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Submissions from 2014

Pedagogical poetry: Didactics and devotion in Rupa Gosvamin's "Stavamala" (2014) David Buchta

Consequences of adenovirus vector vaccination on T cell activation and SIV susceptibility in rhesus macaques (2014) Irene Bukh

Shared governance in a planning culture: Collaboration for success (2014) Elizabeth A Bulette

Spatiotemporal dynamics of neural activity during human episodic memory encoding and retrieval (2014) John F Burke

Form in darkness: Linking visual cortex structure with spontaneous neural function (2014) Omar H Butt

Exploring how late-adolescent males perceive spirituality and how the perceptions relate to emotional intelligence (2014) Kai Bynum

Shape representations using nested descriptors (2014) Jeffrey Byrne

A comparative evaluation of state policies and programs for nonpoint source pollution control in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (2014) Seung Ah Byun

In the shadow of Osiris: Non-royal mortuary landscapes at South Abydos during the late Middle and New Kingdoms (2014) Kevin M Cahail

State-making, evidence-making, and claim-making: The cases of torture and enforced disappearances in post-1980 Turkey (2014) Basak Can

Maintaining glucose homeostasis in response to aging and stress: The role of Pcif1, Bmi1, and Pdx1 (2014) Corey Cannon

Non-specific interactions between cationic nanoparticle-polymer composites and biomolecules (2014) Matthew Alexander Caporizzo

Situating traumatic memory in social value creation: An exploratory study in Liberia (2014) Cecilia M Cardesa

High fat diet affects the dopamine reward system: Importance of sex and critical developmental periods (2014) Jesse Lea Carlin

Combining proofs and programs (2014) Chris Casinghino

Interfacial and solution-phase self-assembly of pi-conjugated polymers (2014) Ma. Helen M Cativo

Exploring the relationship between institutional commitment to diversity and Latino alumni giving (2014) Lisa A Cauda

Peto's paradox and the evolution of cancer suppression (2014) Aleah Fox Caulin

The anxiety of recognition: the search for legibility of Mayan identities in Yucatan, Mexico and San Francisco, California (2014) Christa D Cesario

Top-down control of serotonergic systems in socioaffective choices and depression-like behaviors (2014) Collin M Challis

Socially connecting and socially distancing consumer choices (2014) Cindy Chan

Geometric control of vascular networks to enhance integration and function of engineered tissue (2014) Ritika R Chaturvedi

Identity construction through language and literacy practices: Case studies of four second generation Khmer American adolescents (2014) Keo Chea-Young

Augmenting anti-tumor immunity by targeting macrophage COX-2 in breast cancer (2014) Edward P Chen

Deformation mechanisms in Pd nanowhiskers (2014) Lisa YingYing Chen


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