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Submissions from 1993

A corpus-based approach to language learning (1993) Eric David Brill

Exploration of the student nurse role through analysis of student post-conference discussion: A qualitative study of first semester associate degree student nurses (1993) Jane Eleanor Brown

Mobilizing the aristocrat: Pre -war Vienna and the poetics of belligerence in Herzl, Hofmannsthal, Kraus, and Schaukal (1993) Michael Austin Burri

The role of political events and political expectations in exchange rate movements: The case of Lebanon (1993) Gaylen James Byker

The development of the child's theory of mind (1993) Kimberly Elaine Wright Cassidy

Automated modeling of chemical plants with application to hazard and operability studies (1993) Catherine Ann Catino

Early childhood mortality in late nineteenth century Philadelphia, determinants of trends and variation (1993) Rose Ann Cheney

Life insurance purchases and ownerships in the United States: Levels, trends, and determinants (1993) Renbao Chen

House and social hierarchy of the Paiwan (1993) Bien Daniel Chiang

Markets and networks of organizations: A longitudinal study on collaboration of organizations in competition (1993) Seungwha Chung

Colono ware and {\it criollo\/} ware pottery from Charleston, South Carolina and San Juan, Puerto Rico in comparative perspective (1993) Brian D Crane

Glimpses of Livermore: Life and lore of an abandoned White Mountains woods community (1993) Peter Joseph Crane

Chief nursing officer governing body proximity, direct reporting relationship, and professionalism as predictors of chief nursing officer role conflict and role ambiguity (1993) John Douglas Crossley

Functional morphology and evolution of marine mammal limb bones: Adaptations to aquatic locomotion in recent and fossil cetaceans (1993) Susan D Dawson

The placement of grandchildren with grandmother caregivers: The relationships among caregiver burden, physical health, and length of time caring (1993) Elizabeth Burgess Dowdell

Cultural choice and technological consequences: Constraint of innovation in the Late Prehistoric copper smelting industry of Cerro Huaringa, Peru (1993) Stephen Matheson Epstein

La lengua en la rosa: Dial\'ectica del deseo en la obra de Delmira Agustini (1993) Tina Fernandez Escaja

Economies of scope in the electric power industry (1993) Antoine Eustache

Treatment components of cognitive therapy for major depression: The good, the bad and the inert. (1993) William Michael Feeley

Stories, styles, and perceptions of practice constructs among intensive care nursery nurses (1993) Dorothy Konowitz Fischer

Phrase structure and the syntax of clitics in the history of Spanish (1993) Josep M Fontana

Hidden Markov model regression (1993) Moshe Fridman

Changing paradigms of professional practice, education and *research in academe: A history of planning education in the United States (1993) Raul Bruno Garcia

The politics of culture and identity in American jazz criticism (1993) John Remo Gennari

Fiscal decentralization, intergovernmental relations, and education finance: Welfare and efficiency considerations in educational expenditures and outcomes in Mexico (1993) Alec Ian Gershberg


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