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Submissions from 2016

The choreography of everyday life: Rudolf Laban and the making of modern movement (2016) Whitney Elaine Laemmli

Novel targets for reducing nicotine withdrawal-induced phenotypes: Contribution of the AMPK pathway and BDNF Val66Met polymorphism (2016) Bridgin Greenwood Lee

Spectral liberalism: On the subjects of political economy in Moscow (2016) Adam E Leeds

Systems biology of platelet activation (2016) Mei Yan Lee

Uncertain booms and fragility (2016) Michael Junho Lee

Factors influencing regulatory T cell maintenance for the control of autoimmunity (2016) Theresa M Leichner

Navigating the tension between benevolence and honesty: Essays on the consequences of prosocial lies (2016) Emma Edelman Levine

The effect of sequential exposure to antigenically drifted strains of influenza on antibody specificity and antibody mediated protection (2016) Susanne L Linderman

Doing well in school: Repertoires of success at the end of elementary school (2016) Holly K Link

Microfluidic approaches to thrombosis and hemostasis: Towards a patient-specific test of antiplatelet therapeutics and the assessment of coagulopathy in hemophilic and trauma patients (2016) Ruizhi Li

The effects of tuition and student loan policies on college outcomes and lifetime earnings (2016) Junwen Liu

Intimate differences: Cultivating recognition and multiracial solidarity in a Philadelphia school (2016) Roseann Liu

Finding common ground to treat primary and metastatic cancer: The potential of targeting tumor stroma (2016) Albert Lo

Approaching the witness: Narratives of trauma in Sub-Saharan Francophone African literature and film (2016) George S MacLeod

The royal Lykaian altar shall bear witness: History and religion in southwestern Arcadia (2016) Kyle W Mahoney

Constructing the exercising self: Social media identity work and exercise behavior (2016) Shane Mannis

Using molecular contstraints and unnatural amino acids to manipulate and interrogate protein structure, dynamics, and self-assembly (2016) Beatrice N Markiewicz

Scaled autonomy for networked humanoids (2016) Stephen Gerald McGill

"An army of working-men:" Military labor and the construction of American empire, 1865-1915 (2016) Autumn Hope McGrath

Three essays on firm learning and performance in the context of corporate divestiture (2016) Patia J McGrath

Interplay of IL-4, IL-21, and ifngamma on memory B cell fate decisions (2016) Martin Souren Naradikian

The evaluation of a mass media campaign to promote exclusive breastfeeding in Vietnam (2016) Danielle Amani Naugle

Essays on the macroeconomics of financial markets (2016) Daniel Neuhann

Inhibition of various receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) families (2016) Jin Hyung Park

Monocyte and macrophage apoptosis and activation during HIV-1 infection and antiretroviral therapy (2016) Sean C Patro


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