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Submissions from 1993

Heidegger and modern architecture (1993) Gerald Lee Walker

``For our destinies'': The funerary laments of Upper Egypt (1993) Eleanor Elizabeth Wickett

Rome as state image: The architecture and urbanism of the royal Italian government, 1870--1900 (1993) Robin Brentwood Williams

Profile structures of ultrathin organic films on germanium/silicon multilayer substrates by x-ray interferometry/holography (1993) Songtao Xu

Signal processing in multiuser communications (1993) Jian Yang

Support and metal particle size effects on platinum and rhodium model catalysts (1993) Georgios S Zafiris

Nutrient accumulation during succession in subtropical lower montane wet forests, Puerto Rico (1993) Daniel Jacob Zarin

Ground and excited state nonlinear optical properties of conjugated organic systems (1993) Qi-Lu Zhou

Dynamic portfolio insurance and equilibrium pricing (1993) Zhongquan Zhou

Urban land market development in China: Implications on the urban planning practice (1993) Youxuan Zhu

The factors which have affected the implementation of the ACCESS PA project in forty-seven high school libraries in two intermediate units in Pennsylvania (1993) George Herbert Zook

Submissions from 1992

Compositions of time in the art of Rogier van der Weyden (1992) Alfred John Acres

Collage: An approach to reading African-American women's literature (1992) Elizabeth Alexander

Colonial pathologies: American medicine in the Philippines, 1898--1921 (1992) Warwick Anderson

Oxidative and polymeric acid doping of polyaniline and related Donnan phenomena (1992) Gabriel Enrique Asturias-Soberanis

Neurodynamic networks for recognition of radar targets (1992) Haroon Atique Babri

Eating for victory: United States food rationing and the politics of domesticity during World War Two (1992) Amy Lynn Bentley

Dynamic embrittlement in metallic alloys (1992) Dafni Bika

Bridging the gap: Centralization vs. decentralization in the Saudi municipal planning system, and its impact on the physical environment (1992) Abdulaziz Mohammed Bin-Ayyaf Al-Mogren

Effect of a gum arabic supplement on the nitrogen excretion and serum urea nitrogen concentration of chronic renal failure patients on a low-protein diet (1992) Donna Zimmaro Bliss

A case study of former students of Ivy Leaf: An independent African-American school (1992) Charles Bolger

An economic analysis of reliability-constrained service systems (1992) Jess S Boronico

A theory of congestion in general hospitals (1992) David J Brailer

The institutional impact and appropriateness of AIDS nursing home care (1992) Jeanette Frieda Bressler

``A world in miniature'': Charles Willson Peale's Philadelphia Museum and its audience, 1786--1827 (1992) David Rodney Brigham


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