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Submissions from 1997

Incarnation and intertextuality in Faulkner's major novels (1997) Eugene P McGarry

Parent involvement in schools, the intergenerational transfer of occupational and economic success, and the grouping of students: Lessons from suburbia (1997) Daniel Joseph McGrath

Science displayed: Nation and nature at the Amsterdam Zoo, ``Artis'' (1997) Donna Christine Mehos

Cellular and biochemical changes occurring during apoptosis of PC12 cells (1997) Conrad Alexander Messam

Be I no gat: Constraints on null subjects in Bislama (1997) Miriam Meyerhoff

Convex polyominoes, general polyominoes, and self-avoiding walks using algebraic languages (1997) Anthony Arthur Mikovsky

The charms of exposed flesh: Reginald Marsh and the burlesque theater (1997) Michele Lynne Miller

Morphological, energetic, and cytoskeletal changes during neural apoptosis (1997) Jason Cornick Mills

Negotiating ``problem space'': Student needs assessment in a community college academic support center as a basis for reflective practice for learning specialists (1997) Deborah Lynne Moeckel

The distribution of money and prices in search equilibrium (1997) Miguel Pereira Molico

The study of the role of interleukin-12 in viral infections using the influenza virus as a model (1997) Juanita McGhee Monteiro

Explaining away behavior: Scientific analysis and the transformation of acts into occurrences (1997) John Robert Monterosso

Translation principle in the category O for the Virasoro algebra (1997) Michael V Movshev

Pennsylvania's instructional support team and the Pennsylvania Framework: Is there common ground? (1997) Marcia Luanne Moyer

Characterization of mixed-conducting barium cerate-based perovskites for potential fuel cell applications (1997) R Mukundan

Natural design, chemical synthesis and molecular guidelines for the assembly of iron-sulfur protein maquettes (1997) Stephen Edward Mulholland

Organizational forms and incentives (1997) Ayse Mumcu

Exposing the modern: World's Fairs and American literary culture, 1853--1907 (1997) Joseph Claude Murphy

Diffusion -controlled brittle intergranular fracture in Cu-alloy bicrystals and polycrystals (1997) Ranjani C Muthiah

Social and spatial process: An ethnographic study of housing in Qatar (1997) Sharon Nagy

Technology transfer in the poultry industry: An examination of supply factors and externalities associated with increased production (1997) Clare Allyson Maureen Narrod

Reconstructing or constructing cities? Stability and change in urban form in post-World War II France and Germany (1997) Joseph Louis Nasr

The effect of guided imagery on the personality trait of time competence/incompetence (1997) Murray Needleman

The development of technological competence within firms: An evolutionary perspective (1997) Atul A Nerkar

Landscapes of authority and nostalgia: Modernization of a southern Maryland plantation. St. Mary's City, Maryland, 1840--1930 (1997) Jessica Loren Neuwirth


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