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Submissions from 2016

Gay data (2016) Yoel Roth

Viewer-generated comments to online health policy news: Content, dynamics, and influence (2016) Rui Shi

Comparing intimacies: Race relations and racial inequality in hookup culture (2016) Sarah A Spell

New insights from emerging types of retail loyalty programs (2016) Valeria Stourm

Insights into MBD2 function revealed by a novel genetic tagging approach (2016) Kathleen H Wood

Organizational resource assembly in technology ventures (2016) Andy Wu

Bypassing NK cell tuning by targeting diacylglycerol kinase zeta, a distal regulator of signaling (2016) EnJun Yang

Interplay between p53 and epigenetic pathways in cancer (2016) Jiajun Zhu

Submissions from 2015

A metamaterial path towards optical integrated nanocircuits (2015) Fereshteh Abbasi

Decision making in networked systems (2015) Mohammad Hadi Afrasiabi

Engineering novel nanostructures via chemical and morphological transformations (2015) Rahul Agarwal

Total synthesis of (--)-enigmazole A (2015) Yanran Ai

The role of CELF2 in the signal induced alternative splicing of LEF1 exon 6 in T cells (2015) Sandya Ajith

Estepicursores: Exilios e identidades hispanos en los siglos XIX y XX (2015) Esther Maria Alarcon Arana

Electronic structure methods for the investigation of nonadiabatic dynamics (2015) Ethan C. M Alguire

The lateral parabrachial nucleus is a site of action for neuroendocrine signaling effects on food intake (2015) Amber L Alhadeff

The performance of helmet-based kinematic measurement systems: Importance for mild traumatic brain injury prevention (2015) Mari A Allison

Navigating diversity: Integrating social justice imperatives in mission development and implementation strategies at theological institutions (2015) Victor Aloyo

The consequences of abortion and contraception policies on young women's reproductive choices, schooling and labor supply (2015) Diego Amador Osuna

New models and algorithms for bandits and markets (2015) Kareem Amin

Imperial enterprise: The United States international volunteer program, neoliberal empire, and northern youth (2015) Caitlin Anderson

Change and standardization in Anyang: Writing and culture in bronze age China (2015) Matthew McCutchen Anderson

Carbon nanopipettes for advanced cellular probing and microinjection (2015) Sean E Anderson

Three essays on the social, economic, and demographic causes and consequences of low fertility (2015) Thomas Markley Anderson

Matron, Meretrix, Madonna: An archaeology and urban history of the Subura Valley and Cispian Hill in Rome from the Republic through the early Middle Ages (2015) Margaret M Andrews


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