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Submissions from 1998

The effects of reciprocal peer problem-solving on the mathematics achievement, academic motivation and self -concept of ``at risk'' urban elementary students (1998) Marika Dayana Ginsburg-Block

Role of solvent on chemical reaction dynamics of small molecules (1998) Sandrasegaram Gnanakaran

The dawn of the Metal Age: Social complexity and the rise of copper metallurgy during the Chalcolithic of the southern Levant, circa 4500--3500 B.C. (1998) Jonathan Michael Golden

Working the system: Clients' use and experience of social welfare institutions in Philadelphia, 1940 to the present (1998) Julie Deborah Goldsmith

Singing the female body: Monteverdi, subjectivity, sensuality (1998) Bonnie Susan Gordon

Structure and regulation of the S. cerevisiae kinesin Kip 1P: A homotetramer targeted for proteolysis by the anaphase promoting complex (1998) Donna Marie Gordon

Subunit specificity and modulation of N -methyl -D -aspartate receptor mediated intracellular calcium responses (1998) Elfrida Ruth Grant

Dramatic images: The visual performance of Gryphius' tragedies (1998) Shannon Keenan Greene

While waiting: The strange figurative architecture of Gio Ponti and Carlo Mollino (1998) Keith Evan Green

Diameters of spherical Alexandrov spaces and constant curvature one orbifolds (1998) Sarah J Greenwald

Shape-based interpolation of multidimensional image data: Principles, algorithms, and their evaluation (1998) George Joseph Grevera

A dynamic model of technological growth: Diffusion of Japanese investment networks overseas (1998) Vipin Gupta

Children's illness and households' time allocations (1998) Leah Caronongan Gutierrez

Henry van de Velde on rational beauty, empathy and ornament: A chapter in the aesthetics of architectural modernity (1998) Elie George Haddad

Factors affecting housing preference under conditions of limited choice: The case of Addis Abeba (1998) Yohannes M Hailu

The structure and interpretation of imperatives: Mood and force in universal grammar (1998) Chung-hye Han

A grounded theory study of treatment interference in critically ill older adults (1998) Mary Elizabeth Happ

Characterization of human cytomegalovirus immediate -early protein phosphorylation and its role in transcriptional activation (1998) Noam Y Harel

The Barberini tapestries of the Life of Pope Urban VIII: Program, politics and "perfect history" for the post-exile era (1998) James Gordon Harper

Characterization of human NT2N neurons for transplantation therapeutics (1998) Rebecca Susan Hartley

The cults of King Ahmose at Abydos (1998) Stephen Phillip Harvey

The origins of a modern view of causation: Descartes and his predecessors on efficient causes (1998) Helen N Hattab

High spin states in (72,73)Kr and exit channel selection using neutron coincidence with Gammasphere (1998) Paul Andrew Hausladen

Frictions and incomplete markets: Three essays in macroeconomics (1998) Jonathan Harvey Douglas Heathcote

Regulation of the wnt signaling pathway in Xenopus laevis (1998) Chester Melvin Hedgepeth


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