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Submissions from 2014

Online 3.0---The rise of the gamer educator the potential role of gamification in online education (2014) Kevin R Bell

Moralized consumer choice (2014) Jonathan Z Berman

Novel insights in the allosteric activation of the epidermal growth factor receptor (2014) Nicholas J Bessman

"The line in my heart": How international students in a U.S. independent school conceptualize and experience their social identities (2014) Melinda L Bihn

Worlds of color: Black internationalism and the periodical in the Age of Empire (2014) Marina Bilbija

Digital disruption: An exploratory study of trust, infidelity, and relational transgressions in the digital age (2014) Derek Blackwell

Engineered materials to measure and regulate cell mechanotransduction (2014) Brandon Lou Blakely

The lived experiences of Penn undergraduates on or in danger of academic probation (2014) Christine Marie Blaney

Essays on nonlinear macroeconomic dynamics (2014) Luigi Bocola

Leadership and organization change in biomedical PhD education: An instrumental case study of the development of a centralized organization for biomedical graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania (2014) Jarle Breivik

Adolescent and adult perceptions of adolescent diet, physical activity, body size, and obesity prevention in Botswana (2014) Corbett D Brown

Nanoparticle-shelled bubbles for lightweight materials (2014) Brugarolas Brufau

Chromatin compaction and genome reorganization during spermatogenesis in M. musculus and sporulation in S. cerevisiae (2014) Jessica M Bryant

Consequences of adenovirus vector vaccination on T cell activation and SIV susceptibility in rhesus macaques (2014) Irene Bukh

Shared governance in a planning culture: Collaboration for success (2014) Elizabeth A Bulette

Spatiotemporal dynamics of neural activity during human episodic memory encoding and retrieval (2014) John F Burke

Form in darkness: Linking visual cortex structure with spontaneous neural function (2014) Omar H Butt

Exploring how late-adolescent males perceive spirituality and how the perceptions relate to emotional intelligence (2014) Kai Bynum

Shape representations using nested descriptors (2014) Jeffrey Byrne

A comparative evaluation of state policies and programs for nonpoint source pollution control in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (2014) Seung Ah Byun

In the shadow of Osiris: Non-royal mortuary landscapes at South Abydos during the late Middle and New Kingdoms (2014) Kevin M Cahail

Situating traumatic memory in social value creation: An exploratory study in Liberia (2014) Cecilia M Cardesa

High fat diet affects the dopamine reward system: Importance of sex and critical developmental periods (2014) Jesse Lea Carlin

Interfacial and solution-phase self-assembly of pi-conjugated polymers (2014) Ma. Helen M Cativo

Exploring the relationship between institutional commitment to diversity and Latino alumni giving (2014) Lisa A Cauda


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