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Submissions from 1996

Taking the challenge: A journey toward *change in four teachers' language arts programs through staff development (1996) Karen Gail Smith

Now that Mom's gone: African-American middle -aged daughters' experiences of bereavement (1996) Sharon Hines Smith

Technology licensing, technological effort and efficiency gains (1996) Niraja Srinivasan

Characterization of three {\it Saccharomyces cerevisiae\/} ({\it SJNL\/}) genes that have homology to a family of phosphatidylinositol phosphatase genes (1996) Sudha Srinivasan

Resource parsimony, resource cooptation and habitual entrepreneurs: New concepts for entrepreneurship theory and research (1996) Jennifer Ann Starr

Structure determination of a mercury binding protein, MerP (1996) Ruth A Steele

A phenomenological study of women who have overcome childhood abuse (1996) Deborah Blair Stevens

An equilibrium model of activity location and land allocation: A simulation of the land market for Portland, Oregon (1996) David Lloyd Stiff

The structure and reactivity of ceria surfaces and their interaction with group VIII metals (1996) John Stubenrauch

The creation of organizational capabilities through international transfers of technology (1996) Gita Sud de Surie

Patient outcomes after ambulatory surgery (1996) Beth Ann Swan

Rhythmic perception and conception: A study of bottom-up and top-down interaction in rhythm and meter (1996) Bruce Finley Taggart

Active control of Rayleigh -B\'enard convection (1996) Jie Tang

The impact of neighborhood norms on youth sexual and fertility behavior (1996) Julien O Teitler

Formal service utilization by African -American elderly: Structural individual and cultural determinants (1996) Norma Debra Thomas

Mercury and the humanists: Lying in the ``Nouvelles R\'ecr\'eations et Joyeux Devis'' and the ``Heptam\'eron'' (1996) Emily E Thompson

Lost keys: Text and interpretation in old Greek ``Song of Songs'' and its earliest manuscript witnesses (1996) Jay Curry Treat

Productive efficiency and cost effectiveness of publicly funded drug treatment programs in New Jersey (1996) Ai-Ling Pang Tsang

A cellular and molecular characterization of the Z -band portion of titin (zeugmatin) (1996) Kenan Kent Turnacioglu

Ionizing radiation induces alterations in phosphotyrosyl proteins: The effects of cellular reducing capacity (1996) Stephen William Tuttle

Three essays on interactions between vertically related firms (1996) Rajeev Kumar Tyagi

Preparing for the freshman year: What four new liberal arts college presidents learned along the way (1996) Frederick Mercer Van Sickle

The consultative role of the reading specialist: Research informing change (1996) Jane M Vardaro

On the phonology and morphology of Andalusian Spanish: A phenomenon of vowel raising (1996) Fabiola Varela-Garcia

Financial contracts in formal and informal credit markets: A theoretical and empirical analysis (1996) Adel Varghese


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