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Submissions from 1996

A study of fluid flow induced intracellular calcium changes in osteoblast-like cells (1996) Fred Douglas Allen

The localization of technological knowledge in the international semiconductor industry (1996) Paul Almeida

The photoactivated triplet state of metal-free and metal -substituted hemeproteins and model compounds (1996) Paul Joseph Angiolillo

Interactions between the spatial organization of firms and regional industrial systems: Semiconductor industries in the U.S. and Japan (1996) Tomokazu Arita

A study of basic writers and their use of word processing within a holistic classroom (1996) Donna S Armstrong

Error in representation of standard anthropometric data by human figure models (1996) Francisco Eduardo Azuola

The spectrum of adherence among the chronically ill: The association between the marital family system and the adherence behavior of hemodialysis patients (1996) Christine Louise Barsa del Alcazar

Heat transfer from flame impingement normal to a plane surface (1996) Charles Edward Baukal

Infectious diseases of salmonid fish: Risk factors and disease dynamics (1996) Julie Anne Bebak

``Mules un de World''---profile of employed African -American elder/adult dependent caregivers: The impact of family and employment role responsibilities (1996) Carol A Bennett-Speight

Politics of household during the transition from slavery to freedom in the Yazoo -Mississippi Delta, 1861--1876 (1996) Nancy Dunlap Bercaw

Studies toward a total synthesis of taxol: The intramolecular Diels -Alder approach (1996) Samit Kumar Bhattacharya

How parents' schooling affects child health: The importance of quality time (1996) David M Bishai

Quantification of left ventricular mechanical function from magnetic resonance images (1996) Daniel Caleb Bloomgarden

Diffuse photon probes of structural and dynamical properties of turbid media: Theory and biomedical applications (1996) David Alan Boas

Structural studies of carbonic anhydrase isozymes (1996) Paula Ann Boriack-Sjodin

Buddhist translation procedures in third -century China: A study of Dharmarak\d sa and his translation idiom (1996) Daniel J Boucher

Ancient bridges in Greece and coastal Asia Minor (1996) Polyxeni Bougia

An evaluation of the Omaha classification system in the hospital care of the elderly (1996) Kathryn Helene Bowles

Factors related to parental distress following the death of an infant (1996) Donna L Brian

At the crossroads of politics and history: The controversies surrounding William Styron's ``The Confessions of Nat Turner'' (1996) Geoffrey Arthur Brock

Constructed and real: A history of agricultural statistics in nineteenth-century Britain (1996) Lisa Bud-Frierman

Informal music analysis: A critique of formalism, semiology, and narratology as discourses on music (1996) James Buhler

The uncapping of mandatory retirement: Opportunities for financial assessment and curriculum enhancement (1996) Paula Marie Buley

Three studies of comodulation masking release (1996) Emily Buss


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