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Submissions from 2017

The Design and Synthesis of Allosteric Effectors of Carbon Monoxide Binding to Hemoglobin (2017) Sara R Goldstein

Harmonious Instability: (Mixed) Dancing and Partner Choice in German-Jewish and Yiddish Literature (2017) Sonia Beth Gollance

Statistical Inference for High-Dimensional Linear Models (2017) Zijian Guo

From Frugality to Exuberance: Architecture and the City in Israel 1923-1977 (2017) Daphna Half

The Democratic Standard of Care in Tort Law (2017) Gregory Jay Hall

Learning from Strategically Controlled Information (2017) Daniel N Hauser

Matroids And Canonical Forms: Theory and Applications (2017) Gregory F Henselman

Characterization of the NANCI-Nkx2.1 Locus: A Novel Role for lncRNAs in Buffering Transcription Factor Expression (2017) Michael Herriges

The Role of the Central Office in Shaping Instructional Leadership: How Does the Central Office Help and Hinder the Work of School Administrators? (2017) Leslee Marie Hutchinson

Wards of the State: Care and Custody in a Pennsylvania Prison (2017) Nicholas Iacobelli

Experimental Investigation of Polymer Adhesion Mechanics Using a Blister Contact Test (2017) Nathan Ip

The Animate Object of Kinetic Art, 1955-1968 (2017) Marina C Isgro

Determinants of HIV-1 Transmission Fitness (2017) Shilpa S Iyer

The Development of Black Girl Critical Literacies of Race, Gender, and Class in Independent Schools: Awareness, Agency, & Emotion (2017) Charlotte Jacobs

Essays on Social Norms (2017) Nicholas Janetos

Efficient Baseline Utilization in Crossover Clinical Trials through Linear Combinations of Baselines: Parametric, Nonparametric, and Model Selection Approaches (2017) Thomas O Jemielita

Nucleation, Growth and Transformations in DNA Linked Colloidal Assemblies (2017) Ian C Jenkins

Adhesion and Wear of Nanoscale Polymer Contacts (2017) Yijie Jiang

Statistical Methods for Genomic and Transcriptomic Sequencing (2017) Yuchao Jiang

Causal Inference Using Variation in Treatment over Time (2017) Xinyao Ji

Integrated Structural and Functional Biomarkers for Neurodegeneration (2017) Benjamin Kandel

Translating, Adapting, and Performing Opera in Eighteenth-Century Cosmopolitan Europe: Lorenzo Da Ponte at the King's Theatre (2017) Lily Tamara Kass

An Exploration of Stem, Entrepreneurship, and Impact on Girls in an Independent Day School (2017) Ryan P Kelly

Modulation of Transcription in the Murine Gut Epithelium in Development, Differentiation, and Disease (2017) Julia Kieckhaefer

Essays in Asset Pricing and Labor Markets (2017) Mete Kilic


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