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Submissions from 2016

Activatable fluorophores for the molecular imaging of cytosolic phospholipase A2 in breast cancer (2016) Michael Gerard Chiorazzo

Talent identification and development for social entrepreneurial leaders (2016) Dong-Joon Cho

Defining mechanisms of autoimmunity in pemphigus vulgaris (2016) Michael Jeffrey Tejada Cho

Teacher expectancies and culturally relevant pedagogy: A study of an urban school (2016) Dawn Palmore Clayton

Worldly ascetics: Managing family, status, and territory in early modern Shugendo (2016) Frank W Clements

Pensadoras in the New Latino Diaspora: Latina girls navigating the intersections of their social, emotional, and sexual lives (2016) Katherine Clonan-Roy

If you move their hearts, you can move their minds: California high school principals' leadership focus on adolescent well-being (2016) Scott M Cody

Essays on occupational choice and entrepreneurial ventures (2016) Matt Cook

Three essays on household determinants of child health and well-being (2016) Megan Elizabeth Costa

An analysis of effective and experienced African-American male principal retention in a large suburban/urban school district (2016) Theo L Cramer

Cultivating empire: Indians, Quakers, and the negotiation of American imperialism, 1754-1846 (2016) Lori J Daggar

Tamoxifen mediated metabolic stress: Molecular mechanism and therapeutic oppertunities (2016) Natalie A Daurio

The use of simulation in causal analysis of sentinel events in healthcare (2016) James E Davis

"Helping souls" in the 21st century: A study of mission tensions at six Jesuit institutions (2016) Robert William Davis

Essays on labor and risk (2016) Patrick E DeJarnette

Imagining convivial multilingualism: Practices, ideologies and strategies in Diidxaza/ Isthmus Zapotec indigenous language education (2016) Haley De Korne

Romanticism in print: Periodicals and the politics of aesthetics in Restoration Paris, 1814-1830 (2016) Elizabeth Della Zazzera

A portable feast: The production and use of the thirteenth-century portable bible 1200-1500 (2016) Alexander L Devine

Algorithm aversion (2016) Berkeley J Dietvorst

An exploratory study of the relationship between senior leader behaviors and successful strategy execution (2016) Joseph A DiFilippo

Detecting selection on non coding nucleotide variation: Methods and applications (2016) Yang Ding

The next generation balloon-borne large aperture submillimeter telescope (BLAST-TNG) (2016) Bradley Jerald Dober

"Pwofite tet ou" (avail yourself): The minoritarian politics of Haitian music in Paris (2016) Laura C Donnelly

Uncovering bunyavirus-host interactions (2016) Mary Jane Drake

A study on mobility: Pakistani-origin Muslim youth in higher education (2016) Mariam Durrani


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