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Submissions from 1999

A computational analysis of information structure using parallel expository texts in English and Japanese (1999) Nobo Naonobu Komagata

Subunit stoichiometry of the epithelial sodium channel (1999) Farhad Kosari

Constructing a representation of periodicity for temporal pattern recognition in a vertebrate auditory system (1999) James Robert Kozloski

The family management of breastfeeding low birth weight infants (1999) Anne Marie Krouse

Prym varieties and integrable systems (1999) Amy Elizabeth Ksir

The logic of letting go: Family and individual migration from rural Bangladesh (1999) Randall Steven Kuhn

Meaning of migration, gender and identities in the lives of Asian Indian women: An exploratory study (1999) Meeta Aggarwal Kumar

The transformative theory of the modern state system: Hobbesian project vs. Hegelian alternative (1999) Gibung Kwon

Family functioning and family goals when mother has breast cancer (1999) Andrea Maria Vera Anna Henriette Laizner

The organization of hospital nursing (1999) Eileen Lake

The roles of surface reactions on the MOVPE growth of wide-bandgap semiconductors (1999) Hok-Tsan Lam

A biomechanical model of the human foot with emphasis on the plantar soft tissue (1999) William Raymond Ledoux

Ad sustentacionem fidei Christiani: Sacred music and ceremony in medieval Oxford (1999) Beth Anne Lee-De Amici

Fantasy and the internal working models held toward "comfortable interpersonal attachments" shape sexual desire: A theory applied to persons with hypersexuality (1999) Richard A Leedes

Taiwan's constitutional choice in comparative perspective: The political logic of a hybrid presidential system (1999) Pei-Shan Lee

Initiation and maintenance of HIV risk reduction: A prospective study among injection drug users (1999) Szu-Hsien Tony Lee

Cloning and analysis of the ribonucleotide reductase subunit gene promoters from Plasmodium falciparum (1999) Thomas Hopkin Leete

Radio's waves: Tuning in to a changing American culture in the Great Depression (1999) Bruce Karl Lenthall

Forms of engagement: Toward a language for the ethical significance of classroom literacy practices (1999) Alice Lesnick

Corruption, reform, and institutional change: Public choice in nineteenth century urban America. The Municipal Reform Movement and street sweeping in 1903. The municipalization of American waterworks from 1800 to 1925 (1999) Richard Alan Levitan

Protein -tyrosine kinase-mediated regulation of B -cell activation (1999) Hsiu-Ling Li

Cooperative dislocation generation under applied loads via Kosterlitz -Thouless mechanism: A Monte Carlo study (1999) Mang-Mang Ling

Cloning and functional characterization of DNA polymerases and processivity factors of human herpesvirus 6 and Kaposi's sarcoma -associated herpesvirus (1999) Kai Lin

In vitro and in vivo characterization of coactivator acetyltransferases in transcription regulation (1999) Lin Liu

Bioactive scaffold for bone tissue engineering: An in vivo study (1999) Treena Lynne Livingston


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