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Submissions from 1996

Le Corbusier's seeing things: Ambiguity and illusion in the representation of modern architecture (1996) Daniel Joseph Naegele

Language contact and language change in the Faetar speech community (1996) Naomi Gail Nagy

Molecular correlates of chronic corticosterone exposure in the hippocampus (1996) Suresh Mohanchandran Nair

Applications of the single path convection diffusion model of the human respiratory system (1996) Joseph Daren Neff

Structure-function studies of soluble forms of herpes simplex virus glycoprotein D (1996) Anthony Vincent Nicola

The story of service at The Pathway School (1996) William Anthony O'Flanagan

Imaging with diffuse photon density waves (1996) Maureen Ann O'Leary

On artificial agents for negotiation in electronic commerce (1996) James Robert Oliver

New Kingdom funerary figurines in context: An analysis of the cemeteries of Aniba, Gurob, and Soleb (1996) Stacie Lynn Olson

The politics of bravery: A history of Nepali nationalism (1996) Pratyoush Raj Onta

Worlds of change: Counterfactual reasoning and causation (1996) Charles Louis Ortiz

A systematic study of the structure and interaction of winds in selected hot close binary stars (1996) Ioannis Pachoulakis

Poetry and the early novel: Negotiations in British literary culture (1996) Nathaniel Joseph Paradise

Controlled experiments in the production of flake attributes (1996) Andrew Walter Pelcin

Cyclic deformation and crack propagation behavior of copper bicrystals and multicrystals (1996) Pedro Delfin Peralta

Intersections of modernity and tradition: An urban planning history of Tokyo in the early Meiji period (1868--1888) (1996) David Peter Phillips

The international and temporal diffusion of high -involvement work practices (1996) Frits Kristiaan Pil

Rheology and morphology of shear induced orientation in diblock copolymer/homopolymer blends (1996) Barry Scott Pinheiro

To bridge the gulf: *State, society and the Russian bureaucratic ideal at the turn of the twentieth century (1996) Yulia Mironovna Poltorak

Competent to counsel? The history of a conservative Protestant anti-psychiatry movement (1996) David Arthur Powlison

Why women select reproductive health centers: A descriptive study (1996) Peter Preziosi

Measurement of spin structure function {\it g}$\sb1$ for the proton and deuteron in the resonance region (1996) Paul Edgar Raines

Synthetic and structural investigations of the novel biologically active cyclodepsipeptides: The didemnins (1996) Joshi Maddela Ramanjulu

Patricians of the Benaadir: Islamic learning, commerce and Somali urban identity in the nineteenth century (1996) Scott Steven Reese

De -Stalinization and the remodernization of Soviet art: The search for a contemporary realism, 1953--1963 (1996) Susan Emily Reid


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