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Submissions from 2015

Transcriptional regulation of intestinal stem cells and differentiation (2015) Reina Aoki

Essays in corporate governance (2015) Ian Appel

Near infrared fluorescent choline kinase alpha inhibitors for cancer imaging and therapy (2015) Sean Philip Arlauckas

Functional education of monocytes during infection (2015) Michael Horne Askenase

Lifting problems and their independence of the coefficient field (2015) Matti Perttu Astrand

Active information acquisition with mobile robots (2015) Nikolay Asenov Atanasov

Essays on finance of innovation, firm dynamics and economic growth (2015) Sina T Ates

Constructing religion in the digital age: The internet and modern Mormon identities (2015) Rosemary Avance

Marsala's hinterland: The evolution of Roman settlement in western Sicily (2015) Emerson Avery

Essays on crime, incarceration and health (2015) Valerio Bacak

Essays on the role of knowledge in recent Chinese development (2015) Jie Bai

Too fast: Coloniality and time in Wylers of St. Kitts and Nevis (2015) Jessica Swanston Baker

Optical cerebral blood flow monitoring of mice to men (2015) Wesley Boehs Baker

Circadian clock regulated gene expression in the hypothalamus (2015) Heather I Ballance

Identifying the institutional policies, practices, and pressures that contribute to admissions undermatching (2015) Stephanie S Balmer

Spatially-dense, multi-spectral, frequency-domain diffuse optical tomography of breast cancer (2015) Han Yong Ban

Disparate view matching (2015) Mayank Bansal

Teoria lirica latino americana 1492-2000 (2015) David Barreto

Finding our rhythm: Contextualizing second language development through music-based pedagogy (2015) Catrice Barrett

Targeting nucleic acid junctions using triptycene-based molecules (2015) Stephanie A Barros

Essays on knowledge diffusion, innovation, and growth (2015) Salome Baslandze

Surplus and access: Provisioning and market participation by enslaved laborers on Jamaican sugar estates (2015) Lynsey Ann Bates

Essays on search and matching equilibria (2015) Garth Baughman

The rise of the nontraditional liberal arts college president: Context, pathways, institutional characteristics, views of search firm executives, and lessons learned by presidents making the transition (2015) Scott Cochrane Beardsley

Examining student discussion forum participation: A critical analysis of interaction in a fully online classroom (2015) David Becher


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