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Submissions from 1995

Kinships, communities, and conflicts: Bethel Creek Primitive Baptist Church, 1820--1840 (1995) Pat Ann Levin

Ambivalence and pastoral strategy: Colonization in the Caribbean, Wilson Harris, and Zora Neale Hurston (1995) Krishnakali Ray Lewis

Nonlinear optical studies of electronic properties on metal and semiconductor surfaces (1995) Chunmao Li

Negotiation as a context for learning syntax in a second language (1995) Julian Darcy Linnell

The negotiation of tradition: Collectors, community, and the Appalachian dulcimer in Beech Mountain, North Carolina (1995) Lucy Margaret Long

James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, two-tongue common readers: Egypt and the rites of allusion in ``Finnegan's Wake'' and ``Between the Acts'' (1995) Barbara Christian Lonnquist

Spectroscopy and dynamics of hydroxyl radical complexes with argon and hydrogen (1995) Richard Alan Loomis

The earliest use of the divine epithet {\it augustus\/}, 27 BCE--37 CE: Dynastic names and religion in the Augustan principate (1995) John Bertrand Lott

Switch -reference and the structure of Lakhota narrative discourse (1995) Richard Watson Lungstrum

Studies in cyclin message stability (1995) Amit Maity

Sensor processing for mobile robot localization, exploration and navigation (1995) Robert Mandelbaum

Frame, form, and variation in the Mah\=a-Gurjara temple (1995) Darielle Mason

Variable zero -marking of (o) in T\cx oky\cx o Japanese (1995) Kenjiro Matsuda

How brand names brand societies: A comparative study of brand names registered in selected English -speaking countries, 1870--1980 (1995) Charles Augustus McClure

The exemplary past? British history subjects in London exhibitions, 1760--1810 (1995) Constance Curran McPhee

Lethal histories: Desire as memory in twentieth-century literature and culture (1995) Nicholas A Miller

Monocyte chemotactic protein-1 and its role in melanoma progression (1995) Thomas Harold Miller

Determination of factors promoting increased conductivity in polyaniline (1995) Yonggang "Gary" Min

The apical cytoskeleton of {\it Toxoplasma gondii}: Structural and biochemical characterization of elements associated with the conoid and subpellicular microtubules (1995) Naomi Susan Morrissette

Tsarist colonial policy, economic change, and the making of the Azerbaijani nation: 1828--1905 (1995) Firoozeh Mostashari

An architecture for end-to -end quality of service provision and its experimental validation (1995) Klara Nahrstedt

Mapping early modern English witchcraft: A study of pamphlet, treatise, and drama (1995) Suzanne Finley Neureiter

An evaluation of an interdisciplinary science course designed to help at-risk students (1995) Erica Nicole O'Neal

Responses of institutionalized older adults to urinary incontinence: Managing the flow (1995) Joanne Elizabeth Patterson

Enlightened and Romantic German music criticism, 1800--1850 (1995) Sanna Florence Pederson


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