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Submissions from 2013

The reform of drawing and the natural act of painting: Lodovico Cigoli and his Florentine circle c. 1600 (2013) Lisa Bourla

'A play and no play': Printing the performance in early modern England (2013) Claire M. L Bourne

The power of locality in network algorithms (2013) Michael Brautbar

Consecrated toil: American Methodist missionaries in postindependence Cuba (2013) Mark G Brennan

Sumo: A heavy player in a complex world (2013) Michael D Brewer

Fringe benefits (2013) Catherine Brinkley

Teacher collaboration in the age of teaching standards: The study of a small, suburban school district (2013) Adam Samuel Bronstein

Worry at work: How state anxiety influences negotiations, advice, reappraisal, and performance (2013) Alison Wood Brooks

Valuing Family Medicine: Historical journey, institutional hostility, and individual narratives (2013) Joanna V Brooks

The epidemiology of readmissions to the intensive care unit and its use as a quality indicator (2013) Sydney E. S Brown

Examining the link between organizational culture and performance in a high-hazard environment: A case study (2013) Urbain Laurent Bruyere

Granular drag and the kinetics of jamming (2013) Theodore A. Brzinski

Advances and challenges in human AAV-mediated gene transfer: Immunological insights from a mouse model of human glycosylation (2013) George John Buchlis

Musica celestis: Mystical song in late medieval England (2013) Tekla Lenore Bude

Morphologies of precise polyethylene-based acid copolymers and ionomers (2013) C. Francisco Buitrago

Taking race at face value (2013) Ruth H Burke

Effects of uncertainty on perceived and physiological stress and psychological outcomes in stroke-survivor caregivers (2013) Eeeseung Byun

The clinical utility of the Child Behavior Checklist as a screener for posttraumatic stress disorder in a diverse, low income, urban population (2013) Eleonora J Cahill

Cyclic cellular automata on networks and cohomological waves (2013) Yiqing Cai

Dissecting molecular pathways that underlie disease-causing gata1 mutations (2013) Amy E Campbell

Part A: Palladium(II)-catalyzed enantioselective Saucy-Marbet Claisen rearrangement of propargyloxy indoles to quaternary oxindoles and spirocyclic lactones. Part B: The regioselective oxidative coupling of phenols (2013) Trung D. C Cao

Membrane binding kinetics and curvature partitioning of peripheral proteins (2013) Benjamin R Capraro

Cellular mechanisms driving the long-distance axonal transport of adeno-associated virus vectors (2013) Michael James Castle

Beyond Simply Rational: Essays on Choice and Violence (2013) Danielle E Catambay

Potassium organotrifluoroborates: Chemistry beyond cross-coupling (2013) Livia N Cavalcanti


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