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Submissions from 2014

Inducible protein dimerization: New tools and applications to understanding the mitotic checkpoint (2014) Edward Raymond Ballister

The role of the Akt2 isoform in Th17 differentiation in vitro and peripheral CD4 T cell immune responses in vivo (2014) Lauren Banks

Mobile Americans: Geographic mobility and modernity in U.S. visual culture, 1860-1915 (2014) Lacey Baradel

Toll-like receptor 9 and interferon-gamma receptor signaling supress the B cell fate of uncommitted progenitors in mice (2014) Sheena Baratono

Essays in primary care operations (2014) Hessam Bavafa

The way that our Catullus walked: Grammar and poetry in the late republic (2014) Samuel D Beckelhymer

Controlling defects in nematic and smectic liquid crystals through boundary geometry (2014) Daniel A Beller

Online 3.0---The rise of the gamer educator the potential role of gamification in online education (2014) Kevin R Bell

Moralized consumer choice (2014) Jonathan Z Berman

Novel insights in the allosteric activation of the epidermal growth factor receptor (2014) Nicholas J Bessman

"The line in my heart": How international students in a U.S. independent school conceptualize and experience their social identities (2014) Melinda L Bihn

Worlds of color: Black internationalism and the periodical in the Age of Empire (2014) Marina Bilbija

Regulatory oversight and financial reporting incentives: Evidence from SEC budget allocations (2014) Terrence Patrick Blackburne

The effect of policy and diversity on principals actions in the area of parent involvement (2014) Kathleen Black

Digital disruption: An exploratory study of trust, infidelity, and relational transgressions in the digital age (2014) Derek Blackwell

Engineered materials to measure and regulate cell mechanotransduction (2014) Brandon Lou Blakely

The lived experiences of Penn undergraduates on or in danger of academic probation (2014) Christine Marie Blaney

Proverbial modernism: Difficult literature and the self-help hermeneutic (2014) Beth Blum

Essays on nonlinear macroeconomic dynamics (2014) Luigi Bocola

Neutron multiplicity in atmospheric neutrino events at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (2014) Richard J Bonventre

First-principles exploration of the structural motifs of chalcogenides and their relationship to electronic and photovoltaic properties (2014) John A Brehm

Leadership and organization change in biomedical PhD education: An instrumental case study of the development of a centralized organization for biomedical graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania (2014) Jarle Breivik

Adolescent and adult perceptions of adolescent diet, physical activity, body size, and obesity prevention in Botswana (2014) Corbett D Brown

Nanoparticle-shelled bubbles for lightweight materials (2014) Teresa Brugarolas Brufau

Chromatin compaction and genome reorganization during spermatogenesis in M. musculus and sporulation in S. cerevisiae (2014) Jessica M Bryant


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