alan M Copenhaver

The cellular miRNA, miR-190, is upregulated in type I EBV latency by EBERs and modulates cellular mRNAs involved in cell survival and viral reactivation (2015) Elizabeth M Cramer

Interrelations between religiosity, mental health, and children (2015) Stephen Cranney

Glutamate imaging of mouse models of neurodegeneration (2015) Rachelle L Crescenzi

Adeno-associated viral vector-driven expression of coagulation proteins for treatment of hemophilias and cancer (2015) Julie M Crudele

Social and demographic determinants of low fertility in Brazil (2015) Helena Cruz Castanheira

Data-driven haptic modeling and rendering of realistic virtual textured surfaces (2015) Heather M Culbertson

Blessings and burdens: How immigrants to the United States who are Latter-day Saints perceive the benefits and costs of being religious (2015) Daniel Warren Curtis

Envisioning post-industrial futures: Community activism and government environmental health science in southeastern Pennsylvania (2015) Britt Dahlberg

Putting your past behind you: Why and how fresh starts motivate goal pursuit---and when they backfire (2015) Hengchen Dai

Multi-robot active information gathering using random finite sets (2015) Philip M Dames

Programming using automata and transducers (2015) Loris D'Antoni

Using the local news: Campaigns, newspapers, and accountability (2015) Joshua P Darr

Aesthetic citizenship; popular culture, migrant youth, and the making of 'world class' Delhi (2015) Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan

The limits of literary language: Linguistic skepticism and literary experiment in postwar Germany and Austria (2015) Nathaniel Davis

Essays on mortgage choice and housing economics (2015) Anthony A DeFusco

Context-dependent gene expression programs promote lymphocyte development and function and suppress transformation (2015) Amy DeMicco

The politics of dignity: Social Christianity and the making of global Los Angeles (2015) Sean Thomas Dempsey

Health information exchange, interoperability, and network effects (2015) Sunita Desai

Altered states/other worlds: Romanticism, nitrous oxide, and the literary prehistory of psychedelia (2015) Nese Devenot

Novel regulatory mechanisms by which Large T antigen coordinates the Merkel cell polyomavirus life cycle (2015) Jason Diaz

Violent convictions: Punishment, literature, and the reconstruction of race (2015) Thomas Dichter

Therapeutic applications and specificity of action of designer nucleases for precision genome engineering (2015) Chukwuka Anthony Didigu


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