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Submissions from 1994

What is self-defense? Experiential learning, the martial arts and the education of the individual (1994) Gary Lee Moyer

The cost of registered nurse-midwifery education and enrolled nurse-midwifery education in Malawi, central Africa (1994) Dorothy Elizabeth Namate

Women's informal communication about family planning in West Africa (1994) Pierre Ngom

The alchemical creation of life ({\it takw\=\i n\/}) and other concepts of Genesis in medieval Islam (1994) Kathleen Malone O'Connor

Carte da trionfi: The development of tarot in fifteenth-century Italy (1994) Christina Olsen

A descriptive study of male caregivers' responses to caring for a family member with cancer (1994) Allen J Orsi

Development and testing of an instrument to assess functional status in the elderly (1994) Geraldine Shnakis Paier

The architecture of De\cx cani and the role of Archbishop Danilo II (1994) Bratislav Pantelic

National differences in product development performance: A comparative study of *American and Japanese machine tool companies (1994) David Charles Parkinson

High temperature microcalorimetry of high silica zeolites (1994) David Joseph Parrillo

Representations of Jews and Judaism in ``The Dialogue of Timothy and Aquila'': Construct or social reality? (1994) Jacqueline Zacarie Pastis

The application of stereoscopic techniques to high -resolution radar images for improved detection of targets in clutter (1994) Randall Bret Perlow

Cognitive restructuring and the mental states of adolescent sex offenders: A quasi-experimental study of the effects of three interventions (1994) Catherine Anne Piliero

Forced migration and resettlement as a strategy for development: An analysis of implications based on a study of the New Halfa Scheme in eastern Sudan (1994) Terry Denise Plater

Memory and feeding ecology in lion tamarins ({\it Leontopithecus rosalia\/}) and marmosets ({\it Callithrix kuhli\/}) (1994) Michael L Platt

An analysis of the costs and effects of three levels of maternity services in west Philadelphia (1994) Ruth Ann Greenway Poliner

Essays on the incentive effects of U.S. welfare policy (1994) Elizabeth Terry Powers

The problems of infrastructure location, access and capacity in rural development: Rural market infrastructure, agricultural markets and marketing in the 54 districts of Uttar Pradesh, India (1994) Joyce Ann Pressley

Changes in American marriage, 1970--1990: Forces of attraction, assortative mating and interracial marriage (1994) Zhenchao Qian

Voronoi diagrams and algorithmic motion planning: Parallel and randomized techniques (1994) Suneeta Ramaswami

Formal and computational aspects of natural language syntax (1994) Owen C Rambow

Two applications of Monte Carlo techniques to finance (1994) Robert Leonard Reider

The aesthetics of time and the ideology of eternity in Old English Christian poetry (1994) Laura Ellen Renick

*Variation and phonological theory (1994) William Thomas Reynolds

The Rhodian navy: The proper application of limited force (1994) Rob S Rice


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