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Submissions from 2015

Assessing the impacts of smoking and obesity on mortality and morbidity in the United States (2015) Bochen Cao

Encoding of ultrasonic communication signals in rat auditory cortex (2015) Isaac Michael Carruthers

Fighting HIV infection by defining mechanisms to remodel semen-derived amyloid fibrils (2015) Laura M Castellano

Between slit and repulsion: Cell and molecular mechanisms underlying robo-mediated midline guidance (2015) Rebecca Kent Chance

Opening the book of Marwood: English Catholics and their Bibles in early modern Europe (2015) Daniel J. M Cheely

Cancer absolute risk projection with incomplete predictor variables (2015) Lu Chen

Dynamic and mechanistic studies of processes during bacterial ribosomal recycling (2015) Yuanwei Chen

Accounting quality and credit ratings' ability to predict default (2015) Michael V Chin

If you build it, will they come, and what will they eat? Investigating supermarket development in food deserts (2015) Benjamin William Chrisinger

Atomistic simulations of Ge on amorphous silica substrates (2015) Claire Yungchi Chuang

The practice doctorate: Implications for nursing education (2015) Christina Marie Costanzo Clark

The tie that binds: Trusteeship, values, and the presidential selection process at AME affiliated HBCUs (2015) Felecia Commodore

"Lord, until I reach my home": Inside the refugee camps of the American Civil War (2015) Abigail Cooper

Complementary immune roles for infected and uninfected cells during Legionella pneumophila infection (2015) Alan M Copenhaver

Adeno-associated viral vector-driven expression of coagulation proteins for treatment of hemophilias and cancer (2015) Julie M Crudele

Blessings and burdens: How immigrants to the United States who are Latter-day Saints perceive the benefits and costs of being religious (2015) Daniel Warren Curtis

Putting your past behind you: Why and how fresh starts motivate goal pursuit---and when they backfire (2015) Hengchen Dai

Using the local news: Campaigns, newspapers, and accountability (2015) Joshua P Darr

Aesthetic citizenship; popular culture, migrant youth, and the making of 'world class' Delhi (2015) Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan

The limits of literary language: Linguistic skepticism and literary experiment in postwar Germany and Austria (2015) Nathaniel Davis

Essays on mortgage choice and housing economics (2015) Anthony A DeFusco

Health information exchange, interoperability, and network effects (2015) Sunita Desai

Novel regulatory mechanisms by which Large T antigen coordinates the Merkel cell polyomavirus life cycle (2015) Jason Diaz

Therapeutic applications and specificity of action of designer nucleases for precision genome engineering (2015) Chukwuka Anthony Didigu

Optical and structural studies of shape-controlled semiconductor nanocrystals and their self-assembled solids (2015) Benjamin Tavenner Diroll


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