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Submissions from 2015

Form and function: x-ray scattering and spectroscopy of transition metal-based nanoparticles (2015) Vicky Vi Thuy Doan-Nguyen

Essays in corporate and household finance (2015) Christine Louise Dobridge

MRI evaluation of injectable hyaluronic acid hydrogel therapy to attenuate myocardial infarct remodeling (2015) Shauna M Dorsey

Nuclear connectivity in mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and its role in mechanotransduction (2015) Tristan P Driscoll

The new financial stability regulation (2015) Arthur W.S Duff

Collective action and digital information communication technologies: The search for explanatory models of social movement organizations' propensity to use dicts in developed democracies (2015) Felicity Jane Duncan

A multi-step analysis of the evolution of English do-support (2015) Aaron Ecay

Anchoring communities: The impact of university interventions on neighborhood revitalization (2015) Meagan M Ehlenz

Making meaning of urban greening in the Anthropocene (2015) Theodore Stephen Eisenman

Bayesian network games (2015) Ceyhun Eksin

Secrecy & safety: A cultural history of seizures in mid-twentieth century America (2015) Rachel Elder

Optical, magnetic, and electronic anisotropies in low-dimensional materials (2015) Annemarie Louise Exarhos

Automated analysis in generic groups (2015) Edvard Fagerholm

Consensus, contagion and product adoption in social networks (2015) Arastoo Fazeli Neishabour

Spontaneous pancreatitis caused by tissue-specific gene ablation of Hhex in mice (2015) Mark Ferreira

Grand plans in glass bottles: A social, economic, and technological history of beer in Egypt 1880-1970 (2015) Omar D Foda

When, how, and for whom does creativity predict well-being? (2015) Marie Julie Cecile Forgeard

Women's literacy practices in late medieval China (600-1000) (2015) Rebecca Shuang Fu

Investigating science teachers' understanding and teaching of complex systems (2015) Sao-Ee Goh

Opposite sides of a skewed bet: Implications and evidence for forecast dispersion and returns (2015) Christian L Goulding

Asymptotics of bivariate generating functions with algebraic singularities (2015) Torin Greenwood

Cultures of time in fin-de-siecle France: The popular literature and graphic art of Albert Robida (1848-1926) (2015) Caroline Grubbs

Emergencies that count: Pregnancy and economies of care in the U.S. (2015) Elizabeth Ann Hallowell

Mechanical strain transfer and calcium signaling in fiber-reinforced musculoskeletal soft tissues (2015) Woo Jin Han

Controlling thermogenesis: Understanding the role of PRDM16 in the development and function of brown fat (2015) Matthew J Harms


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