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Submissions from 2015

Alarming immunity: A wake up call for CD8 T cells using genetic adjuvants (IL-33 and ISG15) (2015) Daniel Villarreal

Computational modeling and design of protein and polymeric Nano-assemblies (2015) Christopher D Von Bargen

Indentation-based characterization of the mechanical and adhesion properties of soft materials (2015) Michael J Wald

Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of dysfunctional mitochondrial metabolism: Insights into rotenone toxicity and Friedreich's ataxia (2015) Andrew J Worth

Essays on contracts (2015) Zenan Wu

Building and mining an atlas of the mammalian circadian transcriptome (2015) Ray Zhang

Essays in Bayesian macroeconometrics (2015) Molin Zhong

Submissions from 2014

Understanding virginity from the perspectives of Arab-American women: A phenomenological approach (2014) Sarah Abboud

Determinants of SIV/HIV-1 infection in the female reproductive tract in both the non-human primate model and humans (2014) Shaheed A Abdulhaqq

PKC isozymes in lung cancer development and therapy resistance (2014) Mahlet B Abera

Mirrors of modernization: The American reflection in Turkey (2014) Begum Adalet

Making scenes: Transnational politics in performance, 1890-1939 (2014) Katherine Aid

Essays on health insurance market design and labor market interactions (2014) Naoki Aizawa

Practices of the global self: Idealism, Transcendentalism, and Buddhist Modernism in the era of colonization (2014) Avram Alpert

Gold and iron loaded micelles: A multifunctional approach for combined imaging and therapy, with improved pharmacokinetics (2014) Ajlan Al Zaki

Will talent attraction and retention improve metropolitan labor markets? The labor market impact of increased educational attainment in U.S. metropolitan regions 1990-2010 (2014) Stuart T Andreason

Theoretical and Observational Viability of Modified Gravity (2014) Melinda M Andrews

Essays on technology, productivity and misallocation (2014) Tanida Arayavechkit

A city on the edge: Aspiration, anxiety management, and the politics of urban planning in Cairo (2014) Jonathan Aaron Argaman

DNA conformational changes and phase transitions induced by tension and twist (2014) David Argudo

The four-year college pipeline and factors related to bachelor's degree completion for high school graduates (2014) Michael Armijo

Differential academic trajectories among Latino students in Los Angeles (2014) Gina Arnone

Regulation and kinase activity of the Trk family of receptor tyrosine kinases (2014) Stephen C Artim

Surface plasmon based engineering of semiconductor nanowire optics (2014) Carlos Octavio Aspetti

Processing strategies for scalar implicatures (2014) Dimka Atanassov


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