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Submissions from 2015

Essays on residential segregation, the economics of prestige at the elite colleges, and property rights (2015) Peter Q Blair

Extensions and applications of ensemble-of-trees methods in machine learning (2015) Justin Bleich

Steering contexts for autonomous agents using synthetic data (2015) Cory D Boatright

Coordination and redox chemistries of the rare earths within redox active nitroxide ligand frameworks (2015) Justin A Bogart

Benjamin H. Latrobe's Philadelphia waterworks of 1801: Instrument and expression of American equilibrium (2015) Catherine Bonier

School district consolidation: A case study of deliberation and the rational and emotional arguments of a dissenting town (2015) Jennifer Erica Botzojorns

Features and functions: Decomposing the neural and cognitive bases of semantic composition (2015) Christine Boylan

Essays in dynamic duration and count modelling (2015) Lorenzo Braccini

Innate immune response to Coxiella burnetii (2015) William P Bradley

Innate immune cell regulation of metabolic homeostasis (2015) Jonathan R Brestoff

The regulation of hippocampal synaptic plasticity by upstream and downstream effectors of histone acetylation (2015) Morgan Stuart Bridi

Art as inquiry: Cultivating critical arts-based practices in an early pre-service teacher education program (2015) Debora Anne Broderick

Stapling and unstapling peptides and proteins with s-tetrazine (2015) Stephen P Brown

Cell signaling regulatory mechanisms controlling epithelial-mesenchymal transition in carcinoma (2015) Janine Marie Buonato

Regulation of tissue-specific expression in the C. elegans embryo (2015) Joshua Burdick

Wilberforce University: A squandered treasure (2015) Colette Pierce Burnette

Silent or salient? Perks and perils of performance posting (2015) Cexun Jeff Cai

Superior to one of glass: Natural gradient index lenses via patchy particle self-assembly (2015) Jing Cai

Searching for dark matter with single phase liquid argon (2015) Thomas S. Caldwell

Secret vaults of forgotten treasures: Freemasonry's collections and material culture in a declining fraternal age (2015) Heather K Calloway

Perceptions of education change in post-conflict environments and fragile states: The case of Timor-Leste (2015) Martin John Canter

Assessing the impacts of smoking and obesity on mortality and morbidity in the United States (2015) Bochen Cao

Encoding of ultrasonic communication signals in rat auditory cortex (2015) Isaac Michael Carruthers

Crowded voice: Speech, music and community in Milan, 1955-1974 (2015) Delia Casadei

Investigating inflammasome activation in response to Legionella pneumophila and its application to other bacterial pathogens (2015) Cierra N Casson


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