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Submissions from 1997

A study of support-metal interactions on ceria- and ceria/zirconia-supported metals (1997) Taweesak Bunluesin

Frames of meaning: An analysis of occupational therapy evaluations of young children (1997) Janice Posatery Burke

Characterization of functional domains within the multifunctional transcription factor, YY1 (1997) Sarah Marie Bushmeyer

Regulation of PSA -NCAM expression in the developing rat striatum (1997) Amy Kathleen Butler

The dynamics of regional product inequality by expanded rank-size functions (1997) Byungseol Byun

Symmetry, intensity, and additivity: Belowground interactions in an early successional field (1997) James F. Cahill

Performance evaluation of an active vision system (1997) Ulf Manfred Cahn von Seelen

Understanding community: A comparison of the tasks of community in four school settings (1997) Patricia Ellen Calderwood

Charge-ordering transition in ultrathin metal films (1997) Joseph Michael Carpinelli

Multidisciplinary team interaction: An ethnographic study of a neonatal intensive care multidisciplinary team (1997) Nicholas D Carros

Strategic choices, firm efficacy and competitiveness in the US life insurance industry (1997) Roderick Marshall Carr

Non -perturbative states in superstring theories (1997) Kwan-Leung Chan

The development of planning support systems by integrating urban models and geographic information systems: A framework and implementation (1997) Shih-Liang Chan

Reduction of dimensionality processes of DNA hybridization with immobilized oligonucleotide probes (1997) Vincent Chan

The influence of accountability and responsibility on managerial decision making: An investigation of environmental, health, and safety decisions within the chemical and steel industries (1997) Karen Renee Chinander

Correlates of functional status of hemodialysis patients in Taiwan (1997) Chou-Ping Chiou

Machines of metaphor: Myths and materials of computer culture (1997) Samuel Choi

Interactions between cortical and subcortical visual systems and the role of GABA in visual *orienting in the normal and hemianopic cat (1997) Vivian Maria Ciaramitaro

Vile eloquence: Performance and identity in Greco -Roman rhetoric (1997) Joy Connolly

Empirical relationships among parenting styles, determinants of parenting, and children's school readiness in urban Head Start families (1997) Kathleen Coyle Coolahan

Music for the future: Sounds of early-twentieth-century psychology and language in works of Schoenberg, Webern, and Berg, 1908 to the First World War (1997) Alfred William Cramer

Mainstreaming as language policy and classroom practice: An interpretive study of partner teachers' roles, relationships and talk in multilingual British secondary schools (1997) Angela Creese

Vibrational response of adsorbates to femtosecond metal substrate heating (1997) Joseph P Culver

La voluntad novel\'\i stica en las ``Cartas marruecas'' de Cadalso (1997) Scott Dale

Body, mind, and metaphor: The worldview of Y"or"uk women of the Central Taurus Mountains of Turkey (1997) Patricia Stevens Daugherty


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