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Submissions from 2016

SIV infected chimpanzees: Consequences of long-term infection and potential intervention strategies (2016) Hannah J Barbian

The progress of medical labor: Gender shifts, generational differences, and the coverage continuum in obstetrics and gynecology (2016) Claire B Barshied

Statuary collections in the late Roman villas of Hispania and southwestern Gaul (2016) Sarah E Beckmann

Ignorability conditions for incomplete data and the first-order Markov conditional linear expectation approach for analysis of longitudinal discrete data with over-dispersion (2016) Shaun Bender

African American student perception of persistence in engineering at a predominantly white institution (2016) Sean T Bennett

II-VI semiconductor nano-structures for on-chip integrated photonics (2016) Jacob Stern Berger

Genome-wide approaches to study RNA secondary structure (2016) Nathan Berkowitz

Targeted epigenetic editing to increase adult pancreatic beta-cell proliferation (2016) Diana L Bernstein

Imagining Bharat: Romance, heroism, and Hindu nationalism in the Bengali novel, 1880-1920 (2016) Monika R Bhagat-Kennedy

Cortical dynamics underlying seizure mapping and control (2016) Hank Bink

Interactions of the murine coronavirus mouse hepatitis virus with the type I interferon response (2016) Lester Dillon Birdwell

Teacher sense-making: A case-study of the implementation of the Giffin Model (2016) Horatio Blackman

The birth of a princess: Boughetto, popular media, and the shifting boundaries of Black middle-class femininity (2016) Gretta Moody Blackwell

Examining the changing relationship between literacy and technology in an international school (2016) Stacey D Bobo

Characterization of the physical and chemical controls on the environmental geochemical behavior of beryllium (2016) Vanessa Lynne Boschi

Shaping and signaling mathematics: Examining cases of beginning middle school mathematics teachers' instructional development (2016) Enakshi Bose

Bank lending and relationship capital (2016) Mohammed Yasser Boualam

Molecular simulations of protein-induced membrane remodeling (2016) Ryan Patrick Bradley

Physics with electrons in the ATLAS detector (2016) Kurt Brendlinger

Geographies of exile and the making of French nationhood in the nineteenth century (2016) Lisa R Bromberg

The courage trial: A phase II randomized clinical trial to evaluate the dose-response effects of exercise on prognostic biomarkers among colon cancer survivors (2016) Justin C Brown

From text to law: Islamic legal theory and the practical hermeneutics of Abu Ja 'far Ahmad al-Tahawi (d. 321/933) (2016) Carolyn Anne Brunelle

Covalent DNA modifications in phage and bacterial dynamics (2016) Alexandra Bryson

Increased expression of frontotemporal dementia risk factor TMEM106B alters lysosomal and autophagosomal pathways (2016) Johanna I Busch

Essays in macroeconomics (2016) Miguel Mauricio Calani Cadena


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