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Submissions from 1997

Caring for the chronically ill: Philadelphia, 1945--1965 (1997) Janna Louise Dieckmann

Entropic forces and phase separation in binary nearly hard-sphere colloids (1997) Anthony Duprat Dinsmore

Coding of sound motion in the rat auditory cortex (1997) Daryl Ebling Doan

A new mathematical technique for WQMD systems modeling (1997) Shiying Dong

Adsorption of polymers at the solid-solution interface (1997) Peter Charles Dreux

Molecular characterization of adeno-associated virus for the gene therapy of submucosal gland in cystic fibrosis (1997) Dongsheng Duan

Splicing factor HRS/SRp40 (1997) Keyong Du

Behavioral and anatomical studies of the peduculopontine nucleus and its role in the visual orienting response in the cat (1997) Jeffrey Scott Durmer

Practicing what we teach: A constructivist approach to mathematics teacher education (1997) Caroline Brayer Ebby

The internal organization of the hominoid proximal femur: Interpreting mechanical function from computed tomography and finite element analysis (1997) David Bernhard Edelman

Voice and the interfaces of syntax (1997) David Embick

Range estimation by optical differentiation (1997) Hany Samir Farid

From print to practice: Community as a metaphor for school reform (1997) Deidre Renee Farmbry

Explanatory models of women with multiple sclerosis (1997) Linda Karen Farra

Shakeout and consolidation in wholesale distribution (1997) Adam Jay Fein

Femtosecond optical spectroscopy and scanning probe microscopy of metallic systems (1997) Mark J Feldstein

Paternal migration, maternal autonomy and child health in Mexico (1997) Leticia Esther Fernandez

The comparability of linear and nonlinear latent variable analyses of skewed dichotomous items (1997) Irene Debra Feurer

Wolf Biermann: Poetry, {\it Volkssprache}, and East German cultural politics (1997) Heather Lee Fleming

Weight loss, carbon, nitrogen and sulfur dynamics during early diagenesis of organic matter in fresh and salt water marshes along the Delaware River and Bay (1997) Godlove Taminang Fonjweng

Modeling fluid phenomena for computer graphics and special effects (1997) Nicholas D Foster

The English and Spanish of young adult Chicanos (1997) Carmen Richardson Fought

The private migrations of Eve: Africana women and rites of passage in personal narration (1997) Tanya Tammie La'verne Fowler

Royal functionaries and state administration in Israel and Judah during the First Temple Period (1997) Nili S Fox

The Col\'on people: Reading Caribbeanness through the Panam\'a Canal (1997) Rhonda Denise Frederick


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