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Submissions from 2016

Relatedness, national boarders, perceptions of firms and the value of their innovations (2016) Adam R Castor

The politics of prison reform: Juvenile justice policy in Texas, California and Pennsylvania (2016) Sarah Diane Cate

Essays on building growth from ideas (2016) Murat Alp Celik

An olfactory cilia pattern in the mammalian nose ensures high sensitivity to odors (2016) Rosemary C Challis

Vaccine strain selection for influenza A viruses is complicated by unique pre-exposure histories and rapid mutation of glycoproteins (2016) Benjamin S Chambers

Sensing sounding: Close listening to experimental Asian American poetry (2016) Ashley Chang

The design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of dimeric beta-carbolines based on the structure of neokauluamine and the study of manzamine A dimerization toward neokauluamine (2016) Jaruwan Chatwichien

Informational uniqueness, corporate disclosure and information environment (2016) Yuen Kit Chau

The impact of tiny organisms: Microbial communities and disease states (2016) Christel Sjoland Chehoud

On-the-job treating: Patient response to a shock in primary care access at the workplace (2016) Julius L Chen

Terpene synthases: One fold, many products (2016) Mengbin Chen

Stress physiology and behavior problems (2016) Ruiyun Frances Chen

Model-based analysis of user behaviors in medical Cyber-Physical Systems (2016) Sanjian Chen

Microbiome and metagenomics: Statistical methods, computation and applications (2016) Zhang Chen

Mechanisms of membrane remodeling by bar proteins (2016) Zhiming Chen

Urban conservation and regeneration in the 21st century: An assessment of the historic centers of Quito, Ibarra, Loja and Cuenca, Ecuador (2016) Caroline S Cheong

Activatable fluorophores for the molecular imaging of cytosolic phospholipase A2 in breast cancer (2016) Michael Gerard Chiorazzo

Talent identification and development for social entrepreneurial leaders (2016) Dong-Joon Cho

Defining mechanisms of autoimmunity in pemphigus vulgaris (2016) Michael Jeffrey Tejada Cho

When two become one: Sacramental woes and theological anxiety in medieval representations of marriage (2016) Elizabeth Churchill

A gap theorem for half-conformally-flat 4-manifolds (2016) Martin Citoler-Saumell

Teacher expectancies and culturally relevant pedagogy: A study of an urban school (2016) Dawn Palmore Clayton

Worldly ascetics: Managing family, status, and territory in early modern Shugendo (2016) Frank W Clements

Pensadoras in the New Latino Diaspora: Latina girls navigating the intersections of their social, emotional, and sexual lives (2016) Katherine Clonan-Roy

Computational analyses of archaeological ceramics: The second millennium BCE ceramics of the Marmara Lake Basin in their western Anatolian regional context (2016) Peter J Cobb


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