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Submissions from 2014

Peto's paradox and the evolution of cancer suppression (2014) Aleah Fox Caulin

Geometric control of vascular networks to enhance integration and function of engineered tissue (2014) Ritika R Chaturvedi

Identity construction through language and literacy practices: Case studies of four second generation Khmer American adolescents (2014) Keo Chea-Young

Augmenting anti-tumor immunity by targeting macrophage COX-2 in breast cancer (2014) Edward P Chen

Astrocyte signaling in traumatic brain injury (2014) YungChia Chen

The lonely social world of racial and ethnic minority and immigrant youth: Examining social isolation of adolescents from key actors in the school context (2014) Hua-Yu Sebastian Cherng

The roles of outer leaflet lipids in ion channel function and bacterial virulence (2014) David J Combs

Resident teachers take an inquiry stance: The impact of guided collaborative inquiry groups on the development of guided reading instructional practices (2014) Patricia Crain de Galarce

The role of CD8 T cells in the pathogenesis of cutaneous leishmaniasis (2014) Erika J Crosby

Role of ALK2 signaling in chondrogenic commitment and heterotopic endochondral ossification (2014) Andria L Culbert

Sheaves, cosheaves and applications (2014) Justin Michael Curry

Estimation and inference of the three-level intraclass correlation coefficient (2014) Matthew Davis

The effects of temperate phage on Streptococcus pneumoniae during colonization (2014) Hilary K DeBardeleben

Correlated activity and corticothalamic cell function in the early mouse visual system (2014) Daniel J Denman

"Wir haben keine Mythologie": Dante's Commedia and the poetics of early German Romanticism (2014) Daniel DiMassa

A random walk in representations (2014) Shanshan Ding

Allons a Lafayette (Let's Go to Lafayette): The intersection of heritage and tourism in southwest Louisiana's Cajun music (2014) Jessamyn Doan

Systems modeling of calcium homeostasis and mobilization in platelets mediated by IP3 and store-operated calcium entry (2014) Andrew Thomas Dolan

Coaching for generative learning: A coach learns to take a listening stance (2014) JoAnn M Duffy

Roles of dendritic cells in immunity to Toxoplasma gondii (2014) Christopher David Dupont

Multiple collection estimation of population size: A generalization of "capture-recapture" (2014) Philip Ernst

Protest in the provinces: Patterns of contentious politics in post-communist Russia (2014) Allison D Evans

Changes in HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in Malawi (2014) Theresa M Fedor

History of the College of the Holy Cross American Sign Language program and its collaborative partnerships with the Worcester Deaf Community (2014) Jami N Fisher

Staging Civil Rights: African American literature, performance, and innovation (2014) Julius B. Fleming


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