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Submissions from 1998

Maximum entropy models for natural language ambiguity resolution (1998) Adwait Ratnaparkhi

Taking *measure of a site: An inquiry into dimension and scale in the building and rebuilding of a single block (1998) Alice Gray Read

Inhibitory mechanisms regulating nuclear hormone receptor action (1998) Mauricio J Reginato

The catalytic demethanative coupling of tertiary germanes: A new and efficient route to polygermanes (1998) Jennifer A Reichl

Managing prerecorded traffic in packet-switched networks (1998) Martin Reisslein

Hierarchical Bayes methodology for improving estimation: Applications to demand forecasting and portfolio analysis (1998) Helen Zhou Remeza

Topic segmentation: Algorithms and applications (1998) Jeffrey C Reynar

The biochemistry and evolution of antifolate resistance mutations in {\it Plasmodium\/} and {\it Toxoplasma\/} (1998) Mary Reynolds

Ending welfare as we know it: The legitimacy imperative and the administration of time limits in Florida's Family Transition Program (1998) Holly Rogers-Dillon

The uses of presidential assessment in private, selective, liberal arts colleges (1998) Judith Krieger Rogers

The profession of {\it brujer\'\i a\/} on spiritual entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico (1998) Raquel Romberg

Local views, national visions: Art, New England, and American identity, 1890--1920 (1998) Julia Beth Rosenbaum

La comida y las memorias: Food, positionality, and the problematics of making one's home (1998) Erica Irene Rubine

Exploring the structural elements of MHC-peptide-TCR interaction with analogs of VSV-8, an antigenic peptide derived from vesicular stomatitis virus (1998) Naoyuki Gregory Saito

Unrealized potential: A case study of an urban school -to-work program (1998) Howard Salasin

College students' use of psychotherapeutic services as a function of year in school (1998) Randy Lynn Sandler

Characterization of intermediates in protein folding (1998) John Michael Sauder

Alterations in genes regulating the G1 checkpoint are important in squamous cell carcinogenesis (1998) Edward Richard Sauter

Characteristics of parent -child communication and its relationship to adolescents' exposure to and understanding of televised sexuality (1998) Sarah Sayeed

Positioning of store brands (1998) Serdar Sayman

The look of the book: Visual elements in the experience of reading from "Tristram Shandy" to contemporary artists' books (1998) Karen Lisa Schiff

Local motion detection: Comparison of human and model observers (1998) Paul Robert Schrater

Collaborative learning beyond the classroom: A case study of the use of networked computers for learning in a boarding school (1998) Alexander DeGraw Schuh

Synthesis of astin C and astin G and hydroxylated analogs (1998) Kelly Kathleen Schumacher

Predicting and testing the structural basis of nucleotide discrimination in cyclic nucleotide activated channels (1998) Sean-Patrick Scott


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