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Submissions from 2014

Peto's paradox and the evolution of cancer suppression (2014) Aleah Fox Caulin

The anxiety of recognition: the search for legibility of Mayan identities in Yucatan, Mexico and San Francisco, California (2014) Christa D Cesario

Socially connecting and socially distancing consumer choices (2014) Cindy Chan

Geometric control of vascular networks to enhance integration and function of engineered tissue (2014) Ritika R Chaturvedi

Identity construction through language and literacy practices: Case studies of four second generation Khmer American adolescents (2014) Keo Chea-Young

Augmenting anti-tumor immunity by targeting macrophage COX-2 in breast cancer (2014) Edward P Chen

Impacts of French high-speed rail investment on urban agglomeration economies (2014) Mengke Chen

Astrocyte signaling in traumatic brain injury (2014) YungChia Chen

The lonely social world of racial and ethnic minority and immigrant youth: Examining social isolation of adolescents from key actors in the school context (2014) Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng

Cultivating class: Tokyo Imperial University and the rise of a middle-class society in modern Japan (2014) Jamyung Choi

Oxidative stress and bioprosthetic heart valve degradation: Mechanisms and prevention (2014) Abigail J Christian

Weak lensing and modified gravity of cosmic structure (2014) Joseph Clampitt

The roles of outer leaflet lipids in ion channel function and bacterial virulence (2014) David J Combs

Sacred madness: Women, religion, and folly in postwar Italian cinema (2014) Claudia Consolati

Urbanization and demographic change in sub-Saharan Africa: Three essays on fertility and child mortality differentials in a rapidly-urbanizing context (2014) Jamaica Corker

Analytics by degree: The dilemmas of big data analytics in lasting university/corporate partnerships (2014) Patricia Cotter

Resident teachers take an inquiry stance: The impact of guided collaborative inquiry groups on the development of guided reading instructional practices (2014) Patricia Crain de Galarce

The role of CD8 T cells in the pathogenesis of cutaneous leishmaniasis (2014) Erika J Crosby

Teacher inquiry in small learning communities: Using the prospect center descriptive processes (2014) Patricia A Cruice

Essays on service information, retrials and global supply chain sourcing (2014) Shiliang Cui

Role of ALK2 signaling in chondrogenic commitment and heterotopic endochondral ossification (2014) Andria L Culbert

Infrared measurements of protein conformational dynamics (2014) Robert M Culik

Sheaves, cosheaves and applications (2014) Justin Michael Curry

Songs of spiritual citizenship: Muslim and Christian voices in the Senegalese public sphere (2014) Christine Thu Nhi Dang

Creating the litmus test: Abortion, Mainline Protestants, and the rise of the religious (2014) Sabrina Danielsen


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