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Submissions from 1998

Conversation in fabric and reason: Political and architectural *designs in the circle of Carlo Lodoli (1998) Rebecca Boatwright Williamson

Living just enough in the city: Change and activism in Baltimore's public housing, 1940--1980 (1998) Rhonda Yvette Williams

The proverb process: Intertextuality and proverbial innovation in popular culture (1998) Stephen David Winick

Regulation of 5-HT2A receptor coupling and 5-HT2A receptor mRNA in P11 cells (1998) Kathryn Louise Wohlpart

By all means, consume! A multi-method investigation of the relationship between television, consumerism, and criminal behavior (1998) Emory H. Woodard

Fictive mastery: Slaveholding widows in the American *Southeast, 1790--1860 (1998) Kirsten Elizabeth Wood

Using computer simulation techniques to determine the structure and properties of a synthetic 4-helix bundle (1998) Alissa Beth Woska

Urban itineraries: Representations of the peasant in eighteenth-century French literature and painting (1998) Amy Susan Wyngaard

A translation and study of the Paninidarsana chapter of the Sarvadarsanasangraha (1998) Jon M Yamashita

Learning and investment in human capital: Empirical identification of social learning in school investments (1998) Futoshi Yamauchi

Hydrodynamics of nematic liquid crystal and structure and elasticity of columnar phases (1998) Gu Yan

Cortical computation of perceptual salience (1998) Shih-Cheng Yen

Studies of the neural substrates of the maintenance component of spatial working memory with blood oxygenation level dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging (1998) Eric David Zarahn

Functional lac repressor DNA -binding domains (1998) Edward R Zartler

'All our own kind here': The creation of a Slovak -American community in Philadelphia, 1890--1945 (1998) Robert Michael Zecker

Mechanism of BRCA1 function (1998) Hongbing Zhang

Model selection and some extensions of Markov switching models (1998) Jing Zhang

Real -time video transmission over wireless channels (1998) Qinqing Zhang

Identification and functional analysis of a chondrocyte-specific internal promoter of the type III collagen gene (1998) Yejia Zhang

Synthetic studies of the spongistatins (1998) Linghang Zhuang

Kafka's travels: Exoticism, imperialism, modernism (1998) John Theodore Zilcosky

Knowledge and vaccination: The response to the 1990 National Urban Immunization Campaign in the Philippines (1998) Susan Zimicki

Knowledge codification, process routinization, and the creation of organizational capabilities: Post-acquisition management in the US banking industry (1998) Maurizio Zollo

Natural semantic communication in wild Diana monkeys: Proximate mechanisms and evolutionary function (1998) Klaus Martin Zuberbuehler

Submissions from 1997

The experience and caring needs of critically ill, mechanically ventilated patients (1997) Diane Catherine Adler


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