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Submissions from 2016

NAMPT-mediated NAD+ homeostasis in skeletal muscle: Implications for healthy aging (2016) David W Frederick

Firm response to low-reimbursement patients in the market for unscheduled outpatient care (2016) Ari B Friedman

Defining interactions between lymphoid tissue-resident commensal bacteria and the host immune system (2016) Thomas Chia Ting Fung

Statistical methods for time-conditional survival probability and equally spaced count data (2016) Victoria A Gamerman

Essays on the economics of school choice and education markets (2016) Ana M Gazmuri

Latino students defining an identity in an American town (2016) Felix R Gil

A real analytic approach to estimating oscillatory integrals (2016) Maxim Gilula

Examining length scales of interfacial dynamics in ultra-thin polymer glasses (2016) Ethan Chapman Glor

Planning with adaptive dimensionality (2016) Kalin Vasilev Gochev

Hard, soft, and sticky spheres for dynamical studies of disordered colloidal packings (2016) Matthew Daniel Gratale

Sudden cardiac arrest: Novel uses of risk standardization and post-arrest body temperature to improve outcomes (2016) Anne V Grossestreuer

Control theoretic analysis of human brain networks (2016) Shi Gu

Social capital development within a novice district-grown principal preparation program: A case study of the DCPS patterson fellowship (2016) Allison Hansen

Assessing school turnarounds: Using an integrative framework to identify levers for success (2016) Kirsten Lee Hill

The mitotic genome: Accessibility and transcriptional control (2016) Chris Chuan Shu Hsiung

Essays on reputations and dynamic games (2016) Ju Hu

Radical immersion in the work of Melvin Van Peebles, Isaac Julien, and Steve Mcqueen (2016) Charlotte Ickes

Realizing morphemes in the Icelandic noun phrase (2016) Anton Karl Ingason

Global classical solutions to the relativistic Boltzmann equation without angular cut-off (2016) Jin Woo Jang

"Don't lose you": Interrogating whiteness and deficit at a no excuses charter school (2016) Jason Javier-Watson

From verified models to verified code for safe medical devices (2016) Zhihao Jiang

Essays on social media, hiring networks and firm performance (2016) Fujie Jin

Contextual insights into the Rett syndrome transcriptome (2016) Brian S.R Johnson

Discrete methods in statistics: Feature selection and fairness-aware data mining (2016) Kory D Johnson

Responses to poverty: Essays in public economics and labor (2016) Andrew Cowley Johnston


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