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Submissions from 2015

Out and visible: A study of openly gay and lesbian teachers in independent schools (2015) Philip McAdoo

Empire unbound: Imperial liberalism, race and diaspora in the making of South Africa (2015) Khwezi Mkhize

Balancing profit motive and student success: A case study of three regionally accredited for-profit higher education institutions (2015) Kelly Thumm Moore

Mechanical crosstalk between cell-cell and cell-matrix adhesions and modulation of N-cadherin mediated proliferation by cell spreading (2015) Keeley L Mui

Bank regulations, fiscal policies and growth (2015) Thien T Nguyen

The neural mechanisms underlying visual target search (2015) Marino Pagan

Transformative planning: A study of financial sustainability in midwestern boarding schools (2015) Monica Lynette Benton Palmer

The perceptions of school belonging, identification, and membership in urban students who attend a suburban Connecticut high school (2015) Janet P Parlato

Water after antiquity: The afterlives of Roman water infrastructure in the eastern Mediterranean (300-800 CE) (2015) Jordan Pickett

Canyon collective artists: Micropolitics in West Coast experimental film, 1960-79 (2015) Ekin Pinar

The B -- L MSSM from strings to the LHC (2015) Austin Purves

Successful virtual teams: Collaboration and influence as drivers of team success (2015) Carole D Robinson

Multiple genres, multiple voices (2015) Cherylann Schmidt

A quantitative MRI protocol for assessing matrix and mineral densities and degree of mineralization of human cortical bone (2015) Alan C Seifert

Bodies of knowledge: The presentation of personified figures in engraved allegorical series produced in the Netherlands, 1548-1600 (2015) Geoffrey Shamos

A case study of the policy process in the Ivy League: The Ivy Matching Policy (2015) Alanna Wren Shanahan

The thermal dielectrophoretic force on a dielectric particle in electric and temperature fields (2015) Barukyah Shaparenko

Representing "underrepresented students," including immigrant students, in an urban advanced placement U.S. government class: A teacher's inquiry on challenges and opportunities in students' academic discourse (2015) Donna Lynn Sharer

In vivo genome editing: Proof of concept in neonatal and adult mouse liver (2015) Rajiv Sharma

Two-sided search and matching: Theory and estimation (2015) Seul Ki Shin

Essays in macroeconomic and international finance (2015) Zachary R Stangebye

Molecular characterization of the transmission and early diversification of hepatitis C virus (2015) Mark B Stoddard

Role of molecular motors and maps in spindle dynamics and chromosome segregation in the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe (2015) Viktoriya Syrovatkina

Analysis of the contribution of interfibrillar sliding on tendon fascicle multiscale mechanics (2015) Spencer Evan Szczesny

Optical and electronic interactions at the nanoscale (2015) Michael Edward Turk


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