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Submissions from 2017

Leaving Home: Demographic, Endocrine, and Behavioral Correlates of Dispersal in Monogamous Owl Monkeys (Aotus Azarae) of Argentina (2017) Margaret K Corley

Elucidating the Role of Type I Interferon Signaling in Adipocyte Biology (2017) Megan E.K Coyle

The Elusive Equalizer: How Racial, Class, and Gender Inequality Persists among College Educated Millennials (2017) Charlene Cruz-Cerdas

Is There a [Primary Care] Doctor in the House? Implications of the Affordable Care Act on Graduate Medical Education and Primary Care Physician (2017) Robert J Cullen

Accelerating Experience: Using Learning Scenarios Based on Master Teacher Experiences and Specific School Contexts to Help Induct Novice Faculty into Teaching at an Independent Boarding School (2017) Paul B Cyr-Mutty

Politics as Sport: The Effects of Partisan Media on Perceptions of Electoral Integrity (2017) Andrew M Daniller

Assembly, Elasticity, and Structure of Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals and Disordered Colloids (2017) Zoey S Davidson

From Civic Lessons to Everyday Democracy: Democratic Habits, Video Games, and Collaborative Game Making (2017) Gideon Dishon

Nano/biosensors based on large-area graphene (2017) Pedro Jose Ducos

Design, Structure, and Action of an Artificial Photosynthetic Reaction Center (2017) Nathan Ennist

Genome Editing Approach to Uncover Microtubule-Actin Crosslinking Factor (Macf1) Essential Domains in Establishing Oocyte Polarity and Nuclear Positioning (2017) Matias Escobar-Aguirre

Amyloid Fibril Nucleation in Reverse Micelles (2017) Gozde Eskici

How Organizations Use Collaboration to Create Knowledge (2017) Mark Phillip Ezell

What a Polygon Can't Tell You: Shifting from Area-Level to Point-Level Investigation of Residential Segregation Patterns (2017) Ross William Fineman

DNA Double Strand Breaks Suppress Expression of the Rag Recombinase: Mechanisms and Consequences (2017) Megan R Fisher

The End of the Line: The Nature and Politics of Resilience in Galveston, Norfolk, and New York City (2017) William John Fleming

Genomics-Based Studies Identify Cis and Trans Acting Posttranscriptional Regulators (2017) Shawn W Foley

Supporting First-Year Teachers in an Urban Charter Context (2017) Samuel V Fragomeni

Multiscale Mechanical, Structural, and Compositional Response of Tendon to Static and Dynamic Loading During Healing (2017) Benjamin Ross Freedman

Regulation of Natural Killer Cell Development and Function by Activating Receptor Signaling Pathways (2017) Jacquelyn E Freund

Genetic Regulation of TMEM106B in the Pathogenesis of Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration (2017) Michael D Gallagher

Omnichannel Operations Management (2017) Fei Gao

Regulating Immune Mediated Pathology in Cutaneous Leishmaniasis: Roles for IL-22 and Skin Microbiota (2017) Ciara Gimblet

Essays on Applied Microeconomics: Airline Networks and Job Search (2017) Kristijan Gjorgjevik

Rewriting Professional Development: Professional Learning Communities in an Urban Charter School (2017) Gregory J Glasheen


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