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Submissions from 2016

An olfactory cilia pattern in the mammalian nose ensures high sensitivity to odors (2016) Rosemary C Challis

Vaccine strain selection for influenza A viruses is complicated by unique pre-exposure histories and rapid mutation of glycoproteins (2016) Benjamin S Chambers

Sensing sounding: Close listening to experimental Asian American poetry (2016) Ashley Chang

The design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of dimeric beta-carbolines based on the structure of neokauluamine and the study of manzamine A dimerization toward neokauluamine (2016) Jaruwan Chatwichien

Informational uniqueness, corporate disclosure and information environment (2016) Yuen Kit Chau

The impact of tiny organisms: Microbial communities and disease states (2016) Christel Sjoland Chehoud

On-the-job treating: Patient response to a shock in primary care access at the workplace (2016) Julius L Chen

Terpene synthases: One fold, many products (2016) Mengbin Chen

Stress physiology and behavior problems (2016) Ruiyun Frances Chen

Model-based analysis of user behaviors in medical Cyber-Physical Systems (2016) Sanjian Chen

Microbiome and metagenomics: Statistical methods, computation and applications (2016) Zhang Chen

Mechanisms of membrane remodeling by bar proteins (2016) Zhiming Chen

Urban conservation and regeneration in the 21st century: An assessment of the historic centers of Quito, Ibarra, Loja and Cuenca, Ecuador (2016) Caroline S Cheong

Activatable fluorophores for the molecular imaging of cytosolic phospholipase A2 in breast cancer (2016) Michael Gerard Chiorazzo

Talent identification and development for social entrepreneurial leaders (2016) Dong-Joon Cho

Defining mechanisms of autoimmunity in pemphigus vulgaris (2016) Michael Jeffrey Tejada Cho

When two become one: Sacramental woes and theological anxiety in medieval representations of marriage (2016) Elizabeth Churchill

A gap theorem for half-conformally-flat 4-manifolds (2016) Martin Citoler-Saumell

Teacher expectancies and culturally relevant pedagogy: A study of an urban school (2016) Dawn Palmore Clayton

Worldly ascetics: Managing family, status, and territory in early modern Shugendo (2016) Frank W Clements

Pensadoras in the New Latino Diaspora: Latina girls navigating the intersections of their social, emotional, and sexual lives (2016) Katherine Clonan-Roy

Computational analyses of archaeological ceramics: The second millennium BCE ceramics of the Marmara Lake Basin in their western Anatolian regional context (2016) Peter J Cobb

If you move their hearts, you can move their minds: California high school principals' leadership focus on adolescent well-being (2016) Scott M Cody

Essays on occupational choice and entrepreneurial ventures (2016) Matt Cook

Three essays on household determinants of child health and well-being (2016) Megan Elizabeth Costa


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