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Submissions from 2013

Discrete games in endogenous networks: Theory and policy (2013) Anton I Badev

Statistical physical models of cellular motility (2013) Edward J Banigan

Freedom's bonds: Reconfiguring formal freedom in antebellum U.S. law and literature, 1820--1860 (2013) Rachel Banner

A Reformed Catholike: William Perkins' use of the church fathers (2013) David M Barbee

Asymmetric B cell division in the germinal center reaction (2013) Burton Earle Barnett

Regulation of germinal centers and follicular helper t cells by mhcii+ antigen presenting cells (2013) Lisa Geary Barnett

Patrons of La Corona: Deities and power in a Classic Maya community (2013) Joanne Parsley Baron

Mental illness and prison reentry intervention in a high risk context (2013) Stacey L Barrenger

Intentional learning partnerships: The Global Studies model at the University of Illinois (2013) Mercedes Ramirez Bartolomei

Democratic exclusion. The right to vote in the United States, United Kingdom, and France (2013) David Alexander Bateman

Empirical studies in hospital emergency departments (2013) Robert Johnson Batt

Perspectives of family management from school-aged children with chronic health conditions: Through the eyes of the children (2013) Barbara L Beacham

Challenging the assumption of rationality in performance-based accountability systems: A comparative case study of school and district decision-making approaches (2013) Jessica K Beaver

Long live the revolutions: Fighting for France's political future in the long wake of the Commune, 1871-1880 (2013) Heather M Bennett

Word learning in 6-16 month old infants (2013) Elika Bergelson

The development of new routes to half-sandwich metallatricarbadecaborane complexes, triflate-functionalized polyboranes and carboranes, and ammonia borane hydrogen release (2013) Emily Robyn Berkeley

Black sophists: A critique of demagoguery (2013) Garry J Bertholf

Dying to save your colon? Changing the way we look at ulcerative colitis (2013) Meenakshi Bewtra

Optimization under uncertainty (2013) Anand Bhalgat

Racial disparities in schooling: Evidence from Cape-Town, South Africa (2013) Moran Blueshtein

Essays in empirical macroeconomics (2013) Mark J Bognanni

Police officer assessments of mental illness, substance use and co-occurring mental illness and substance use: It's common sense (2013) Casey Bohrman

Deliberative democracy: A space for school boards and parents in public eduation policymaking (2013) Ann N Bonitatibus

Heirs of the Round Table: French Arthurian fiction from 1977 to the present (2013) Anne N Bornschein

The use of the internet for alternative views on health (2013) Angel Bourgoin


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