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Submissions from 2014

Statistical analysis and design of crowdsourcing applications (2014) Adam Kapelner

Selection and evaluation of a silver nanoparticle imaging agent for dual-energy mammography (2014) Roshan Karunamuni

On Berglund-Hubsch-Krawitz mirror symmetry (2014) Tyler L Kelly

Forense Regnum: Oratory from Republic to Principate (2014) Joanna Kenty

Essays on private Medicare insurance markets (2014) You Suk Kim

Elliptic involutive structures and generalized Higgs algebroids (2014) Eric O Korman

Unveiling hidden values of optimization models with metaheuristic approach (2014) Ann Kuo

The politics of Teaching English in South Korean Schools: Language ideologies and language policy (2014) Kathleen S Lee

3D image reconstruction from serial sections (2014) Yang Liu

Caregiver functional expectations for survivors of childhood brain tumors (2014) Matthew S Lucas

First impression processes: Awareness, comprehension, and opinion-formation and their effect on implementation of state education policy (2014) Marc D Mancinelli

Survival and revival: Netherlandish and German painting, c. 1460-1530 (2014) Nathaniel Manditch-Prottas

Conceptions of mathematics: A case study of three high school mathematics teachers (2014) Michael Manganello

Heterotic Chen-Ruan cohomology (2014) Ryan Manion

Structural and biochemical characterization of telomere protection and length regulation by the yeast CST complex (2014) Mark Mason

Living proof: Transnational Black youth theorizing racism, justice, and education (2014) Chike Jamal Brett McLoyd

Measuring racial self-identification over the life course in Brazil, 1940-2013 (2014) Vitor Miranda

Under construction: Threats to legitimate authority in a public high school (2014) Katrina Kareen Morrison

Working at water's edge: Life sciences at American marine stations, 1880-1930 (2014) Samantha K Muka

Curricular decisions: Using knowledge and information to guide practice (2014) Andrea Oettinger

Essays on service operations management (2014) Jaelynn Oh

Systemic incongruity: Bringing down the risks of conformity and deviation biases (2014) Shefali V Patil

Registration and recognition in 3D (2014) Alexander Patterson

Role of ceramide kinase in breast cancer progression (2014) Ania Warczyk Payne

Family conflict and the family business: The antecedents of family task conflict and its effects on top management team dynamics (2014) Rachel Perl


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