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Submissions from 2014

Recirculation of innate lymphocyte subsets in the skin (2014) Skye A Geherin

Role of the Notch1 TAD in embryonic development and hematopoiesis (2014) Dawson Gerhardt

Topics in tree-based methods (2014) Alex L Goldstein

Three essays on dynamic macroeconomics (2014) Nils Mattis Gornemann

Cellular mechanisms and neural control of sodium appetite in male rats (2014) Laura Ann Grafe

Two essays on the economics of education (2014) Nicolas A Grau Veloso

Principal ownership of an instructional initiative: Advancing a conceptual framework for the study of leadership (2014) Abigail Gray

Mechanisms of non-canonical NF-kappaB regulation (2014) Carolyn M Gray

Musical politics in French Philadelphia, 1781-1801 (2014) Myron Gray

Fear of falling among high-risk, urban, community-dwelling older adults (2014) Sherry A Greenberg

Augmenting the protein C pathway with endothelial targeted biotherapeutics: Strategies to promote partnering of TM and EPCR (2014) Colin F Greineder

The impact of an early career recession on schooling and lifetime welfare (2014) Naijia Guo

Underrepresented minorities in medical school admissions (2014) Margaret A Hadinger

Micro-blogging contesting modernities: Producing and remembering public events in contemporary Chinese social media platforms (2014) Eileen Le Han

Innovation spillovers, appropriability, and economic growth (2014) Douglas Hanley

Establishing peace and conflict studies programs in Iraqi universities: Necessary conditions and short-term implications (2014) Thomas Hill

Novice mathematics teachers' professional learning: The roles of cognitive-affective processing and school organizations (2014) Eric David Hochberg

Not all types of delay are equal: Postsecondary delay in the U.S. and taking a gap year (2014) Nina DePena Hoe

Reading for justice: Twelfth grade girls' talk around Young Adult Novels (2014) Sharon G Hoffman

Maximal-ratio combining: A novel principle of neural computation (2014) Jan Homann

Neuroinflammatory regulation of stress behavior and physiology (2014) Alexis Rose Howerton

Social networks, social support, and mental health in cross-national comparative perspective (2014) Ning Hsieh

A revolution in education: Determinants of the gender gap reversal (2014) Lingwen Huang

Essays on dynamic games of incomplete information (2014) Ilwoo Hwang

Essays in firm financing and innovation activity (2014) Olga Itenberg


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