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Submissions from 1999

Critic, curator, collector: Christian Brinton and the exhibition of national modernism in America, 1910--1945 (1999) Andrew J Walker

Agricultural change in the Bolivian Amazon (1999) John Hamilton Walker

Mapping and identification of genes involved in human craniofacial syndromes (1999) Deeann Elizabeth Wallis

Wetting and phase separation in thin film polymer blends (1999) Hao Wang

Mode coupling in multimode plastic optical fiber (1999) Jing Wang

Physics implications of perturbative string vacua (1999) Jing Wang

The impact of health insurance type on the use of preventive care (1999) Yize Wang

Random walk studies of equilibrium and transport properties of porous materials (1999) David Christopher Ward

Non-traditional approaches to traditional demographic questions: Three essays on fertility and mortality (1999) Ina Katherine Warriner

Structure and vibrations of vicinal surfaces and field-induced structure modification: An ab initio study (1999) Chengyu Wei

The effects of student engagement in the transition to high school (1999) Christopher Charles Weiss

Essays on developed nation mortality and Kenyan contraception (1999) Kevin McArthur White

"Conceived in transit, delivered in passage": Travel and identity in nineteenth-century African-American women's narratives (1999) Cheryl Deborah Williams

Deception in Genesis (1999) Michael James Williams

Excessive risk-taking in U.S. banking, 1985 to 1990 (1999) Michael Willis

Orientation normalization in visual object recognition: Behavioral and functional neuroimaging studies (1999) Kevin Donald Wilson

Refined tastes: Sugar, confectionery, and consumers in nineteenth-century America (1999) Wendy Adair Woloson

The "Ksanabhan.gasiddhi -Anvayatmika": An eleventh-century Buddhist work on existence and causal theory (1999) Jeson Woo

Two -worker households, commuting patterns, race, and residential and job location choices (1999) Jen-Yu Wu

A methodology for measuring the impact of risk prudence on economic decisions with application toward consumption, risk sharing, and Social Security (1999) Henry Conrad Wurts

Chirowaveguides with complex geometry (1999) Thomas Xinzhang Wu

Spectroscopy and dynamics of highly excited SO2 (1999) Bing Xue

Crack propagation associated with stress-assisted diffusion of impurities under creep conditions (1999) Yan Xu

The probabilistic Kirchhoff polynomials and a problem of Kontsevich (1999) Chao Yang

Numerical modeling of odorant uptake in the rat and bullfrog nasal cavities (1999) Chuncheng Yang


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